Alligator Walks Across Golf Course With Fish

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Norma Respess via Storyful


  1. That gator was struttin’, not walkin’. He’s like “Look what I got! I’ll be back to take a chunk outta y’all’s ass after I’m done wit dis here bass!”

  2. Why is this under news and politics

  3. Only in Florida…

  4. I can’t catch a fish with a 20k boat and my 2k fish finder I need to sell that shit and buy myself a gator

  5. *Generic angry comment about how it’s 2017 and the video should have been filmed horizontally*

  6. “what a shot” *shoots vertically*

  7. “Hey Bill could you get my ball? It fell into the pond.”

  8. Wtf why didn’t anybody help the fish? Everybody just pulls their phone out and starts recording.. SMH

  9. If you ever want to see a Gator just go to a golf course in Florida.

  10. the comentary tho

  11. Cool dog

  12. that redneck accent tho

  13. 2017 and people still record vertically ):

  14. “Look at that fish”
    “Glad you got that fish”
    great commentary 1/8

  15. it’s fake. you can see the zipper

  16. well butter me up and call me a biscuit
    *say this in a southern voice*

  17. he’s returning the fish to the water wot a good gator

  18. He looks so proud of himself

  19. “Amazing, spectacular, incredible, breathtaking, beautiful, wow”
    Critics say alligator with fish 10/10!

  20. Everyone reply to this comment, write some random shit. I will put all the replies together and turn them into a song. The song will be uploaded to my channel in 48 hours.

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