Веселая хаски-мама).mp4

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  1. I got here from WTF News. Anyone else? XD

  2. 0:24 the black puppy 🙂


    the other puppies are like WTF!!!

  3. LOVE This! So much fun! 


  5. Fucking Obama

  6. All those dislikes are from Reddit

  7. So cute 😀 hahah ….

  8. Mum dog is not right. Take her to vet as soon as possible and isolate from

  9. Is the dog trying to keep them off the couch or teaching them to jump on…

  10. Il sont marent
    Les husky

  11. Is every one from Redit fat? or they use fat people as profile picture?

  12. Grwa

  13. I have never wanted a pack of husky puppies so much before in my life.

  14. HeadlessReimu FromUA

    Какие милые))

  15. Aww da witters!!!

  16. If your a redditor your a cunt. Dan IQ 1 million 

  17. Adorable!

  18. crazy fox !!!

  19. The mother is like: “Hei kids, why aren’t you playing?”
    “There’s nothing to do mom!”
    “Try this, jumping on the couch”
    “Did mom lose her mind, where is the TV?”

  20. the pups seem a little slow

  21. So many unoriginal Reddit morons..
    Since when did it become popular to be unoriginal?

  22. The Cutest thing i have seen today <3

  23. So, is reddit the new 4chan? What a bunch of idiots… Also,

  24. wheres the dad?

  25. Don’t give drugs to dogs !!!

  26. And to this day she is still jumping over them

  27. Hahaha. It is like watching my cats.
    Cuteness overload! <3 

  28. Ondřej Krejčíř

    So cute!

  29. Oh the scratches on the floor… /: 

  30. Dog as a part of your family brings joy and happiness to your life with
    just being there. Nothing else. Dogs just shine with positive energy. It’s
    amazing! No matter how sad or angry you are, it is enough just to look at
    them and you’ll see peace and happiness. A lot of people know what I am
    talking about and I hope many more will find out.

  31. Ну тупы-ы-ы-ы-ы-ые!

  32. 0:24 tooo cuuuuutte!! <3 <3 <3

  33. Such a cute vid of little Huskey’s and than such a stupid commemts!

  34. So cute

  35. 媽媽教仔仔點玩

  36. Owwnnnn cute!

  37. how are you ever gonna bear selling any of them?

  38. Some of the reactions to this beautiful video are hard to believe. I love
    this video. Some people don’t like dogs. It’s a pity for them. They don’t
    know what they are missing. 

  39. The floor is too slippery for them.

  40. MontisEinsatzfahrten Intern. emergency response (Emergency Response)

    so cool and sweat love dogs! ;)

  41. A qui desde Peru sacando la cara que nadie se quede abajo,es Lindo que los
    perros se diviertan es mas seria bueno que otros lo hagan.

  42. OMG, this is great to see :)

  43. Linux Photography

    hugs :)

  44. anyone notice the dog hiding under the chair !! lol… 

  45. that black pup runs hilariously hahaha

  46. I wonder if the mom is weaning the puppies.

  47. The bouncing puppy at 0:25 is super adorable! I can’t stop watching this.

  48. RomanticRosebud

    oh my gosh this is so adorable!

  49. Munchie Crunchie

    I love the pup at 0:24!

  50. This is literally the best thing I have ever seen

  51. EPic video :DD made ma day :D

  52. For people love dog ♡

  53. Денис Кречет

    хана квартире))))

  54. funny cat

  55. Oh, what a vicious dog. Someone should take that dog away from her puppies
    before she will hurt them and possibly kill them because that is a
    dangerous breed. (Sarcasm)

  56. Какие хорошие Хаски)

  57. I’m amused at the one black husky puppy that keeps jumping.

  58. wonder how many of these pups ended up in shelters because idiots get and
    breed dogs then find out they are “too much dog” for them?

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