Abandoned Puppy Beats All the Odds to Survive | The Dodo

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Abandoned Puppy Beats All the Odds to Survive | This amazing puppy is such a fighter — even though life has thrown her SO many challenges 💪🏼

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  1. She makes me smile! Just too adorable! I love you Dory! Great job baby girl! 😍

  2. What an amazing and determined dog Dory is.

  3. This lovely little girl will give anyone hope, to live for a better than the last.

  4. Global Vikingstorm

    Brave little girl, again some wet eyes 😢 God bless her mum !

  5. How old is she?and what kind of dog of her

  6. Mr. Grumpy's Biggles

    Hi Dory!  My other four legged brother and sisters love your story!  I showed them the video and read the captions for them!  (My human wasn’t awake yet so I got on the computer to check out the Dodo!)

  7. Wow,it like nothing can stop her from going around…

  8. Thumbs up for this fighter pup! And to see more – check her out on Instagram: http://thedo.do/dorymae, and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DoryTheSwimmerPuppy/

  9. I’m audio happy for him. He shows That positivity always helps you no matter what, live your life happily. It’s very inspiring. <33 he's also super cute!

  10. Dory’s mommy is a real life super hero. I love them both!

  11. “dont look at me like that ile remember you”

  12. Mufazzal Mansoor Ali

    Oh my god so much fuss about a stupid dog , just leave it and let it die.

  13. IFalcoPunchBabies

    Sounds like a lot of money to me…

  14. The Dodo YOU FINALLY MADE IT TO TRENDING PAGE!!!! Congratulations 🍾🎉🎊

  15. OoElectric4EveroO

    How could anybody dislike this? Some of you “people” are just sick in the head honestly…

  16. All that money wasted on a dog. Could have done something better like help a fellow human or start something bigger but not, they squandered that on a stupid animal

  17. “Just kept swimming just kept swimming” – From Dory the fish

  18. I cri this dory pup story is just …I’m like o3e

  19. Disabled animals are worthless and are inferior to the rest of the normal population of animals. I hope this thing is fixed because it’s just gonna go around polluting the gene pool if it’s not stopped.

  20. My heart…, But she’s an inspiration that anything is possible.

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