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遊ぶまるとはな。まるは基本、ソファ下。Maru&Hana are playing.


  1. lmao! 2 cat!1

  2. Greetings from Poland!

  3. SO FLUFFY *-*

  4. какие жирные коты у этой японки)

  5. It’s as cute as Maru and Hana play together! They get along well !!

  6. Hahaha I love the way that Maru crop up from under the couch ???!!! Maru
    please don’t fall out of this funny habit ??? but teach Hana too ! 

  7. They look so adorable playing together. They get along so well. 

  8. thumbs up if you wanna see this Title on a mugumogu video
    “妊娠した。-Pregnancy and Hana1.-

    (^^ 〰 ^)

  9. hihihi co ja pacze ;-)

  10. Is it just me or is Hana getting fatter with each video? :)

  11. I had an overdose of MARU, help !

  12. I know that you are a lover and not a fighter Maru, but you have to lay
    down the LAW on Hana.

  13. Whoa. Hanna is getting bigger. Almost as big as Maru!

  14. Maru uses space under sofa very well.
    He looks like NINJA.

  15. Naughty Maru! Scratching the furniture…

  16. The macaroon is definitely seen better days.

  17. Maru should know by now that scratching furniture is bad. You probably
    don’t have enough scratching posts around your house.

  18. Love Maru’s inverted fighting style. Very MMA…

  19. 名前:まる • 種類:スコティッシュフォールド オス Name:Maru Breed:Scottish Fold Male

  20. The awesome life of Maru and Hana with no worries. haha xD

  21. Hana is getting fat too.

  22. Wow Hana has grown so much lately. SO CUTE!

  23. Hana is pregnant?

  24. Super CUTE 

  25. Cat fun time!

  26. Its Hana pregnant?

  27. selina shulamit steiner

    Hana grew to b e sooo big …what do you feed them? they are,as ever, my
    fav. cats and Maru is so nice, trying to be gentle with Hana. Thank you for

  28. Maru’s sliding skills are put to the test at the battle of the couch part

  29. HAHA! Chase you / chase me is a great game!
    Hana is getting fat! I mean… filling out :)

  30. I don’t know why but these two make me smile and laugh all the time.

  31. まる、可愛いおしり丸見えだったよ(*´ω`*)2人はほんとに仲良しさん。

  32. LOVE Hana’s “butt-wiggle” !!!!!

  33. ソファーカリカリしちゃダメ!2015年カレンダーも買いますw

  34. はなは今凄い太ってるんだね。。

  35. マカロンが・・・・(´・ω・`)

  36. The 3’rd cushion on the right of the couch isn’t quite pushed in all the
    That’s the messiest I’ve ever seen that house, amazing.

  37. Hana is getting pudgy like her bud

  38. If another cat scratched an expensive sofa belonging to me, that would be
    his last act. But of course Maru helped pay for that sofa.

  39. ソファー下の戦い

  40. Wasn’t it polite of Hana to wait for Maru to finish sharpening his claws
    before she attacked. I think it’s a cat thing; attacks shall not interrupt

  41. Μaru should be put on a diet A.S.A.P.

  42. OMG 2:06 SO CUTE how they look at each other!

  43. Butt shot!!!

  44. floor-cleaning cat.

  45. 0:17 Cant stop looking at the butthole there @_@ But I liked it! XD

  46. One of the funniest videos yet. Love your expensive scratching post. Those
    two are perfect together. Maru was not going to let Hana get away. He
    wanted more playtime.

  47. great video, like a theatre piece :)

  48. Cats having fun Nice!

  49. Maru & Hana need a puppy !

  50. Maru upside down is too funny.

  51. Is Hana intended to be Maru’s mate or are they just brother and sister?

  52. Maru and Hana playing Full Contact Peekaboo!

  53. Albuquerque Blockhead

    I <3 Maru!

  54. アメリカの人気番組「エレンの部屋」で、まるの動画が紹介されてビックリ。小さな箱にまるが入る動画。アメリカのなんとかという有名芸能人のお気に入りなんだって。

  55. 仲がよろしいこと(^.^)

  56. Is Hana pregnant?

  57. Maru, Hana…. I love you….

  58. The easiest way to clean under the sofa when you have got wood floors…got
    to get myself a fluffy cat.

  59. 1:11 Maru, we are with you ahahahhaa

  60. Fabulous! I was very sad before watching this and “Kaboom”, one video of
    Hana & Maru and the world is a nicer place because of them and their
    excellent owner.
    Thank you so much!

  61. Adorable and awesome as always.

  62. Always fun to watch their cat games!

  63. lol Maru is using the couch like a scratch board! so even Maru is doing it!
    cats will be cats indeed!

  64. 23 sofas disliked this video… :/

  65. i think hana is pregnant!
    lol i can’t wait to see chibi maru!

  66. Hey people, Maru is great, but ALL Scottish Folds have the same
    personalities!! I know because I have a Perk-Earred Brown striped Tabby
    Fold named Kirby. These cats are AWESOME. They are the best. Read the
    book…The Cat Who Went To Paris by Peter
    Gethers . Norton is the reason I own 2 Scottish Folds. And YOU can too

  67. A much needed smile on a really bad day…..Thank you….<3 Maru and Hana

  68. Maru is lazy even when playing

  69. more proof that cats r dum animals

  70. Valentina Sheygits

    Ханна ждет котят?! ))

  71. So sweet !

  72. 本当に、はなは大きくなりましたね~(^-^)

  73. I’m sold on Maru. Got my name on a breeders list for a fold kitten. Can’t
    wait ♥♥

  74. Hana this pregnant? o.o

  75. At the end, it seemed like Maru was giving Hana a look that said, “I am the
    king here!” and asserting his dominance!

  76. Maru win!

  77. Maru’s tail is so thick compared to Hana’s!

  78. Maru is getting fat. 

  79. wonderful play,sooooooooooo cute

  80. The macaroon bed makes an appearance!

  81. 0:38 Maru is have a little go at the couch there o3o

  82. Would you takecar of Maru. Ahana always harm him.

  83. I suggest you should separate the cat.

  84. 0:38 – Naughty Maru!

  85. I just love these kitties.

  86. もう、はなちゃんも人間で言えば20歳ぐらいなんですねー

  87. Helloooo Maru´s butthole X)

  88. That is one way to clean under the couch!

  89. wow i love how simple and clean this persons house is! 

  90. He’s just like my local mechanic…fat & slides in & out under my car.

  91. 2:27 What is that pose, Maru?! LOL so cute~~~~


  93. Mura make sure that he won’t be scolded when he scratches the sofa. He
    looked at his mum first . Yes he got the permission.

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