11 Guilty Dogs Who Are Very Sorry

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Prepare for your heart to melt.


Red River Valley
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Dog from above
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  1. That dog praying ???

  2. They don’t feel sorry their just sad your getting on to them

  3. Owner: Who peed over here?
    Dog: Ok imma go outside now i need to go get my dog friend cya!
    Other Dog: He(or she) did it!!

  4. 🙁 I really started to cry

  5. Supersmashsheep Supersmashsheep


  6. OMG these dogs afecta soooooo cute and they arena very sorry.

    They broke my heart in a million pieces.

  7. The dog who got the cookies D:

  8. 1:04-1:11 is me.

  9. 0:25 super guilty

  10. They don’t feel guilt. They r just sorry and they know what they did

  11. awww the dogs didn’t mean it the dog if my dog did something bad I wouldn’t
    get angry I just hug it and put it in its bed

  12. Me too because in the long years like in 90 s we all couldn’t live without
    dogs and that’s true no lie for you baby girl

  13. dogs dont actually feel guilt BUT ITS STILL CUTEEEE

  14. They look so sad!;( But I know they are okay.

  15. ‘I guess that answers that’ XD

  16. boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    now I am feeling much more nerves and I will be nerves for 4 hours
    thanks for the next few months il be a
    nerves littel girl I am only 8.

  17. Pikachugirlgaming101

    this is why I sometimes hate other people , they go too hard on there dogs
    so I guess this doesn’t mean “Mans best friends” but it I’d for me

  18. The one at 0:29 is sooooo sorry

  19. Dogs can’t feel guilt.

  20. Who peed over here?
    Dog: oh crap I’m bailing!
    Gets outside

  21. there is no such thing as a bad dog it is simply just a bad owner.

  22. Stop shouting at them it wouldn’t be that if it was you

  23. Loh Lay Pin Lay Pin

    they are soo xute

  24. sad

  25. sad

  26. OMG this made me into tears SERIOSLY??????

  27. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww soooooooooooooo cute I loooooooove dogs <3

  28. Richards Didriksons

    0:17 he had a tough night

  29. especially the dog at 00:26 got me :'(

  30. 0:28 that puppy eyes destroyed all of my anger if i was mad with my dogs


  32. Just a random girl

    this made me cry it’d so adorable XD ;^;

  33. i have 5 dogs

  34. Naaaaaawwwwwwwww I feel bad for them

  35. Aww.. So cute

  36. Emilie Gerstenberg

    I have 4 dogs and 4 cats my puppy Harly ( we do call her Harly Quin)
    chewed up 2 pairs of slippers and 1 pillow and g yess what when my dad
    comes to find out I lock her in the living room explain go my dad I’m not
    mad because the slippers and pillow are mine and he leaves her alone most
    of the time when I’m not home she gets in big trouble but the reason I hide
    her is to keep her safe…


  38. I feel so bad for the dogs just look at their faces?

  39. Buzzfeed: dogs can’t feel guilt
    Buzzfeed: look at these guilty dogs :(((

  40. This is why you get a cat

  41. Nathali Rebolledo

    my dog just hides in his little corner and feels sorry lol

  42. Dogs don’t feel guilt..they have that look on there face because your
    shouting at them..

  43. Dogs might look guilty, but they don’t feel guilt

  44. 0:35 ” I DIDN’T DO NOTHIN’ POPS.”

  45. Pause at 0:29 it’s so sad look at his/her eyes ?

  46. The dogs know we think they’re cute lol

  47. CanadianProGamer 601

    My cousins dog ate my cousins lunch bag! #sohungryfunnydog ?

  48. Littlest Pet Shows

    I love how the Boxer had no shame ?

  49. The bulldog one. “Did you destroy a pillow”
    ” what do you plan on doing to stop me”

  50. funny as hell

  51. Aww poor dogs they’re just curious

  52. Cristian Mancillas

    So lovely

  53. 0:22 That is NOT “sorry.”

  54. So Cute

  55. aww you cant blame them!!! they are too cute!

  56. WolfCatGirl Animations

    The owners are surprisingly calm. best owner award goes to them

  57. awww????

  58. 0:27 ??

  59. That’s all my dogs face?????????❤️?

  60. That is so so sad to me

  61. Sarah-Louisse Tucker

    Whaaat I thought they made a video saying that dogs don’t feel guilt


  63. i started laugh-crying, these poor dogs got in so much trouble ;v;

  64. Dogs have feeling too.

  65. Kirsten.GlitterCat

    I’m crying

  66. aww th german shepherd in the shower tho awwww

  67. I almost cried

  68. Awww, this made me cry !! :'(

  69. 00:29????

  70. 00:29????

  71. i laughed so hard on the last one

  72. awww

  73. i just love the faces the dogs make when they are guilty

  74. 0:31 looks soooooo guilty ?

  75. oh god this is so cute… my heart could barely contain the cuteness ?

  76. Look for a guilty dog you’ll find it look for a guilty cat you never find
    it XD

  77. Brandon Kirkpatrick

    That awkward moment when you realize you punished the wrong PET

  78. puppy lover that loves chihuahuas

    aww so cute

  79. puppy lover that loves chihuahuas

    last puppy I guess that answer is that that little chihuahuas so cute and
    all of them cute

  80. 0:47 That is what happens with my dog every night.

  81. I live dogs and yes dogs do fell guilty cause my papillon does all the time
    messing with my cool convers

  82. woman : what did you do
    me : i shaved my eyebrows

  83. Aqsa The Artist!!!


  84. I wish I was a dog. All I have to do is sit, play, eat and sleep all day
    and still get all the affection from people :(

  85. I cried and smiled at the same time

  86. I try getting my dog in trouble but I can’t stand her eyes ?

  87. It’s easy to get answers out of animals :D

  88. Wow… The one dog in the shower… My mom ACTUALLY LAUGHED when I showed
    her this.

  89. that was so adorable

  90. YellowNikeyCruz 96

    These people are good because they dont hurt their dog because they are
    just dogs they are just animals not humans

  91. 0:38 tries to sneak away

  92. lololol the last one!! XD

  93. The one at 1:21 punished itself ?

  94. Hoos do that to a dog

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