5 Life Hacks Fur Cat Owners

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Purrfect hacks to make life for you and your cat/s more enjoyable 🙂

Let us know of more hacks for cat owners in the comments section!


  1. I am a cat and I like this :)

  2. chasethecat555 road to 1k

    cole just subed XD

  3. i have been using the brush head of a dust-buster and move it over my
    couch, picks up all the hairs pretty good.

  4. Your cats are so cute! I used to make cat food puzzles for my cat Sparta.
    We made one that dangled from his scratching post. God, I miss him.

  5. thank you, good idea

  6. Maybe melt the edges of the cut plastic part in case the cat puts his/her
    paw in and gets a cut.

  7. josephine carmella

    Love your segments. We have 2 cats and they are the love of our lives
    ,thanks so much for sharing Cole and Marmalade and your wonderful ideas.
    You guys are AWESOME,,,;-)

  8. What size box and tee shirt did you use for the cat cave?

  9. lol I tried to make a Whack-a-Mouse for my orange kitty and he did same as
    Marmalade: wanted to see the inner workings lol =^..^= good video, thanks
    for sharing

  10. very cute there coats look like silk thanks from stockport uk ?, ?

  11. My cat really enjoyed the Cat Food Puzzle and the Cat Cave. I added a bit
    of catnip and she was all over that (and inside it). lol Thank you for the
    great ideas!

  12. I consider this an educational video if you have bored cats.

  13. Peaches and Paprika channel

    We want to play house too! We were just thinking of getting our human to
    make us some fun “houses” like yours! Thanx furr the inspiration and

  14. if i made the cat food puzzle, my cat would give up instantly )=/ he is 11
    years old, and he doesn’t know how to do simple treat puzzles.

  15. I love it! Love the rubber gloves and the cat cave!! Can’t wait to make one

  16. My friend told me catnip is bad for cats, is that true?

  17. Y’all brilliant!!! :)

  18. I used to half fill a sock with catnip, tie a knot in the top, Toby used to
    get days of pleasure out of it.

  19. Great, simple and cheap hints. Good one Chris, Cole and Marmalade.

  20. sense my bedroom door died my place would be bad for a cat, my new door is
    made off wood planks and white flowery fabric.

  21. HEY marmalade’s eye is all better! glad your feelin better sweet cat

  22. I love my cats but i cant put up with the fur in the furniture so my cats
    are not allowed in beds or furniture and they’ve been trained that way

  23. Great ideas-thanks, and good to see Cole and Marmalade in action as usual!

  24. Hi everyone, I need help. I have a 9mo boy adopted from the shelter half a
    year ago. He’s never been with other cats before a

  25. i wish i had a cat (kitten) cuz my cat is as old as dust she doesnt like to
    ply anymore!

  26. Me and my black kitty love watching your channel,We release all of our
    stress into love for eachother,Thanks we love you!

  27. Kelly Awesome show


  28. I have a cat that looks just like Marmalade! :)

  29. Loved

  30. I just LOVE to watch Cole and Marmalade in action. I’ don’t have the good
    fortune to have a cat where I now live, but I LOVE cats, and I used to trap
    feral cats and have them spayed or neutered. My NEXT home will DEFINITELY
    have Cats in charge!! Thank you so much for sharing “Coco” and Marmalade
    with us!

  31. genial!!!???

  32. Muy bueno flaco, sos un genio !! te miramos desde uruguay y sacamos ideas
    para mejorar la vida de nuestro felino, abrazo !!!

  33. I love that cat cave. your cats enjoy everything you do for them. I can
    tell. my cat just looks at stuff and walks away . haha

  34. Fraeulein Katzenkeks von und zu

    Wich kind of races are your cats?

  35. Try kitty-fishing; my cat Camioy loves this game. I love all ur kitty hacks
    and will try them.

  36. Can i treats instead of food in cat food puzzle?

  37. Frank “Version Analoga” Black

    I wish you’d upload more vídeos

  38. :56 Cole got Rekt

  39. Rename this “Extremely useful tips for cat people “

  40. Thanx cole and marmalade; i’ll let u boys know how the kitty treats work
    out in the cat food puzzle! Love u both

  41. Useful info/ideas…and Cole & Marmelade. What could be better ?! Thanx.

  42. I made the 2 cat toys and they were amazing. My cats love them!

  43. 6. Don’t let cats have access to furballs. That can endanger their health!

    7. Don’t overaggressively block out some random brand name that just
    happened to show up in your video on a box or something by accident! That’s
    just silly overkill! (Just because their name shows up randomly doesn’t
    mean they *have* to pay you.)

  44. I’d be a bit worried about the plastic bottle feeder ball. Cut plastic can
    be sharp, and my doofus kitties would probably cut themselves.

  45. I gotta make Cat caves! I have plenty of old tshirts and boxes.. thanks for
    the wonderful idea!

  46. Marmalade is a cheater XDD

  47. Buibuiopolis Mayor

    My cats don’t like catnip :(

  48. Nice apartment

  49. my cat hates catnip, what gives :c

  50. Meowtastic meowvideo :)

  51. I’ve subscribed fur real!

  52. Love the cat cave idea and the glove fur removal idea!

  53. glaucia cristina Silva

    I enjoy so much watching your videos… you have the best tips for cats
    (and owners)!!!

  54. D’aww! The tabby kitty would rather be in the box than attempting to catch
    the mouse toy from the holes! xD

  55. These are puuuuuuuurfect :3

  56. cuuuuuuuuuuuuuutte!

  57. CaptainObvious0000

    this has probably one of the best like/dislike ratios i have seen on
    i guess most of your viewers are part of a loyal subscriber base.

  58. You deserve a promotion Cool Video

  59. Whoa… I gotta try that glove thing to clean out the cat tree perches.
    Even the vaccum wont suck out the fur stuck in the corners

  60. Jeremy The Ragdoll Cat

    hahahaha, great ideas, thanks! :)

  61. Will have to try the water bottle puzzle toy! Thanks!

  62. I’m going to use these with my kitty

  63. My two cats died after 18 years last november, but I enjoy watching your
    video’s and see the fun.. Brings back some memories of my own cats. Thanks!

  64. The cat at the end just hacking your hack of the whack a mouse was cute

  65. I tried the cat cave and my younger kitty Xander loved it. BUT, when Poppy,
    the older cat saw him in it, oh my!!! He attacked Xander, like he was
    trying to make him get out. I couldn’t tell if he felt threatened or
    jealous or what?!? I will be patient and will figure this out one way or
    another. I plan to try the catch a mouse thing next. Thanks for the great

  66. How can they dislike this?

  67. Luna-tick the Husky and April

    I love this!! I need to use #3! That is a great idea! Works as a hide out
    away from the dog too. :D

  68. So adorable had my five year old son cracking up

  69. I have a girl version of cole at my house!! Does marm like to go on walks

  70. Very helpful. My senior cat is getting harder and harder to tempt into
    playing so will try a couple of these and see if they work. Also wanted to
    say thanks…your Halloween video from 2015 showed the guys playing around
    items that just had sheets tossed over miscellaneous things. We’d been in a
    new house for a couple of weeks and Travis (the cat) was still settling
    in…I made a few tents and he suddenly decided he really liked it here. It
    was noticeable that he was exponentially more relaxed. Thanks for
    everything you do!


  72. My grandma had a old Siamese named CC .he was vary well trained.
    Unfortunately he ran away he was always going out but this time he left for
    good.l think he knew that he was going to die and ran away because he
    didn’t want us to see that . I knew CC for my hole life he died wen I was
    10 I’m 13 now .after that I watch one of your videos and it made me feel
    better .i remember just before he left i had a tea party with my grandma we
    had a bunch of flowers in a basket and he kept sticking his head through
    them . Anyway thanks for helping to keep my spirits up and say hi to Cole
    for me

  73. Marmalades eye looks better

  74. La “LaSerpentaCanta” Serpenta Canta

    how on earth did they come up with that?

  75. Protip: Both of my cats don’t care about catnip, but after washing some
    stuff with a cap of eucalyptus oil, I found out that one of my cats reacts
    to it similar to a catnip reaction. So I’ve marinated some of her old toys
    in water + a cap of eucy :)

  76. Cool T shirt!

  77. Love it!

  78. 0:50 Marmalade has great comedic timing.

  79. Great Ideas! I will have to use the nylon glove trick. Smart Thanks!

  80. CAT Cave was best, would make a good video

  81. Oh my good so cool

  82. For the first hack, if you have a shower scraper with a rubber end it will
    work awesome on couches too!

  83. 0:44 Marm is such a rough little bro XD

  84. ur the est cat owner in the world!!!!

  85. what are them gloves called??

  86. Really a fantastic work, dude. Keep it up :)

  87. If 1 advice really works it is life saver!!!

  88. Very glad to see that Marm’s eye is better!

  89. LOVE the cat food puzzle idea! Am definitely going to try it, as I believe
    in Stephan’s CATtelligence :))) Yes, 2.5 years later, I am a cat slave
    AGAIN!!! lol

  90. First one is a lifesaver! Thank you!!

  91. Great ideas! I’d thought of two of them but not the other three. Thanks.

  92. Pine cat litter – looks odd and impossible at first, but ends up lasting
    alot longer than scoopable chemical-laden cat litters. Smells great too!
    Pour in 4-5 inches deep. At first just keep removing stools, and flush in
    the toilet. When wet spots on the bottom need to be removed seperate the
    dry from the very wet, place wetter stuff into an old bucket. Then, stir
    entire cat box litter mixing the slightly wet with the pellets and the dry.
    Fluffs up as pellets break down. I went from spending over $30 a month on
    litter to $10 for a 25 lb bag. Bonus: no need to fill landfills with used
    kitty litter.

    Garage sale wicker bookcase is a cheaper way to go if you can’t afford a
    cat tree or just want to add one that you can use also. They love to
    scratch on them and jump up on the shelves.

  93. Thank you. Your videos are so loving and wholesome, a rarity these days.
    You’re such kind people…

  94. Balqees Abdulhussien

    ❤ is catnip drugs for cats

  95. I made the tee shirt cat house today and my boys Jonesy & Ripley love it!

  96. the cat cave is genius

  97. My Black Cat that looks like Cole named Shadow hates catnip, a lot. :(

  98. 0:51 Best part lol 😀 Great Vid <3

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