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  1. When you phone gets submerged. Shack it until no more drips come out. Then
    take the back off the Battery out and don’t use it for at the least a day.

  2. Raccoons and foxes should be the next cat and dog
    Any animal can be domestic is just if you want to

  3. Спасибо за видео , позитивное !
    Надеюсь с енота шапку не сделали ))))))))))

  4. Goldig :D

  5. I want one…

  6. raccoon translates as: wash bear.

  7. Может уже вам хватит кормит эту толстоу крысу

  8. Eric Cartman!

  9. samsung ad

  10. Raccoons are cute and funny, but they can be TERRIBLE pets.

    #1 they’re wild animals. Even if they’ve been raised in captivity and
    trained, they’re still wild animals with strong reflexive instincts, which,
    if triggered, will receive a full instinctive response until it runs its
    course. This means someone or something is going to take some damage.

    #2 they’re SUPER curious and have no concept of boundaries. If they want to
    know what’s in something, they’re going to get into it and tear it apart
    until they’re satisfied they know what’s going on.

    #3 as we see here, they love to wash everything … which can become a
    problem as not all of our stuff is supposed to be wet.

    #4 did I mention that they’re wild animals?

  11. Проплаченная реклама туфли!

  12. I just think that he dislikes his owners girlfriend. xD
    Or maybe he is just a raccoon and doesn’t know what can or can’t be
    washed… :)

  13. Юля Кислая

    Семья маркетологов Samsung…
    Главное, как четко телефончик снял, молодец)))

  14. What a f’n ridiculous pet to have. It’s a wild animal not a pet!

    OH I’m sorry let me try again W ( backwards h ) at (backwards a ) F’n (
    backwards R )…….

  15. This little guy is so plump!

  16. Not only a Samsung ploy, but a bad one with the camera operator taking the
    submerged phone out of view before placing “it” on the counter top. They
    must think Serbs are stupid.

  17. It’s clearly a Patrick Star ad.

  18. They deserve to have their phone ruined. Raccoons aren’t pets for God’s

  19. who cares if this is an ad? The racoon is real and not cgi, thats enough
    for me!!

  20. Weeeeee

  21. Why do all people make the same stupid fucking hand gestures when using a
    phone while filming!

  22. At 0:03, it sounds like “Should we kill him?”

  23. pobrecito, solo estaba jugando….

  24. Good boy :B

  25. Gosha is Raccoon name. His owner tells his pet Gosha “PRIVET” it means Hi.
    He is asking what he is doing bc he looks so busy. As soon as phone was
    taking away, Gosha went and brought the shoes or people who made this video
    put it there. Either way, guy is making fun of Gosha by saying that he is
    making shoes waterproof :)

  26. That is one big ass raccoon.

  27. the frenchiest fry

  28. This is so fake, the phone should of been dripping with water, and it if
    she did wipe it with her shirt it would have marks.

  29. Unless its a magic phone.

  30. Haha what a shit

  31. The phone and the shoe are her’s. Is the racoon trying to make a point?

  32. Nice way to advertise samsung :)

  33. The Germans call a raccoon a “washing bear”. Hmm I wonder why?

  34. Time for racoon stew….

  35. Nice phone advertisement

  36. Even the raccoons know what the good toys are!

  37. KrittaCam Animals

    So cool!

  38. why you beat the animal? It is not his fault you left your stupid shoes on
    the ground. Idiota.

  39. So cute. Get him a ladder to reach the sink and just let him wash the
    dishes! lol

  40. Russians is stoopid!


  42. stinky shoe! lol

  43. let me see, i washed, something yellow, something orange, something blue,
    what did i missed? right, something black and long….anything would do, as
    long as it’s black and long….

  44. how could you get mad at a chubby raccoon, come on, dude

  45. The Fearsome Mudcrab

    KURWA BLYAD CYKA. I have played too much csgo.

  46. This Samsung ad promotes animal abuse. Don’t buy Samsung! They abuse cute
    little racoons!

  47. Why would you keep a raccoon you silly cunts

  48. лучшая реклама samsung s5 :-D

  49. ;D!

  50. Хозяйка енота в 100 раз глупее самого енота))
    “он же дохрена денег стоит…” – еноту то похер)) курица.

  51. ¡Yo quiero unoooooooooooo…!

  52. That raccoon sure looks adorable, but do keep in mind the news story a
    while back about the woman who had her face torn apart by a supposedly
    domesticated chimpanzee…

  53. Pretty interesting. Samsung probably intended for this to go viral a year
    ago when the video was posted, but the internet didn’t notice it until now.

  54. oh fuck a coon…..kill it….smack it with a mallet.

  55. that mean bitch

  56. This video is just too cute and funny.

  57. hahaha! cute video! I didn’t know Raccoons wash things, and lucky I think
    it’s a Samsung S5 which is waterproof! Proven and tested. I swam and
    snorkeled with my S5. The speakers get jammed after, only in a while, but
    the phone is still good as new (Just make sure the back cover and charger
    port are securely closed!!!!). The only prob with S5 is that the keypad
    doesn’t work well when wet (duh of course..lol) but glad you can still take
    photos underwater with the side buttons. A suggestion to Samsung that they
    also assign a side button for the camera access! It was hell a tough one to
    go through when the phone is wet.

  58. why are so many english comments, i expect more russian comments wtf

  59. In Soviet Russia you don’t ruin raccoon’s day, raccoon ruins yours!

  60. блин, нам бы такого Гошу в студенческую общагу…

  61. С первых секунд понял что это реклама Самсунг

  62. TheJapanChannelDcom

    They put the phone in the water before they began filming and she put the
    shoe in the water when he was filming the phone.
    But it fooled the gullible people.

  63. Obviously an attempt at a viral Samsung advert using a rather podgy raccoon.
    I like the way the girl pretends to dry the phone on her bum, but obviously
    swaps the phone for another in her back pocket :-)

  64. Im not pretending to use my phone while im taking a shower. Just saying!!

  65. no pude con tanta ternura tuve que golpear la pared dejarle un hueco para
    volver a sentirme hombre

  66. That raccoon likes to clean

  67. That sure is one fucking fat raccoon. I want one!

  68. He can do my laundry

  69. “I wonder if this Samsung is waterproof?… Wow! it is; sweet.

    Now let’s see about that shoe”

  70. Pascal Frenchie music

    Love it! Can’t stop laughing! Better than a comedy!

  71. нет не угадали! это реклама водонепроницаемых туфель!

  72. FAKE W 0:18 Podmieniła telefon.

  73. How to piss off a woman? get a raccoon.

  74. russian raccoon native advertising

  75. Не пожалеете. Милый♡

  76. Jordanian Arabian PRINCE

    thank god it was a galaxy s5 which is waterproof

  77. It is cute raccoon.
    You forgive even if what is.

  78. なんだよこれ

  79. Голимая реклама, енотов

  80. ну баба даёт! взяла енота прячь все ценные вещи! зачем сейчас материться?
    енот любит воду когда брала енота знала же!

  81. I love raccoons and monkeys they are so funny

  82. если бы енот прополоскал мои кроссовки, я была бы наоборот рада.

  83. Лола Всехдостала

    постановочное видео… первый блин комом…ну ниче, есть время поучиться)
    Гоша молодец!

  84. Григорий Матвеев

    вы блять русские

  85. как телефон

  86. Крута !!!!!!!

  87. KimbayesStephenno95

    That is 1 pesky raccoon lol!

  88. so that racoon plans on washing those items without any soap?! really?

  89. Милена супер

    привольный енотик

  90. Милена супер

    такая няша

  91. Sergei Listopadov

    Бедный енот((

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