A Lot of New Firsts for Adorable Persian Kittens

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Reginald, a young Persian kitten, gets boxed out of the food bowl and decides to venture over to the litter box. He doesn’t know this, but Persian kittens are notoriously hard to litter box train!


  1. Omg so adorable ?

  2. Persian kittens are really ugly. I think it’s due to their sunken nose.

  3. Soooo adorable

  4. Cuuute!

  5. *Pinkie Pie:* *(giggling)* Silly Reggie!

  6. Aw..

  7. oh hey kittys!

  8. OMG that are The Cutest Kitten I’ve ever seen?

  9. gizo is my favorite

  10. Condensed milk?? The sweetened stuff??

  11. ????. Gizmo and all the kittens are tiny, curious, fuzzy and pint-sized

  12. Persians, Tabbies, Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Calicos, American Short Haired &
    American Long Haired and Russian Blues and etc. except the kind that wants
    attention. ??? ????

  13. Aww?????

  14. I knew that was going to be a Gizmo before the name came up.

  15. Melissa Ordonez Ordonez

    Such a cute kitty, so fluffy and cute ???

  16. omi cant even so cute x3

  17. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW????????????????????

  18. soooo cute♥

  19. Come on. Give us a new season already.

  20. ah its cat version of pugs

  21. Reginald is a rebel.

  22. karooyomitoheagato

    awe come on animal planet, give us full episodes!

  23. Agent Calamity AKA Chris

    Cute little puppies.

  24. baby grumpies

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