箱で寝るねこ。-Maru is sleeping in the box.-

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箱の中で気持ち良さそうに寝るまる。Any happening does not happen.
Maru sleeps in the box peacefully.


  1. I just wanna hug the shit out of this warm ball of fluff.

  2. Isam David Tamez Garcia

    Pinches mamaadas

  3. boring japanese garbage

  4. I just noticed that Maru looks like my cat.. o.o AWESOME 8D

  5. Peaceful sleep Maru. You’re so beautiful.

  6. This is kawaii as shit yo


  8. Millie Poliakoff

    For Maru what greater pleasure in life than sleeping in one of his loved
    boxes. That’s the lesson: find your box in life! :)

  9. Aww, it’s so relaxing watching lovely, fluffy Maru sleeping. <3

  10. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    My grandma is sleeping in a box right now except it’s not nearly as
    adorable as this. RIP NANA!

  11. Kisses to the sleepyhead!

  12. Fernando Madrigal

    Fuck video orrible

  13. I just spent a minute of my life watching a cat sleep in a box. What is
    wrong with me?

  14. Oh…I would give a lot to sleep like that. “Any happening does not
    happen. Maru sleeps in the box peacefully.” That will be my mantra
    zzzzzzzzzzz ^-_-^

  15. Maru is unbelievably cute in both his appearance and personality.
    Absolutely adorable! 

  16. that’s a good cat

  17. This is so high quality that it’s burning my eyes. So high quality. 

  18. My goodness

  19. You know… if you turn up the volume way up high… and if everything else
    around you is quite quiet… you can hear Maru breath softly.

  20. AWWW he looks so sweet

  21. Oh my God, he is so cute! Good job Mugumogu!

  22. robertas dvareckas


  23. I really wanted to tickle his toes. I clicked on them, but just stopped the
    video. Silly me.

  24. SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!

  25. I wish I could sleep as peacefully as adorable Maru!

  26. if this was my cat, I’d poke his tummy and pinch his paws, and he’d hate

  27. He looks so snuggly sleeping like that. :)

  28. this video of this kitty is so cute you should see the video of my cat
    Jackson playing with my straw that was filmed in oakhurst, ca March 2009

  29. Sweet dreams :-).

  30. ぴったりサイズ!(笑)

  31. I love Maru.
    Such a sweet buddy.

  32. フタを閉めて私の家に発送したくなりました!

  33. 好萌!?

  34. Don’t you find it amazing how you can be so peaceful and calmly happy just
    by watching a sleeping cat in a one minute-length video?

  35. Too cute

  36. Looks comfy

  37. The Amazing Lifter


  38. Kristin Lønner Opdahl

    So peaceful. Lovely!

  39. Cưng quá >.< ~~ ôm mặt ngủ kìa, dễ thương chết ta <3

  40. Maru is much loved <3

  41. adorable……

  42. 丸はとても疲れている。

  43. ну пиздец….снимать как спит кот…верх маразма

  44. Matt Dexter (The ps3 gamer)

    How did this thing get viral

  45. 子猫に戻ったみたい。

  46. This is just part 1. Part 2 shows the other cat stealing from his food bowl
    while Maru is asleep.

  47. Sweet dreams Maru !

  48. You people that give those wheelchairs to those cute dogs are so wonderful!
    I really love how you are spending time with them, God bless you! Thank you
    for the video!

  49. All of man’s technology at its apex–watching a cat sleep in a box.

  50. this vid is very relaxing

  51. Lol this is exactly how my cat is sleeping right now~

  52. This fur ball is the cutest things ever, i just want to cuddle!!

  53. How do u even dislike this?!

  54. love it..so peaceful

  55. I would lick that cats asshole until it collapses in pleasure

  56. Sweet sweet Maru.

  57. 你他妈脑子有坑吧,就看盒子里的猫,还一动不动,太他妈无聊了。

  58. Anatoly Prokopovich


  59. PowerfulMindSecrets


  60. mmmm…. my favorite bento box.

  61. furry ball

    so cute!!!

  62. Aleksandr Serbin (Serbinland)


  63. WTF? A cat sleeping in a box gets hundreds of thousands of hits! Is this
    what YT has come to? Go get a freaking life! 

  64. oyasuminasai))) сладеньких снов тебе, про город из коробок))))

  65. César Oswaldo Montoya Aguilar

    could you get a better place for him/her PLEASE

  66. Animal abuse? Who? Maru?
    LMAO That’s like saying McDonald’s is healthy…

  67. Tuyết Linh Nguyễn

    so cute ❤

  68. Absolutely lovely!

    “Slow paced time is lovely…” 

  69. Awwww so peaceful ^^

  70. ChrisAllmighty54

    Weird ass freaking cat people! Stupidest video ever!

  71. My cat looks just like yours :D

  72. Over 300k views….of a cat….sleeping in a box…well shit his owner must
    be doing something right

  73. Janelle Fox (Nauticalstar)

    Content Maru <3

  74. q riko

  75. Parn Wonganudroj

    very cute

  76. Awwww..❤️?

  77. かわいいなぁ。

  78. BravoTwoZero Sadek

    We have no life.

  79. Sweet dreams, Maru :)

  80. ı love you maru :))

  81. うちのニャンキーズもよく箱、それも小さくて入るとパンパンなやつを取り合って寝ています。

  82. If I got a cat, and that was all it did every day. I think I would be cool
    with that.

  83. very nice!

  84. This is the most accurate ‘descriptive title’ EVER! 😀 

  85. Asi quiero dormir

  86. i really want a cat but i want maru :’) huhuhu exactly maru!!!

  87. Maru is so adorable ! The original internet superstar !

  88. Fold the flaps over tape it up and send it to me priority over night 🙂 

  89. sleep Maru,,,, sweet little thing….

  90. Юлия Албучева

    Прекрасный Мару-сик!

  91. Watching a cute, furry animal sleep is extremely therapeutic. Trust me.

  92. Aïko Chauvineau

    Good night, Maru <3

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