5 Different Hugs for Valentines Day

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Music courtesy of Daniel Tuesday. Thanks for watching!


  1. You Madame are a dog training LEGEND, Great video.

  2. Creative Pet Keeping

    Very sweet video. I’d love to teach this to Banana…. just need another
    dog hehe :P

  3. Gone to the Snow Dogs

    *HUGS* super cute!

  4. So cute! I’m 14 years old with two rescues of my own. I’m training them to
    jump over eachother, lean on eachother (with paw) and a ton of other tricks
    & useful behaviors. You are my idol and I wish that one day I could be
    apprenticed by you. Carry on & spread your great knowledge and skill of dog
    training. Love; a washintonian fan and possible future apprentice ;)

  5. 0:02 Splash looks bored with the trick XD funny expression

  6. This is wonderful, very sweet :)

  7. Emily, you and your dogs will always find ‘things’ fun. You have all my

  8. Snoocky - The sausage dog

    I loved it!!! It’s so sweet!! I’m so fan!!!

  9. Boogie's Adventures

    Awe they’re all so cute❤️

  10. 0:22 Wish is like “What is going on???” LOL Too cute!

  11. Been trying to teach this to my dogs for months but am having a really
    difficult time. >.< You should totally make a "How to train hug"!

  12. AW!! I love these hugs! I have tried to teach my dogs how to hug but sadly
    it didn’t work out, my doberman Yiska didn’t like how close our German
    Shepered Mix Kisses got. lol

  13. Pause the video at :20

  14. Best Valentine’s Day greeting ever!

  15. i’m crying, this is so pure, the dogs are so precious! I especially love
    the one with the missing eye, what a cutie <3

  16. Can u make a video on teaching this Trick?

  17. Can we all just agree that this is the cutest video ever? :)

  18. Awesome kikedogs!

  19. SO SO KWET! mam one hug please

  20. This is so incredibly cute! I love it!

  21. Ai que amor!!!

  22. Seriously, how could people actually dislike a video of dogs hugging?!

    Adorable. <3

  23. Aww <3

  24. I think my heart just melted a little! This is perfect!

  25. These are great: How you figure out the ‘steps’ to break these into to
    train is magic!!

  26. My head just exploded from all the cuteness!

  27. dogs are the best living beings on the planet

  28. This is so adorabo:)

  29. Could a nice girl teach me these hugs? :D

  30. Juste trop mignon !!! <3 Je partage sur mon Facebook ! :)

  31. What the?! This vid is adorable!! ? How do u get ur dogs to do that?!

  32. Someone “teached” them, it’s visible :-). But it’s cute all the same.

  33. That’s so cute <3

  34. Cuteness Overload. How you did this?….it is sooo coool

  35. Half of an minute and how cute was that?

  36. Who was the cute puppy! Of course, super adorable video!

  37. Too bad I can only hit the thumbs up button once. This is adorable to the

  38. Awesome! Their love is more real than ours.

  39. Aw, how cute!!

  40. Awwwwww so cute!!!!!

  41. Valentines Day or not this one flippin’ great video! Who are these guys and
    what are their names? More info would have been great.

  42. This is so cute that it’s stupid.

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