10 Ways To Survive Christmas With Cats!

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Cats VS Christmas Trees … The annual battle is upon us, here’s 10 ways for cat owners to conquer! 🙂

Meowy Catmess!

MUSIC: “Christmas with me” Instrumental version – Epidemic Sound


  1. I finally did it! I bought a tree my 2 cats never place their paws on! a

    a Cactus-Christmas-Tree

  2. 1:42 I see that silver button.. cool!

  3. David Schneiderwind

    marmalade is just the cutest

  4. Deliriously hilarious starring My two purrvarite Stars cole n marmalade!

  5. Well done for being on trending ;)

  6. lol, cute.

  7. Squirt Gun with water, several all over the house. Just shake it and they
    will not get into trouble.

  8. The red cat looks kind of retarded but cute

  9. I love these rotten little beasties! ?

  10. 1:09 what in th

  11. Troppo bello sto video .???????????

  12. How sweet. ???

  13. thank god i don’t have cats and never will… yess yes i have a cute 2 year
    old puppy beagle :)))

  14. I have three cats, and have actually NEVER had a problem with them
    destroying my tree or any of the holiday decorations..

  15. My cats don’t attack the tree, but they love to sleep under it.

  16. Im am the only one who nailed a tree design on a wall and put lights on it?

  17. That thumbnail made me laugh. I need that, but I don’t have cats.

    I have a 2 year old sister and a baby sister!

  18. 72 upside-down x-mas trees dislike this

  19. but what about cats trying to open up the Christmas presents

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