Adorable, asthmatic otter learns to use inhaler

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“Mishka” the sea otter knows nothing about wildfires, but the 1-year-old did learn what it’s like to have trouble breathing when smoke got thick and hovered over Seattle skies.

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  1. I want one!!!!

  2. God Bless the kind humans who care for such a precious creature. :)

  3. SO MANY GREAT ANIMALS INTHE WORLD Otters being lile little clowns thanks
    for caring fir Misha

  4. and Darwin frowns.

  5. As far as I know Mishka is a male name. Good girl Mishka sounds weird.

  6. I would like to swimming in that pool with Mishka =^.^=

  7. Why do these type of videos try to show you a whole bunch of extra sh*t and
    educational things.We only went to this video to see the otter using the

  8. mmmm burgers ^ . ^

  9. That otter can afford an inhaler. I can’t.

  10. That reminds me….I otter quit smoking.

  11. You haven’t truely lived until you watch “untouched” by the veronicas!!!!!

  12. they spend money on an otters health but not on a humans health wat kind of
    shhhh***ttt is that

  13. There’s definitely pollution in our air if an otter gets asthma,

  14. تت

  15. sorry but what a fkin joke

  16. Jesus Christ man! That thumbnail looked like a kid is burned to death or

  17. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Obamacare has gone too far now!

  18. adorable

  19. Health of humans and animals is interconnected… you don’t say professor,
    took science long enough to figure this one out, “barbarians” knew this for
    centuries without the need to invest in multimillion dollar labs and
    experiemnts, still no-one believed them and to this day.

  20. The cute is off the charts on this one.

    Makes it all the more shocking to learn that the native sea otter
    population went extinct in Washington state 40 years ago. :(

  21. … and healthy ones get shot by fisher man for stilling food! LOL!

  22. then the smoke got me! i was like ahh aint nobody got time fo dat

  23. Anthropomorphic

  24. that little thing is adorable

  25. It’s sad but it’s not really news

  26. Thanks

  27. A guy who likes to criticise other people's video because he has nothing better to do

    I thought it said autistic 

  28. Distracted Observer

    That Otter gets better health care than our Veterans…

  29. putting aside how cute it is ,is such a bad news hope is the only case

  30. OMG ppl getting killed every day and no ones care about them and meashka
    feel sick so they have to give her Madison so she can feel good

  31. Huh? Otters like us humans can also get Asthma!? I never knew that I always
    thought that only humans can get Asthma. You learn something new everyday.

  32. If this otter had diabetes instead of asthma its name would be Wilford

  33. This is news worth watching. This is progress. Hope the population of
    otters in Washington continue thriving. Smart beautiful animals this is
    news! Not Kardashian lip fillers or Ariana licking donuts while hating

  34. “Cool inhaler, Sea Otter. Want to bring it to the White House? We should
    inspire more otters like you to like science. It’s what makes ‘Murica

  35. Hey, guys, come on my channel, listen to my tracks ;)

  36. asthma is a result of vaccinations, they mess with your immune system.
    entire countries go without vaccinating and have no autism, asthma, adhd,
    the list goes on. treating an otters asthma is a waste of resources. even
    if it is really cute. do they plan on treating this otter for the rest of
    it’s life? no cure for asthma.

  37. Woah

  38. For one, how do you teach an exotic animal to put his nose in a bottle and
    breath. Second, how can you trust someone from a different species not to
    put poison or weed vapors in the bottle. Food is a wonderful motivator.

  39. poor baby

  40. aaawww…. what a cute little fella… good girl mishka.. hope you’ll be
    fine soon…

  41. Her cuteness …took my breath away.

  42. Why is this news

  43. Survival of the fittest says you guys should let it die off so it wont
    reproduce with its recessive genes

  44. Daisy Garcia (Tsundere Zambs)

    I don’t really think “Mishka” is a good name for an Otter. Mishka means
    bear in Russian, and pretty she isn’t a bear.
    Or is she? :0

  45. Meeka Tomey-Alleyne

    Well duh theres a problem, its called humans!! If we didn’t dump god knows
    what into our oceans, whilst taking all the fish and killing them, and
    didn’t dump millions, and billions of Co2 into the atmosphere through
    animal agriculture, transport and our toxic society the poor otter wouldn’t
    need a fu**ing inhaler, and neither would we!! #WatchCowspiracy

  46. Mishka or Мишка is little bear/teddy in Russian.

  47. thumbnail look like some kind of human/animal hybrid or a demon

  48. Water and air pollution

  49. Is she on ssi?

  50. MISHKA – it’s a male name!! Not female ! You are stupid)))))))))))))))))))

  51. 0:53 seconds into this segment video and Dr. Rabanowitz makes a statement
    that mirrors what ancient people knew and lived by since the beginning of
    this recorded history as it was passed on to us from those of previous
    recorded history.
    That everything exist within the confines of natural ecosystematic
    He did not word it as concise and elegant as myself.
    But thats because it would take him another lifetime to catch up to my
    Without going to deep into this subject of rediscovering knowledge and
    acting like it is something new as he does here and many others with a
    title as part of their name do.
    I will simply say that for all of their supposed education and study, they
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    We. The People. Those of us that allow TRUTH to be our foundation for
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    attained any sort of degree can even imagine.
    Therefore what we say to them is simply beyond their imagination.
    The beauty of that statement is that our words will always ring true.
    Listen to them as they expound.
    Then go to verify what the state.
    You will find that it has been being said for as long as the ability to
    communicate has existed.
    The only logical conclusion for them revealing it in this fashion falls
    under the umbrella of conspiracy.
    If you seek the truth. You will find that all NEW Scientific data has been
    available all along under the categories of MYTH, FABLE, TALE, STORY,
    FOLKLORE, and many many others in those categories and subjects.
    All having stated and said what is being told now as a NEW DISCOVERY.
    ~Knowledge is power. Knowing is half the battle~

  52. “The first case they’ve ever seen amongst sea otters.” Hmmm, sounds
    convenient, sounds like bullshit, lol.

  53. This happened after the smoke from fires around Portland drifted up our
    Interstate 5 Freeway and surrounded the Tacoma and Seattle area with thick
    smoke. The Eastern Washington smoke was not as bad, this was the worst we
    had it from the fires around Portland.

  54. Wow I didn’t even know it could happen to animals too
    No worries having asthma is not bad I have asthma and the fact that I have
    something in common with this animal is really great ?

  55. Save an otter,plant some marijuana today.

  56. Aww, Poor thing

  57. Is that Jenna Marbles narrating? O.o

  58. Owwwww this is such a cute otter and a touching story

  59. Awwwww

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