ハンモックで寛ぐまるとはな2。- Maru&Hana are relaxed on the hammock 2.-

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2段ベッド的な?Is it like the bunk bed?


  1. そこかいww

  2. What kind of cat is Maru again? His nose is different than Hana’s.

  3. Ivy Ten-ten ten-ten

    teddy-bear cat :)

  4. Normal Maru behavior… quite frankly, I’m not sure why I didn’t anticipate

  5. ちゃんと二段ベッドになってる~~(*^^*)

  6. Someone’s getting fat…

  7. あは、こうゆう事ね!

  8. What’s so ironic is that it doesn’t look like it’s Hana who is relaxing. :)

  9. This is the CUTEST video! I love these two cats.

  10. Oreo the Cookie Kitty

    omg Maru is so cute i love everything about him :3

  11. I want Maru (and Hana) in my house!

  12. Шось Hana набрала вагу. Голова вже така, як у Maru. Обожнюю цих
    пухнастиків. Нехай будуть здорові!

  13. Elena Kandratenkova

    Love Maru and Hana!

  14. Ohh God they are adorable…

  15. Maru has a hat!
    A nice warm hat. That purrs!

  16. Hana got Fat :P

  17. OK I didn’t predict that…

  18. I love how fat the cats are xD

  19. hanna got fat.

  20. Maru’s profile looks so flat compare to Hana ‘s. But it make him cutter.
    Love you Maru.

  21. Of course! It was Maru’s tail that was wagging at the beginning, not

  22. 二階猫!

  23. hana’s getting fat

  24. Maybe Hana is wondering where Maru could be.

  25. こういう利用方法もあるのかとw

  26. Hana is just waiting for the next “Maru” thing to happen. Can you see how
    dilated her pupils are? That means she is ready to pounce or run!

  27. First 15 seconds: “The title said Hana & Maru. Where’s Maru??”
    After 16 seconds: “HAHAHAHA! Oh, Maru.”

  28. If I can’t get in it I will get under it. That will fix her.

  29. Cat loaves. :D

  30. What a delightfully odd cat =-)

  31. Christopher Marshall

    Meet up with Nala!

  32. SO excited! I finally saw cat hair on furniture! (-:

    I can’t even turn on the camera without my little one getting tensed up —
    I love Maru, and now I love Hana.

  33. Two words: Bunk bed

  34. Канал Великого кота Барса (Барсика)


  35. Maru is a goofy genius. That’s all. X¬D

  36. こう見るとハナも 太ってきたね。

  37. hana looks huge

  38. wow. hadn’t tuned in in a while. Hana bulked up

  39. CMだと思うのですがまるちゃんの動画を見て知って以来家族で大ファンです。いつもまるたゃん達にいやされてます。❤️

  40. You have a lovely home.

  41. O-0

  42. “What is the sound of one tail twitching, Grasshopper?”

  43. LOL, Maru has such an interesting approach to life.

  44. haha the cat on the bottom is like ” yea Im relaxing on something that
    looks like it wouldn’t be comfortable but it is comfortable so ima lay here
    and look uncomfortable even though I’m actually very comfortable 🙂 Meow

  45. Woah! Sixteen dislikes in letters not digits: 16?? This is new..

  46. theyre feeding off each others energy. vry smart cats

  47. The top bunk looks a lot more comfortable.

  48. Gahhh I love cats so much!!

  49. Typical Maru! He can’t do anything “normal”! Love him!

  50. There should be a warning with this video for people that can’t handle high
    impact imagery! But it is rare to see cats awake.

  51. I’m surprised . I look in the comments I didn’t see one ” OMG SUPER

  52. When your sister hogs the couch…

  53. who knows who I should talk to to get those 54 sec of my life back?

  54. Make some nice steaks am i right u fuckin slopes? That was mean sorry fuck

  55. it’s funny beacuse the names seem to be marijuana

  56. I live in the United States and I am very worried about Maru, Hana, and
    their human, with all the flooding going on in Japan. I am praying you are
    all safe.

  57. I really like your sofa in the background

  58. There’s been some horrible flooding north and east of Tokyo, and over
    100,000 people have had to evacuate their homes. I hope mugumogu and Maru
    and Hana are still doing well; I have no clue about what part of Japan they
    live in.

  59. Bunk beds. Lol

  60. A match made in heaven; best buddies. Hana’s tail perfectly still while
    Maru’s tail is constantly moving. ? Live them both.

  61. oscar antonio balliache peraza

    were 54 seconds of my life that I will never recover

  62. Hana plays Abbot to Maru’s Costello.

  63. 很可爱!?

  64. Maru is the most low key goofiest cat ive ever seen.


  66. the cat on the top is in loaf kitty mode

  67. Wow. Hana is fat now.

  68. Maru is under the hammock which is like being enclosed, which is like being
    in a box!

  69. 好干净的家 ur home is sooooo clean

  70. Haven’t seen Maru in a long time but met his companion Hana, looks like
    Maru is chilled back than Hana. What’s Hana’s deal?

  71. ホントまるちゃん良い子?可愛い~~?

  72. Yohanes Ditia Mada Renata


  73. هههه

  74. I can relate

  75. 追逐银河系的人


  76. Cute silly cats!

  77. 思わず声出して笑ってしまったwいつもいつもたまらんなぁ(*´Д`)

  78. Nice house

  79. What two names maru Hana haha xD (Mariuhana)

  80. まさかのそこー!?wって感じで可愛かったです~♡

  81. “Maru, are you awake? Pssst! Hey, Maru, are you awake. huh?”

  82. はなもまる化してきたね

  83. haha maru’s white socks make me laugh

  84. You can tell that Maru and Hana feel comfortable with each other.

  85. so chubby!!!!!

  86. so chubby!!!!!

  87. そうきたか!

  88. Omgggg cuteness ?

  89. kill it with fire! lol jk ;)

  90. I love the Maru-tail. The Maru-tail is always going.

  91. Reminded me of the hotel booking website ad “Different prices….”

  92. that’s like me and my sister sharing bunk beds. I see why she’s always
    pmsing on me.

  93. It’s because she fat that’s why she looks so sad. She couldn’t get on top
    of there even if she tried.

  94. hana is fat

  95. I wanna be a cat

  96. All You Need Is Love ??‼️

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