A sick three legged dog sleeps in the rain on a shoebox and waits months to be rescued

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http://www.HopeForPaws.org – Every little bit helps!

Thanks 🙂



  1. This video make me so sad and now, i don’t want my dog dead because i’m
    scared to think about that :(

  2. since it’s near valentine’s day I would have named her Cupid

  3. If you’re reading this it’s because I am procrastinating writing a 4 page
    paper due tomorrow

  4. how come you can get arrested for spanking your child and not get even a
    warning or fine for doing horrid things like abandoning animals?

  5. Sleeping on a shoebox in the rain and cold? This world is too messed up…
    Thank you Hope for Paws for helping so many sweet souls…

  6. MunchyMuffin Productions

    I’m inspired by you guys and so I’m doing a community service project for
    my school. I will be donating to an animal shelter I will be donating many
    supplies and my little scrapbook for it is called “Hope for Paws” thank you

  7. hope the evil bastards who abandoned this poor dog rot in hell.Scum of the
    earth makes my blood boil fucked up retards should not be allowed animals
    end of.You do amazing work thank you for sharing.Tony

  8. who the son of a bitch can dislike this ?

  9. Dear little soul… may you find a good home

  10. All the minority neighborhoods where they dont respect animals, or anything
    else, makes me sick.

  11. 30 FUCKING dislikes? What is wrong with the world?

  12. Trying not to cry when the 3 legged dog walks around.

  13. sometimes i wish i had the power of darthvader, id fuck up every single
    sickminded human on this planet

  14. If you can’t afford to donate, at least WATCH THE WHOLE AD, don’t skip it
    because advertisers are only charged when the viewer watches the full ad!

  15. Ok what heartless bastard abandoned that dog? I say we jump the son of a

  16. months to be rescued? “how long has she been here?” other guy: “two weeks”

  17. Templar of Judgement

    Thank you for being a light in a dark world. Inspiring.

  18. #41 on trending! So happy to see this Hope for Paws! Eldad, what you and
    your friends do is amazing and hope this gets you guys some extra help to
    rescue more animals! This video was very touching, they all are… you guys
    are angels in disguise!! ❤

  19. Great video but y’all have to stop with the music ….

  20. Sometimes we are the animals…

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