1 Day Old Baby Goat Leaps Through First Walk!

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We are naming all the kids this season after presidents vice presidents, first and second ladies as a warm and fuzzy tribute to the power of voting this election year. The first kid was named after George Washington, the first president of America.

George (the first goat born at Sunflower Farm this spring) is not even 24 hours old and is already a leaping expert. On his first walk outside with his mom May, he leapt the whole way! Why walk when you can SPRING! Gotta love the enthusiasm of baby goats!

As rare no-cull dairy farm every goat at Sunflower Farm lives out their full lives as a dairy goat or pet goat. When we sell goats, we sell them in pairs to families who often commit a year in advance, so we know they all go to homes where people will love them as much as we do.

Watch to watch the kids on the live barn cam?


  1. “mary had a little lamb and his hair was white as snow…..”

  2. That’s a cute rabbit

  3. when kyle hands u the drugz butt he gave u too much

  4. Hey is their any ; juggies here

  5. Adorable!

  6. The people who disliked this have no souls. This is the cutest thing ever.

  7. the goat is all like “KOBE”?

  8. The Rice Industry

    Go vegan :)

  9. I have a video 8 a 2 day old goat if you would like to watch

  10. so freaken cute

  11. He’s so graceful! My little baby’s gonna get his wings today!!??????

  12. That’s not a baby….. It’s a kid.

  13. Godspeed baby goat

  14. I can’t be the only one here who was a friend who is obsessed with goats
    and knows they would die if they saw this.

  15. Baby’s like…Yaaa I’m Born!!! Hooray!!! Yippee!!! What’s this over
    here…Yaaaaa! What’s this other furry thing…Yippee!! What’s
    that…hooray!!! I’m so excited…Yaaaaaaa!

  16. The 8 dislikes are Sheeps

  17. Reminds me of Happy Feet

  18. Johson the magical sloth

    that’s one BAAAAAAD ass mofo right there. get it BAAAA.

  19. This goat would taste so good once it’s fully grown.

  20. This is so cute!

  21. Look like a dog

  22. Wow I don’t know baby sheeps can jump???

  23. awe that’s just adorable

  24. Kids are so cute!!!! I want one :(

  25. “Happy Feet 3” Confirmed.

  26. he like to jump a lot

  27. Hoppin Jon

  28. Cuteee

  29. Now if he could only do that while screaming. Instant classic.

  30. you guys say “awww” right now but later on eat the animal like fucken
    savages. hypocrisy at its best with all you monsters.

  31. Looks like dinner!

  32. GOAT to be KIDdin me

  33. Now that is just too cute! How could anyone not like this and vote down?
    Silly people…

  34. Sherborne Prometheus

    Adorable. I like goat milk btw.

  35. This video is the g.o.a.t.

  36. imagine that thing getting slaughtered

  37. It’s such a bouncy goat

  38. I like how the cat just walks away, lol

  39. George washington was not the first president……

  40. Stephen McAllister

    my guess is the goat doesn’t like the feel of the ground so it jumps.

  41. in just one day it’s doing all this? lazy human babies can’t even open
    their eyes in one day

  42. If you walked at all today, you have reason to be just as excited about it
    as this goat!

  43. what is walking?

  44. lets eat it

  45. Ah door a ble

  46. why the fuck do people eat meat

  47. yeah but can it Run widows 10

  48. I love babys! sub an i’ll sub back what a great channel!

  49. sad that he will soon be slaughtered and made into food for fat unhealthy
    chronic diseased americans…. i hope north korea nukes all of you sick

  50. now we know how is going to be on Ellen show

  51. I think your dog is broke.

  52. If I died right now, I’d be happy knowing I just saw the cutest thing ever.

  53. Timothy Verheyn Jr.

    So talented! :)

  54. The 13 people that disliked thought it was opposite day.

  55. so cute lol i could watch this for hours haha

  56. Domino PianoMusic

    He’s so cute !

  57. My cat used to do that when he was a kitten.

  58. Goats can walk and jump on there second day of life….human babies can’t
    even take q proper shit by themselves

  59. This is the cutest thing I’ve seen today

  60. SpringTrap the creepy Gamer

    How can someone did like! It’s so cute watching its mommy and him

  61. mad tv Stuart “look what I can do”

  62. SpringTrap the creepy Gamer

    But I just imagined this thing getting killed just use the goat for milk :3

  63. tofalldownarabbithole

    Someone write a children’s book. Now.

  64. When the goat secretly wants to be a horse.


  66. This is so cute! ^_^
    George looks so free and happy.

  67. Sardonyx Su fan 4 life With doritos and cheetos


  68. XD This is great

  69. so happy I find you on here, I enjoy your video’s, thank you for sharing,
    love the animals.

  70. Lpsluluthemanatee

    That goat is a better dancer than my dad

  71. I love the 180°

  72. This episode of “Trending on YouTube” is brought to you,in part, by slow
    news days.

  73. How cute! He think he a sheep, hopping everyone to sleep.

  74. 1:20 That cat swerved him too hard

  75. The cat couldn’t give a fuck as usual.

  76. Mcjuggernuggets

  77. This is why you don’t do drugs kids, momma goat had some special grass if
    you know what I mean.

  78. I used to have baby goats most of them were twins and it was adorable
    seeing them get into trouble but then we had to sell them when we moved to
    the city

  79. very funny….

  80. I really hope any Asriel jokes don’t spread here. #MakeYoutubeGreatAgain

  81. Very cute however, i wonder why does it jump around like that? Dogs, cats,
    pigs, and other mammals don’t go jumping around like that after birth. It
    didn’t learn to jump like that so why does instinct make it so?

  82. Me when I see my favorite food


  84. Awww!

  85. Is this goat really one day old or is that like an expression for how young
    he is? Usually from the newborn kids I have seen they are pretty gunky and
    feeble. Huh. Well thanks for the super cute goat video!

  86. Cutest thing ever. I want one ??❤️?

  87. This is what the internet should be about…

  88. Gloria al Dios todopoderoso por criaturas tan bellas!

  89. Life is funny

  90. if reincarnation were real for animals this goat may have been a kangaroo

  91. wonder if has a parasite

  92. A goat self identifying as a kangaroo, I get it

  93. sorry but im more charming than this moth…

  94. How can 16 people dislike this?! Do they have a pulse? :D

  95. jump jump and happy happy

  96. Пуйло РептилоиД

    He looks like ucrainian guy jumper!

  97. satanic creature attempting to escape this hellish earth into heaven to
    corrupt the entire universe

  98. he is just the cutest!

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