# 23. Barry the Pug in the tub.

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  1. melanie del toro MSP

    I love you pug it’s so cute 

  2. this is the tenth time im watching this
    cracks me upp every time 

  3. His leg is shaking because he’s freezing to death, probably in the last
    stages of hypothermia.

  4. Que lindo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a mi perita le encanta que la
    bañen pero con su huesito de plastico je je je !!

  5. Barry is such a good dog; and you’re a good dog owner. Pugs are sweet.

  6. anymore please? 

  7. That’s gotta be really hot water if there’s that much steam…hope it feels
    okay for the pup 

  8. this made me smile, thank you!

  9. Adorable! Especially when he kicking his leg ,almost the whole time! 

  10. He’s like ahh right there

  11. i have a pug and im a youtuber

  12. Cute little guy :)

  13. I really, really, want to take a shower now. And I think it will be the
    best shower I’ve ever had.

  14. Barry is to cute but is in serious need to lose weight. U could have so
    many more yrs with him if u get his intake down. U can still give him ppl
    foid just give him the ones that are good for him like carrots,
    blueberries,, our dogs love snakes as much as the rest but i give them
    healthier chouces. Mine get a boiled egg for snack they love it and its
    great for them. He relies on u as a responsible pet owner to give him
    things that arent killing him. U can tell hes well loved and happy God
    bless u all 

  15. I actually retrack my comment it stopped right before the end i didnt see
    him standing to get out and he doesnt look as over weight as i thought keep
    up the great work 

  16. Aaaw that’s very cute. I always wanted a pug but I am afraid if one of
    their eyes would pop out, cause they sometimes do.

  17. this is so cute. and all these condescending comments – really people?
    this guy loves his dog!!! 

  18. Adorable 😀

  19. Barry seems quite itchy.


  21. I hate to say this but what I see in this video is a pug that is dying for
    relief from a very itchy skin allergy. I have two pugs myself one of whom
    suffers from skin allergies. The itchiness drives him crazy and he is
    constantly scratching. I recommend prednisone or some kind of steroid pill
    for him. He will feel so much better.

  22. ahahaahah :D

  23. he’s just an angel.A loving angel.

  24. In the first 0:10 seconds of the video, he sounds like Morgan freeman

  25. SO CUTE! I AM TOTALY GETTING A PUG LIKE NOW! jk my parents would never let
    me get one 🙁 

  26. i subbed

  27. awe that was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, i wish my pug would love her

  28. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3

  29. I have the weirdest boner right now.

  30. I love pugs so much! Barry is so cute and very well mannered/trained! 

  31. Gerald Schoolfield

    I like how his leg was shaking as u was rubbing in the shampoo. Very nice

  32. So cute

  33. Hello from Czech, grear video i got pug too :3

  34. I was just skipping throught this and went to about 1:40 and I thought “OH
    was a towel…I suck for today.

  35. At 0.45 tickly spot has been found! My dog did that hahaha.

  36. I now wash my Pugg in the sink. Brilliant idea Dave. I posted small video
    of my 1 eyed Pugg on my page for you. 

  37. Barry is absolutely adorable!! What a wonderful dog! Thanks for sharing

  38. I love pugs! He looks so happy too oh man. Very cute video!

  39. Woodworking and Pugs. Two of my favorite things. My pug Zoe doesn’t care
    much for baths, but she loves being toweled off. 

  40. Barry is so cute!!! :3

  41. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Kill it

  42. I love pugs they are so cute my mum thinks they’re ugly but I really want
    one and I have a dalmatian who is adorable but this was the cutest video my
    dog hates baths lol

  43. I have lost count how many times I have watched this video but it makes me
    smile every time!!! 🙂 xx

  44. XD why was Barry hammering his leg off the tub :D

  45. now i want a pug

  46. Tatiya Wonitaguln

    So cute…Barry <3

  47. I love pugs #PUGSFORLIFE

  48. Awwww, what a precious baby…!

  49. joann descallar

    My pug does the same thing……..

  50. David, how are we not friends, I love your pug! I have 3 myself and can’t
    wait to see more Barry videos, I subscribed to make sure I don’t miss any.

  51. This is when I first fell in love with Barry! Look at those folds..

  52. how do you clean the wrinkles on his face? :)

  53. I saw Barry on a Petco commercial!

  54. melicantsin1221

    Hey David! Barry was in an American commercial today :D! They showed this
    video for a dog food advertisement! ^-^ Pug telly star~

  55. setwithacapitalj

    I just saw this clip in a commercial here in the US! So sweet!

  56. Pug: cutest dog

  57. Nitasha Mccluskey

    He is just the cutest pug I’ve ever seen! My daughters and I love watching
    this all the time!

  58. I hope you haven’t lost this adorable dog to a heart attack yet. It’s bound
    to happen any day though with that sorta overweight problem. Cute video,
    but please do right by your dog and get his weight down to an appropriate
    level. Barry’s too darn special to have a shorter than average life!

  59. Barry now has a Facebook page, Barry The-Pug. Don’t be fooled by an
    imposter in the UK who is trying to sell pug products on Etsy

  60. I wish my dogs felt this way about baths

  61. why does this have almost 400 dislikes?

  62. Barry is SO loved. Thanks for sharing. I wish all animals were as loved.

  63. Barry rocks, put a towel down and he wont scoot around in the sink. Hand
    towel kitchen towel.

  64. Cute video but you really need to eat shit for monetizing this video,

  65. I love pugs

  66. Usually I prefer cats over the dogs, but I have to admit, this pug is sooo

  67. All pug owners knows the leg spasm of joy all too well

  68. this is just wrong it is not normal behavior for a human being to engage in
    and then think other people would want to see it. well I got my 5 seconds

  69. ThànH GB (Bộ Xương Di Động)

    he is just too cold 😀 don’t worry :D

  70. He looks like he’s a sweetheart. :3

  71. just seen this on rude tube!! ?

  72. The way you talk to him is humorously endearing.

  73. Awww you love that don’t you! Lol

  74. I like me some Barry. I can just think he’s thinking. Over there yea thats
    good keep spraying yea.

  75. Super cute, he needs to eat organic and much less, he’s obese and killing
    years off his life, get with it !

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