A Dog’s Snow Day

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Our dog, Puckerman, enjoying his snow day with the family in Boston after the snowstorm.

Shot entirely on GoPro Hero 3+ Black and Hero 4 Black cameras.


  1. he sure can’t forget that day.. :)

  2. A Dog’s Snow Day

  3. GoPro all the things!

  4. I’ve always wanted to be a dog

  5. Great video! How did you attach gopro to pooch? What size pooch? We have
    the fetch for our small dog but it’s not as stable as yours seems. Any tips
    would be great! 

  6. Que gracinha! Amei!

  7. dog on cocaine

  8. He gets a lot of lift when his ears start to go up.

  9. This why I LOVE dogs. So happy to be with their human pals, no matter

  10. I live in LA and it was 81 today!!

  11. That’s a cute human.

  12. Lol that was fun. :D

  13. I love how he gets into fun mode, then stops and looks around for his human
    companion. He stops and checks a couple of times, so cute.

  14. Kids, dogs, and snow…plus days off SCHOOL.


  15. Video made me smile and gave me a couple good ideas. TY for sharing that.

  16. should i feel weird about the fact that im a dude and this made me tear

  17. What is the name of the song? It’s so beautiful and relaxing

  18. Call Of Duty: Ghost 2 Snow Meme

  19. What kind of dog is he?

  20. *Awesome!* That is one great snow day mate 😀 haha

  21. Well according to the news Puckerman is going to have another snow-day,
    maybe two. Stay warm and breakout the clam chowder.

  22. I get to see the world from a dog’s point of view. He looks so happy.
    Watching a dog have fun is such a joyful experience.

  23. masterofinfinity479

    you forgot the e

  24. He looks soooo happy,but do you guys feel any “dogsick” cause we all on his

  25. Put a Metal song and it will look like the dog is head banging in the snow.

  26. Puckerman seems like the happiest dog! I love this video. I’ll forever be a
    dog person. :)

  27. Song killed it, other wise nice

  28. Maravilhoso!!!!………. <3

  29. Gosh, such a happy dog. Btw, did anybody knows, the place? Is this *Canada*

  30. Wow even GoPro liked this!

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