A very happy wolf

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Lakomi is an upper-mid content wolfdog who lives in a sanctuary. She was found surviving in the wild at 8 months old, however it quickly became apparent that she had been bred and partially raised in captivity. At the time of her rescue she was wearing a harness intended for an 8 week old. Her skin had grown over the harness and removing it took hours of surgery and months of medication to fight an infection that nearly took her life. When I first got to the sanctuary I was told that she was crazy and wouldn’t ever be socialized. Her enclosure has fences that are 14 feet high because she would routinely jump or climb up 12 foot fencing and hang by her jaw at the top. Since I began working on socialization with her that behavior has stopped. She took about two months of daily exposure before she would allow physical contact, but once that wall came down she quickly became playful, sweet, loving, and my personal favorite animal in our charge. Lakomi is a gorgeous example of the redemptive power of love, and being able to know her is one of the greatest privileges of my life.
She is entirely healthy 🙂


  1. Zachary Northrop


  2. Ugh, so adorable

  3. awww! Jacob <3

  4. Who else was expecting the wolf to get tired of it, and rip out her

  5. I want one

  6. awww

  7. beautiful animal

  8. This was well worth a minute of my time

  9. *Looks like my buddy Saberwulf.*

  10. i wish the camera was on his face not his chopped crotch for the percent of
    the video

  11. STOP GIVING THEM A HARD TIME!!! For goodness sakes they saved the babies
    life. READ THE GOSH DANG CAPTION before u make rude comments I mean why u
    so harsh about a wolf not dying I mean seriously it’s very rude!!

  12. RIP Summer

  13. I had two wolves one was stolen and the other we had to get rid of. I’m
    miss it lots I want to own more someday they are amazing animals

  14. ThatFoxLillian óÔÔò

    Wolves and dogs both scare me

  15. Can’t wait for the video where Romulus mauls her. Lol

  16. How old is she?

  17. Damn no climax?! I love it when this stupid people get fucking torn to
    pieces because they want to look cool and get some views and bragging
    rights. Oh well, the day will come for her.

  18. Omg wolfs are so cute I love ❤️❤️

  19. Godbless

  20. GlobalGaming101

    Wow that wolf looks like a dog

  21. Micheal The Googleman

    I wonder if the wolf has watched Game of Thrones lately…

  22. Tyler Allen (lololol)

    Dude, it looks like a massive German shepherd…

  23. Thousands of years of EVOLUTION in 1:07 minutes

  24. So who’s in charge here?

  25. It reacts just like my dog :)

  26. There’s no way a wild wolf plays with a human well like food yes but as a
    friend I never seen one today’s videos are all fake I don’t understand what
    you get from it

  27. I need to get one of them dire wolf.

  28. Prometheus Hippopotimi

    what a cute lil baby

  29. Innosaint Nwoke Chinedu

    Over a million in 2 days? Woah!

  30. *Sees the Wolf intensely*
    “Once more into the fray
    Into the last good fight I’ll ever know
    Live or die on this day
    Live or die….. on this day”

  31. idiots. Children who are unaware. One who is an original anima is eternal
    cannot catch, contain, kill or chew apart… As the blood will kill you…
    Howany times it take to learn that? LoL nope I don’t feel bad. We don’t
    need to “kill” or we get stuck. We don’t get stuck… If you can love
    perhaps you make become perfect. I really don’t care.

  32. Perlman your Lord God has been given the gift. you are really stupid. it is

  33. Annalise Catenacci

    that’s a gorgeous wolf

  34. I do not envy him one bit. my dog Kitty the pitty was a nuclear physicist
    compared to you morons. dammit.

  35. sík-ɪn lesson

    It seems like the big animals are the cutest

  36. I would not lose if I got attacked by a solo wolf that shit dead

  37. dawww, it’s an adorable lil baby x3
    I’m gonna name her sif

  38. MooseProductions

    I’ve never understood how we domesticated wolves and turned them into dogs
    more than I do right now

  39. 218 cat loving haters disliked this.

  40. I bet $20 that there’s at least one otherkin in the comments commenting
    about how this is their gender and whatnot.

  41. Happy Wolf….Wolf…Direwolf…..DIREWOLF!!!! :'(

    Too soon :'(

  42. Та де,я б на 100м навіть не підійшов би!

  43. Aww poor wolf. Glad to see its treated like life now!

  44. Lol

  45. jeez already 1M views in 1 day

  46. expert that knows if its real

    the wolf is real

  47. this womans got more ballz than me my goodneas

  48. My suspicions are that’s a very small black cow


  50. Butt Chetsworthy

    Wtf does a crying dog video play right after this video. Stop raping my

  51. More please!

  52. Just wait until one day it decides to attack her.

  53. Kailey VanSteelandt

    Why is that wolf so cute? & why does it have a personality of man’s best
    friend: the domestic dog? ???❤️

  54. omg I want one of this guy’s they are beautiful

  55. It is said that after the camera stopped she is still petting the wolf
    hahaha the wolf howled and begged for her not to leave

  56. Well… That just made my day so much better. thanks. ☺

  57. I guess that wasn’t really shaggy dogs head

  58. Elena Jablonski

    Anyone else thought “Faolen!?” (Wolves of the Beyond book series)

  59. Jesus !

  60. The Grim Brotherhood

    Those who are saying all wolves are just heartless beasts have clearly on
    seen RABID wolves and otherwise on the media. They are actually beautiful
    and interesting creatures.

  61. For those who are wondering: The reason dogs exist is because we took
    wolves like this (nice without too much aggression) and bred them with
    other wolves, like this one, for generations until evolution took the
    aggression out of the breed. Hence, this wolf looks and sounds just like a
    Alas, be kind to all animals because they are all the same amount of alive.

  62. I like how this got over 1000k in one day

  63. Damn, i could never do this. Im too scared of having my face ripped off.

  64. U HAVE A PET WOKF?! Ur lucky my favorite animal is a wolf!!!
    (First vid I’ve seen from u)

  65. White people do this shit but lock their car doors when a black guy walks

  66. watching this after a horror film

  67. Baltoooooooo!!!!!!!

  68. my dog does that

  69. you’re a great person

  70. Thousands of years ago, a very similar scratch hungry wolf led to the start
    of the process of domestication of wolves and their change into dogs.

  71. TheDestroyerStar

    This is the first time I ever saw a wolf acting and behaving just like a
    regular dog. But since dogs are descendants of the wolf it’s not
    surprising. She is so much like a German Shepard! She very content though,
    in this video.

  72. where can i get a pet wolf that wont claw my throat off lol

  73. lol if you stop rubbing her she will eat you

  74. Dwalisumuzi Zinhle Dewa

    You’re not fooling anyone! We all know this is a dog, fam. Good try though

  75. That wolf is adorable.

  76. and this is why I’m still #teamjacob till I die

  77. Cool German shepherd

  78. aweee :3

  79. Breanna Moreland


  80. 3Style Football


  81. Haha this is hilarious

  82. Haha this is hilarious

  83. Kostadena Hartley


  84. I really like wolf. Because they are my favorite animal on earth. Go wolf.

  85. I had a pet wolf 60% Wolf 40% Husky he was awesome for the however many
    years we had him they are awesome very gentle

  86. Virginia Hoffman

    Thank you for sharing the story of thie wonderful creature.

  87. ThatSpookyManTV

    It’s these type of videos that really make my day happy!

  88. Cute video but still wolves can be very dangerous a Swedish zookeeper was
    killed by pack of wolves that she had taken care of since they where pups

  89. WAaaaaa My dog….died……….

  90. The magic toaster gamer

    Nature bitch

  91. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

  92. All of this video is a girl rubbing a wolf in a stomach

    I love it

  93. soooo cute

  94. Tito Vithoulkas

    I wish I had a friendly wolf like that

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