100 Fruits & Vegetables on Dog’s Head in 100 Seconds: Cute Dog Maymo

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Cute Dog Maymo balances 100 different fruits & vegetables on his head in 100 seconds. Taking hundreds of biscuits and four months to film (as well as some inspiration from Irish hat designer Philip Treacy), here is the finished video of Maymo the lemon beagle balancing 100 colorful fruits & vegetables on his head. Some of the items are styled to look like hats and others to look downright ridiculous on Maymo, who waits patiently for his biscuit which dangles just slightly off camera.


  1. It’s embarrassing how many times I’ve watched this.

  2. Awww…he’s so cute 3

  3. love maymo and all the fruit and vegies

  4. Seriously?? what kind of beagle does that??

  5. 郭烈亨(纯情骚年)


  6. Doesn’t anyone press the “show more” button? It clearly states the video
    took four month and hundreds of dog biscuits to make! So this is just sweet
    and innocent and fun!

  7. That’s animal abuse! Hehe jk but sad for the dog cus he has to put up with
    his stupid owner that puts vegetables on his head

  8. The dogs like hey whats going on? Hey now whats with the grapes? O cmon
    don’t put that on youtube now, what is wrong with you people.

  9. Nice lovely

  10. at 0:42 “getting real tired of your shit”

  11. Oh, Maymo…You are a very patient dog…

  12. This is why I get nothing done in a day

  13. “I’m sick of your shit, human”

  14. SO CUTE!!!

  15. Cute.
    Whats the name song btw?

  16. Cute.
    Whats the name song btw?

  17. GO VEGAN !!!

  18. Avaline “XxRobloxJulesxX” Kress

    You guys can no longer say: “But there are no vegetables!!! D:”
    No excuse now.

  19. Cactus and pineapples!? Ouch…

  20. Victoria MacCormac

    This is art

  21. This video is what dog’s think about 24/7 lol while they aren’t thinking
    about sleeping.

  22. See how ppl sell vegetables in Saudi Arabia in my channel….

  23. Lol loved it.

  24. Is this where were at and how did I get here? Not even mildly entertaining

  25. hahaha!

  26. I need a maymo :-:

  27. Secretly Suspicious

    There was two times were there was grapes on the dogs head

  28. Secretly Suspicious

    By the way there was 112 fruits and vegetables 

  29. Who’s music is featured in this???

  30. Vegetables on dog I love it (:

  31. Velotonga Nathalie

    Gentil chien !!!

  32. Vermont Tree Cabin

    Now I’m hungry!!

  33. Maymo is awesome and so is that song too! I hope you had a fruit salad for
    4 months. Who plays that song? And where can I buy cheap eggplant?

  34. Maymo is a shameless ham. How wonderful.

  35. Cute

  36. Who is playing that heinous surf music behind Maymo ?

  37. Too cute! LOVE the tune, too. What is it?

  38. d’awwww

  39. ?
    ( (>
    I can balance fruits on my head too

  40. I like the kale, it makes him look like he’s got a mohawk.

    Posted this to the links on my community garden website ! :)

  41. Dog: This is so undignifying . . . but oh well, it amuses my human.

  42. Grapes are no good for dogs. Grapes can kill dogs as well as raisins. Do
    not give your dogs grapes. There was a picture of a dog with grapes on his
    head. Not wise.

  43. Love ???????????

    Shared on fb to get you more subscribers…and because OTHERS need a good
    laugh too!

  45. i saw that 1:09

  46. do you give them only vegetabels to eat?


    Or did the same treats over agien 

  48. Oh my… I’m laughing so hard right now! He is so cute and funny. Love him!

  49. They’re not going to die if the grapes are on his head, only if it’s in his

  50. Peterpanutbutter

    Those are some lovely hats

  51. maymo has a good head for balancing things

  52. How artistic

  53. Why do you have so many fruits and vegetables?

  54. ErinatorPlayz Games


  55. ErinatorPlayz Games


  56. ErinatorPlayz Games


  57. that’s beautiful

  58. Could you share a high quality frames of the more artistic plumes? I would
    love to print it and frame it.

  59. Absolutely gorgeous, loved it

  60. awesome

  61. Someday, there will be a canine uprising in this house, and the oppressors
    will pay dearly…

  62. This is hilarious

  63. I find this oddly satisfying and amusing…

  64. His face is really funny haha.,
    some of veggie I ve never seen before amazing !!

  65. SO AWESOME….great job!!!…..thank you..huge smiles here.!!!…Tee with

  66. Asiancookingmadeeasy

    How does that chair stay so clean?? He is so cute!

  67. I’m inspired to eat more fuit

  68. I have played this so many times, it makes me laugh. he is so funny. I
    always play it if I need a laugh. ?

  69. I like the watermelon

  70. Hey Maymo, are you a paid advertising star now? I just saw a television
    commercial from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care featuring you with various
    veggies on your head.

  71. corn is not a vegetable but its ok …

  72. This Dog Balances Everything

  73. Elina “Ellu” E-Viitala

    beautiful dog

  74. This is cute but seems kinda wasteful. DId you at least eat the veggies and
    fruits afterwards?

  75. I wanna smell his head lol


  77. Cry your eyes out Wegman. You’ve been surpassed.

  78. TALENT

  79. You have just a wonderful dog!I come from Russia.I love this breed)They are
    very diligent)

  80. That dog’s expression screams “Christ, I could be chasing my own tail but
    I’m here doing THIS shit again”

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