A Pug’s-Eye View of Dodger Stadium

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Dodger Stadium held its annual Pups at the Park event on Saturday, June 20. We sent pug correspondent Gizmo T. Pug to give us a dog’s-eye view.



  2. Dogs really trust humans. Too bad in China…

  3. You guys aren’t even trying to make worthwhile journalism.

  4. Michael Kaspshak

    Meanwhile… In China! Bring your own meat day at the ballpark.

  5. The Pug Head Tilt Pugs!

    Love it! Best part…Giants Win!! ;)

  6. Sup

  7. 0:51 Corgis!!

  8. We love Gizmo T. Pug! Especially dig the Pug Hi-5’s, definitely need more
    of those. #GoPro

  9. Gizmo should be given a bone. Excellent job and Gizmo was very
    professional! Thank you Gizmo for your true view of the event!

  10. This is so cute Gizmo T Pug! Didn’t know you caught my and his corgi
    friends at the 0:53 mark 😀 From closest to farthest from the camera that
    is Rhys (IG:@rhysthecorgi), Bebop (IG:@bebopthecorgi) and my corgi, Thunder
    (IG:@ThunderbuDDDy buddy has three d’s). :D

  11. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Thanks for editing out all the butthole sniffing.

  12. Games are so boring I have to take my dog to keep me awake 

  13. Aw so cute

  14. In America we toast to mans best friend with one of the greatest sports in
    the world, while in China they slaughter 10k dogs in Yulin Dog Festival….
    America truly is the best country in the world.

  15. This was absolutely amazing. I have a pug of my own. By the way who was
    that singing? She sounded so beautiful.

  16. That anthem must’ve taken an hour

  17. Shannon Whiteford

    I was their :D

  18. Plot twist it was a hand puppet

  19. **Meanwhile cat lovers and pro cat people get angry**

    Mans best friend, i love my dogs as they’re a part of my family.

  20. Lucky dog at 0:24.

  21. dogs are color blind though

  22. Pug catches ball, “DOG”ER FILMS!!

  23. night night ASMR

    thank you so much for making this video. I can’t stop smiling! <3 awwww
    haha, adorable!

  24. This is so cuteee!

  25. Emanuel Guzman-Garcia

    That last note on the national anthem thoee… Lmao

  26. Allen .S (RandomGameing)

    Nah Pug+GoPro=$$$$$

  27. So, how far do you all have to go if the dogs need to poop?

  28. 0:58 the soul of a old man went in that dog…

  29. All the Mexican dodger fans are already used to viewing the world from that

  30. DogerFilms

  31. where can i get a “dog mount” like this one for a gopro??

  32. But dogs can’t see color….

  33. Lmao great vid, happy doge

    If I may offer some critique tho, the National anthem part was overly long.
    I mean, nobody likes that song, do they? More dog moments, less
    self-indulgent “singing”. Skip it next time! 

  34. Leo the dorkey turtle girl


  35. that pug has more of a life than i do .. forever alone :’ %

  36. hollyvelocitygrl

    nice doggie style

  37. Kris AwesomePants

    That pug is too cute


  39. Where is all the peta dick riders at? “That’s animal abuse it’s to loud
    there for the dogs ears”! “Oh mah gerddddddddd”!

  40. Onlythewindremembersmyname

    LA Doger stadium

  41. Majestic 1:06

  42. Заработок в Интернете. Реальность!

    Funny jokes on my channel!

  43. More like a pug’s neck-view.

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