AMAZING Wallaby joey birth and growing inside mother’s pouch

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Watch Rocky, the Swamp Wallaby Joey, grow up from the time of birth.

See the amazing first moments of the birth and throughout development in his mother’s pouch through to now.

Wallaby’s, like a kangaroo birth, are born the size of jelly bean and make their way to their mother’s pouch where they continue the rest of their development.

At around 7 months of age they finally start to emerge from the pouch and explore the world for the first time.

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  1. Melanie casado perceval

    Bonsoir c’est trop mignon la naissance d’un petit kangourou .


    Bonne soirée à vous et des gros bisous à tous 👍💖😘💞

  2. AAAAAAW, I’ve never seen anything more adorable in my life 😍😍😍💕

  3. Natura non confundenda est.

  4. Next video koala please

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