All Our Otters Want for Christmas are…Ice Treats!

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Mine! Watch our otters go crazy for holiday ice treats. It probably doesn’t hurt that the “frosting” is minced clams!


  1. This video is wonderful! It’s the best place on the West Coast! ???

  2. Great Christmas video or greatest Christmas video ever??

  3. Unbelievably So Darn Cute! Merry Christmas My Google Plus Family! Hope Each
    and Everone Will Have A Blessed, Fun, and Safe And Love & Peace. God Bless
    All Of You, and Thank You For Your Friendship. It made a difference in My
    Life. Traveling Very Far Away… My Best Wishe’s. Love, Deena Guevara, Your
    Friend, Your Fan. Family. Take Care…

  4. Fantastic to see how each responds so differently. 🙂 What a great
    enrichment idea & tool for raising awareness – kudos to your creative

  5. They have a boss mustache

  6. If you want to see otters go visit them in the wild!!!!

  7. Are they fish flavored popsicles?

  8. Awwww!

  9. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    Even the Jewish otter couldn’t complain.

  10. And we can’t even take care of humans, and we’re treating animals like
    kings. It’s like feeding the lion and still being killed. No benefit, help
    a human not an animal.

  11. They look fat.

  12. Awwwwwww

  13. 춥겟다 저거

  14. These are cute, where do they serve them to eat?

  15. What temperature is the otters’ water kept at? It must be cold, otherwise
    the ice would be uncomfortable for them?

  16. It’s a tub toy and dinner. Fantastic!!

  17. This is Otter-ly cute!

  18. Are they not called otter pops for a reason?

  19. Haha i live across the street from here

  20. My mouth is watering ! 

  21. happy otters are happy.

  22. This is adorable.

  23. Thank you so much for your videos!keep up the great work

  24. This is (and I’m not
    Kidding) the best thing I have ever watched!

  25. Aren’t they cold?!

  26. Scroll down and witness human stupidity come alive.

  27. Look at all the goodies they get yum 🙂 they look happy !!

  28. I clicked on this because the thumbnail looked like a turd

  29. Omg it’s soooo cute! >3<

  30. Anyone else think of “Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas?”

  31. I’ve watched this over and over totally in love with it 

  32. Keep your stupid rude comments to yourself

  33. Isn’t that chemical frozen food stuff bad for the Otters?
    Cuz I know some most animals get sick from sutch foods like sweets and
    stuff,and dogs go blind from it lol just saying…

  34. i wanna squeeze em and hug em and love em and make em mine i love otters
    soooo much

  35. FedorMachida Last

    pretty cool

  36. Everybody loves a holiday. No matter who you are.

  37. ooooo <3 <3 <3 <3 :)

  38. 这是甜的冰吗

  39. I hope they also took lots if pictures to put on holiday cards!

  40. Matt Nifferson Madanguit

    Aha! So it is them that reduces the size of the icebergs! It’s not global
    warming! The government has lied! 

  41. Happy Holidays to the otters

  42. love !!!!!

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