押すねこ。-A pushcart and Maru.-

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手押し車を押すまる。Maru pushes the pushcart.


  1. Unfortunately, it looks like the PETA pissants have taken it upon
    themselves to troll your video. Don’t worry; no one takes them seriously
    anymore. :-)

  2. I lost it when he hit the wall and turned around for praise.

  3. Fantastic. His face tell’s everything!

  4. AMEN Sister!!!!!! We can only guess what else he does in his mommy’s

  5. じわじわくる…(笑)

  6. Haus von Fluffenstein

    Maru is just sooo funny! :)

  7. где руские комменты???? а?? жирный кот и все глядят. и в подвалах коты
    голодают? норм?????

  8. Wonder what happens if you put a box on the cart

  9. My chihuahua dog can do that too is not something from another world

  10. all my cat does is eat, sleep and chase flies. 

  11. His pushing ot wrongly XP His supposed to push ot using the handles..

  12. His pushing ot wrongly XP His supposed to push ot using the handles..

  13. I love Maru. He makes me laugh.

  14. It never ceases to amaze me as to how adorable and amusing Maru and Hana

  15. The other cat’s like “What?!”

  16. Dustgrkf Dust

  17. Dustgrkf Dust

  18. Cart abuse!

  19. i sooooo love maru!!!! :3 maw

  20. Maru is the most famous cat in Japan. : )

  21. cute

  22. Maru’s in training for his retirement years.

  23. Thats one hairy baby

  24. Are you gonna eat your cat Maru ?

  25. Those judging eyes 0:37

  26. nice cats 🙂

    I have a pug and he’s very social. He wouldn’t survive on his own because
    he runs like a pig and any potential prey would instantly be alerted.
    Besides, he’d probably want to just be friends with it…

  27. Maru is the Most Coolest, Most Hipest, Most Talentedest, Most Far Outest,
    Most Smartest, Most Everythingest Kitty of Forever!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Maru and Hana are AWESOME! 🙂 I can’t believe Maru is actually pushing this
    cart! LOL Totally cute!

  29. I could use this in my future days as a cat grandpa. lol

  30. Haha. Is he getting…..fat? 

  31. Hilarious! These videos have my five year old rolling in laughter. Thanks 

  32. Maru could be a delivery cat. :)

  33. To VEGAN, Animals need plants and you eat their food causing them to
    starve. You live where their habitat once was. You steal their water. You
    MURDER plants. That poor broccoli family. Those poor green beans. They did
    NOTHING to harm you. And and and all that corn. You are addicted to
    cornography. That corn did nothing to you. Stop stealing from animals. Stop
    existing. Animals HATE vegetarians. You hypocrite! Thank You, that is all. 

  34. never seen such a curious and playful grown cat before! 

  35. Maru可愛い!! ↓でバカなVeganがくだらない事をいってる。

  36. LOL @ 0:37!!! Love Hana’s expression, looking at Maru!!! Cute kitties!!

  37. LOL. So cute <3

  38. pushin’ cat

  39. so cute!! I love Maru! :3

  40. Mary is so clever! 

  41. OMGOMG, I got an awesome idea! Mugumogu, get a Roomba!

  42. I love you Maru! You’re so freaking cute and sweet. I’m tried of seeing the
    damn vegan trolls and bullshit. Youtube needs to get rid of the comments
    section already. There are too many trolls and morons that love to flood
    innocent videos for attention. Everyone will eventually lose the ability to
    comment because of the large amount of idiocy on each video.

  43. I wish my house were that clean and organized and devoid of dust.

  44. Maru seems to have a limp while he’s pushing the cart. Is he all right?
    BTW, I love the look that Hana gives him at the end of the video. “What in
    the world did I just see?”

  45. Maru could probably use a skateboard!

  46. Hana at the end ! Hilarious ! Thanks Mugumogu !

  47. Hana is so big compared to when she first came along.

  48. Saw this embedded in a site and was distracted at the beginning so didn’t
    read the caption. I can honestly say, “I did not recognize Maru without his
    boxes” <3

  49. Love the cats! In addition, I am drawn to the beauty of the smooth wood of
    your ‘home, so warm and clean and aesthetically pleasing to my eyes. Love
    to see more, if you please….

  50. Boonland, Maine Coon (poly) & Devon Rex cattery

    he’s a great boy.A small concern; are Maru’s knees and hips and knees ok?

  51. WE LOVE MARU!!!!!

  52. Does Maru ever talk?

  53. so cute!!! >.< I love that Hana is checking up on Maru at the end :p

  54. む?・・・というはなちゃんの顔が秀逸!まるさん大好きです。
    He take a indoor exercise, he is gaining weight .because of lack of
    I wish you success!!,Maru

  55. I’m going to visit in China next year I’ve come to see u I love u maru when
    ever I saw your video u make me smile u beautiful

  56. か、可愛い。

  57. Maru the wonder cat! Maru can do everything including making people giggle.
    ;D What a delightful kitty!

  58. fritzpipedorowalter

    Press 9 for “disturbed Hana” <3

  59. シュールやな

  60. 近所のおばあさんみたいで、微笑ましいです(⌒‐⌒)

  61. Maruのドヤ顔がカワイイ

  62. Is there anything Maru can’t do? Well, besides not having offspring of
    course. ;)

  63. That is such a cool toy. Maru makes my day, also have fun reading the

  64. 고양이는 혼자 잘 논다 ㅋ 

  65. Hana is looking at Maru like – what in the heck are you doing? ha-ha Maru
    is so funny and inquisitive. You sure have a beautiful place. Love all of
    the beautiful wood.
    My husband and I built houses here in California for many years so I have a
    great appreciation for various types of wood. We did a lot of natural
    cedar around our bathtubs.

  66. Maru will adapt well when he gets old…..

  67. This video is one of our favorites. Not just the stern, determined look on
    Maru’s face as he comes toward the camera – not just the ultra-cute,
    inquisitive, admiring look from his adoring sister at the end – but the
    silly look back when he runs into the door. What a gas these two dear
    friends are!

  68. lol the cat at the end is classic

  69. you complete me maru

  70. The expression of the other cat in the end is hilarious.

  71. Maru is such a creative and fun loving little guy. Thank you for sharing
    your Maru with us. He never stops putting a smile on my face =^ ^=

  72. meow meow meow

  73. Maru is hilariously adorable. I wish he and Hana were my cats :)

  74. inconceivabledark

    Lmao @Hanna’s face…. ‘what?……’ 

  75. My reaction: Oh, the cart is from BRIO, a Swedish company. Are those sold
    in Japan? Or is the movie actually made by a Japanese living in Sweden?

  76. КотовьиУсы

    ахахахахаха)))) Это очень смешно)) Чай? Кофе?

  77. I LOVE Maru and all the silly things he does.

  78. Hana’s like, what are you doing???

  79. I truly never get tired of watching this video. Whenever I feel down it
    takes just 41 seconds of Maru to make my day brighter.

  80. Haha too cute! My cat Pepper would have loved that cart! But, he passed
    onto cat Heaven last May… These videos are fun to watch, brings back my
    memories.. #Thanks4sharing ?

  81. At the end that cat looked at him like WTF are u doing? Love it…hahahha

  82. Maureen Longthorne

    This is how Maru does his household chores so quickly. ,thanks….

  83. Fantastic XD

  84. I actually laugh out loud every time I watch this.

  85. Because Fun!! :-)

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