Adorable Raccoon Babies Make Human Friend | National Geographic

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Watch three adorable and playful baby raccoons befriend a man on a fishing trip.

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Three baby raccoons befriend a fisherman at a creek in Wooster, Ohio. The extremely playful critters crawled on top of the man and followed him around. Encounters between wild raccoons and humans are common throughout the United States, but what makes this scene heartbreaking is the possibility that baby raccoons are orphans. A second fisherman who came upon the scene not only fed the raccoons a dead fish, but built them a shelter near where they were found.

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  1. Abimbola and Jose

    Beautiful creatures

  2. The fact that they’ve lost their mother saddens me

  3. Truly beautiful. Praise the Lord for such amazing creatures. Amen

  4. Trash pandas are underrated

  5. Tanuki 🙂

  6. Humans: try to blow each other up to prove personal points or dominate the world.
    Animals: Try to survive, care for one another and only care about day to day.

    Granted this is just the majority and does not represent everyone but: Why are we the dominant species again?

  7. I’m sad because the racoons don’t have a mother but oh my god they are soooooooooooooooooooo cute:)

  8. What the fuck has NG turned into? A fucking tingleing unscientific childrens show?

  9. Sly Cooper 5, CONFIRMED!

  10. Jake Spidermonkey

    Step 1: learn tactical interactions with humanoids.

    Step 2: world domination.

    You can hear the evil laugh towards the end

  11. It’s possible the mans beard gave him a furry appearance, like a raccoon. I’m no expert but that sounds retarded as hell.

  12. Heather Laurenvil

    My grandmother had a pet racoon from when it was found abandoned as a baby all the way up until it died of old age. Never had a problem with it. It absolutely loved her.

  13. Don’t keep them as pets because they are “difficult to train and will cause damage to your property.” so basically like human children? 😂

  14. 1:21 Rocket and Groot

  15. Gods creation 💙💙

  16. They may be cute now but these things are little demons when they grow up

  17. I feel that last part was for white people

  18. Just don’t let them know where you live. They will get into everything.

  19. *baby racoon* “knock knock” who’s there? “I gave rabies to” I gave rabies to who? “To you”

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