A Day in the Life of Shedd’s Sea Otter Pup: Grooming

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Sea otter pup Cayucos, shown at 8½ weeks old, gets help grooming her fur from trainer Lana.


  1. 0:56 “…Don’t touch my dick you naughty bitch!!…” =X

  2. Well this was boring. Next.

  3. This is incredibly adorable.

  4. Ive devoted my entire life on studying and learning about animals, so that
    one day I will be highly qualified to work with these adorable creatures!

  5. Dear Santa…………….


  7. Jeremy Barngrover

    For some reason I now hear the little girl from “Despicable Me.” IT’S SO

  8. who do I have to sleep with to get her job??? Can you imagine going to work
    to groom baby otters? (faints)

  9. Yes, very FLUFFY! Sea otters have ONE MILLION hairs per square inch! Humans
    have about ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND on their whole head!

  10. 3 people are apart of PETA

  11. intoxicating..

  12. I sea-otter what u did there.

  13. The way that fella’s looking at the camera… I can almost imagine her
    going “What izzat? Whyzit lookin at me? Dun look at me!”

  14. This littel guy is so cute, he is a bit afraid of the camera so he gets
    closer and closer to the carer but does not want the grooming to end
    either. His face is adorable. Can’t belive humans hunt these innocent souls
    as a sport. I remember watching ‘Osaka the Otter’ movie, it was so sad.

  15. Total sweetness. Curious and apprehensive. Quite smart. ** PUPPY **

  16. Brushie Brushie Brushie

  17. literally every move it made i said awwww

  18. his face: wtf is going on? o.O

  19. I want her job!

  20. Its so fluffy!

  21. Poor scaredy pup being afraid of the camera. A lot of animals seem to
    equate big lenses as open jaws is why. You’d be put off too if a shark was
    sitting across the room with its mouth hanging open at you.

  22. I Love Otters and this is one of the cutest ones I have ever seen!

  23. 3 people are hopelessly miserable individuals.

  24. Is this Luna???

  25. Fact: A Sea Otter is a puppy with a mustache.

  26. It’s that guy who plays Sherlock

  27. nice :))))

  28. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Maybe if John Lennon saw this he’d want to be a sea otter instead of a

  29. Tallison Rausch

    What does otter grooming pay an hour? Can you do it full-time?

  30. Alexandra McManus

    So cute!

  31. Les fry it up. Looks pretty good ?

  32. Where’s my club?

  33. Cute factor: 10/10

  34. I must have one. TAKE MY MONEYYYYY!!!!!

  35. I like the woman who’s preening this animal. She has pretty hair, nice
    skin, and a good heart :)

  36. Isabelle Ombalsky

    So fluffeh! 

  37. Baby sea otters are overrated

  38. oh my godness… 🙂 lol so cute

  39. Otter:
    “Is that person recording me? I’m not finished getting cleaned yet! At
    least get my good side. Is he still zooming in?! Lady help!”

  40. Precious baby!

  41. Nabuma Rubberband

    She looks so concerned 

  42. I love you honey

  43. BittersweetOrBust

    I’m in the wrong line of work. 

  44. This is otterly adorable..

  45. so SOOOOO cute!

  46. That little guy would make a nice warm scarf.

  47. Ahhh I want one as a pet

  48. Aguará Guazú.

    Linda manoseada de nutria..

  49. Quick, hide him before some fur trapper comes in and stomps/clubs him to

  50. He looks so insecure and introverted 

  51. If that was my job I would die happily

  52. Looks like mr monopoly

  53. U y. Crafty hike

  54. Hailemicael Ghebretensae


  55. Aaw look! It’s little Benny getting groomed! ^-^

  56. Babyface! These critters are cute but they can also bite. ouch!

  57. So cute!100,000,000,out of10

  58. Cute as f#ck….

  59. Nooooo, this is TOO cute, i can’t handle it.

  60. He seems to be thinking, “STOP. ZOOMING. IN. GOD DAMN IT”.

  61. OMG it is so cute! Although she doesn’t seem to appreciate being recorded.

  62. Where do I get one of those?! ((:

  63. Adorable!

  64. i think she otter

  65. awww, so adorable! #cuteness


  67. omg so cute。i want


  68. The Last HawkThorn

    That stare at the start…

  69. I want that job.

  70. Aww, she looks so shy!

  71. is there something wrong with my sound or was this shot on that new super
    hi-def TrueColor One Billion pixel AMOLED OMNI-MAX silent cam?

  72. So cute

  73. So cute!

  74. playing with otters, best job in the world

  75. 0:56 Otter: What is that person doing?HEY!Stop recording me! *hides* Stawp!

  76. Why is there no sound? Even a little background music would be nice.


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