Abandoned dog gets nervous when the police shows up at the scene.

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Please donate $5 today and help send us to the next rescue mission: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To adopt Pepe, please contact our friends at: http://www.hoperanchanimalsanctuary.org


  1. I’m so happy Markiplier was able to bring so many new people to this
    channel, so many people who can donate and help this absolutely amazing

  2. Q-Who would dislike this ? A-Some animal haters that prob abuse their pets
    (if they have pets)

  3. I wish I could slap the people that abandon their animals ???

  4. Wow, you went to Compton, at 10 pm for a dog. Really shows how much you
    care and love major respect <3

  5. awwwwww i hope 4.21 makes someone adopt him. i adopted one crippled cat,
    one blinded cat and last 3 cats from my neighbor lady who pass away. it is
    not only make us feel great for helping those poor pets but it improves
    their lives. spread the love. i love your work edgar

  6. The 16 people who disliked thought it was an upside down thumbs up

  7. Why didn’t you shave his legs?

  8. i can’t believe y’all named him after a meme

  9. rare pepe meme

  10. 4:20. Omg, his head on her arm… Dogs are everything

  11. how can thwy afford to.leave their pets? its insane? poor baby. omg! its
    just pisses me off.

  12. This is the best channel ever!

  13. Jorich Andrea Cristobal

    how to adopt pepe?

  14. The dog looks a lot like the dog I have now!

  15. I want to adopt all of the homeless dogs :(, why would people abandon

  16. Someone tell the idiot with the camera that his light blinds the dog, and
    that is one of the main reasons the dog is so scarred. Dogs make visual
    judgements about people that are far more complex than, does it smell
    familiar. They look at your face and carefully monitor your body language
    to try and read your emotional state. They are assessing your emotional
    state many times a second through subtle movements in your face muscles and

    When you blind the dog with a light like that, you force them to behave
    defensively. They can no longer assess whether you are dangerous so the
    only option they have is to fear you. They cannot reason like we do, that
    because you haven’t attacked, you probably won’t.

  17. You people are so good……well done (again)

  18. Cop shows up and shoots dog says ” I felt my life was in danger”

  19. 4:05 Now that’s the look of satisfaction.

  20. Miltiadis Anastasiadis

    you gays are the best

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