A very persistent brat

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  1. It’s okay, you can be on trending.

  2. Definition of insanity

  3. That’s right, pick it up for me. Haha stupid humans

  4. At least youtube picked a decent video to be trending for once

  5. Cat WON!😏😁

  6. (Bottle hits table)
    Cat: nnNO, my table (smacks)

  7. This cat was just like fuck outta here with that shit 😂

  8. The cat thinks y’all playing fetch. He throws the bottle and you fetch it back

  9. “2.7k views on trending let’s put it on” this make sense signed YouTube

  10. Humans play fetch with dog. And cats play it with Humans. #ThugLife

  11. I don’t care. Cats are mean and adorable at the same time <3 LOL

  12. 0:31 “Enemy UAV is airborne!”

  13. Anyone else here MWR in the background 😂😂😂 “ENEMY UAV is airborn” “OUR UAV IS ONLINE”

  14. Yes !! I love cat videos !

  15. Panicatthediscofan45

    my cat does this with glass mugs😂

  16. It’s a game.

  17. How dare you record this vertically

  18. I cannot wait until this goes viral and becomes a meme.

  19. That fun video. Cool cat.

  20. fuck you all and that cat of yours! you morons deserve capital punishment for posting a cat video! fuckin idiots!

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