Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

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There can be no better or worse sight than your own reflection, but these vain animals seemed very keen to admire themselves.

Innovative French photographer Xavier Hubert-Brierre travelled to Gabon with his wife and set up a mirror in several locations in order to capture animals walking by.

The results are stunning, with one of the more amusing reactions being from two leopards.

One of them takes several looks at the mirror before it is attacked by a second leopard, who calls off the ambush when he too spots Xavier’s mirror.


  1. the gorilla like get out my damm turf

  2. the gorilla like get out my damm turf

  3. your typical halo fan

    1:28 if you don’t see whats going here, look at the mirror :P

  4. the roar sound of the jaguar is amazing

  5. Koba no understand
    KOBA NO LIKE!!! No new apes!!

  6. ColossalDiamond Gaming


  7. Elephant was not impressed. I’ve read, they have a very strong “myself”
    feeling. I mean, they know, that there is not another elephant in the

  8. 01:24 dont mind me just rubbing my armpit

  9. That just shows us that animals are all stupid as a potatoe and theres a
    reason for the human to eat them.

  10. I’m surprised at how stupid the silverback is, but you van tell the chimps
    understand the mirror

  11. XD hilarious

  12. Ape gunna take no crap

  13. @1:04 Dumbest of all animals.


  15. when thay did that to the gorilla it looks like that hurt

  16. hmm who do you think could win a fight, a silverback gorilla or a grizzly

  17. what i like is when the figure it out, they start hamming like we do. we’re
    not so different.

  18. Beautiful leopards!

  19. The animal at 1:10 is hilarious. LOL

  20. It’s funny how animals can show emotion but have no self awareness.

  21. Damn that gorilla got a nice ass

  22. Lel those animals can’t leave themselves alone while they look at the
    mirror lel.

  23. 0:31 hahahahahahahaha

  24. Try putting a mirror in a bearded dragons’ cage.

  25. the gorilla was just like “Square up nigga!”

  26. OMG niki monkminaj 1:30

  27. tht gorrila is pissed off of tht mirror

  28. Jesús Padrón Abreu


  29. 1.09 what is that animal and what is it doing

  30. chimps are so smart!

  31. Coolest

  32. pro blagues (dixzzer)

    1:36 best ninja

  33. Jack's Life Vlog,Gaming,other's

    I like how the little monkeys dance

  34. That is what u call a hit and run

  35. Couldn’t he just get a cloth to clean the mirror instead of his hand? -.-

  36. The muscles on that chimpanzee! I thought it was a gorilla!

  37. 0:25 and the great ape is like WUSSUP BITCH!!!

  38. 1:40 look at the botom

  39. 1:47 Tarzan touching Jane be like. You’ll be in my heart

  40. only 1 bird hit that thing? c’mon

  41. The gorillas were like “the fack are you looking at , BITECH.”

  42. Dang gorillas aren’t as sweet as expected.

  43. Is it me or are the chimps more aware that it’s a mirror than any other
    animal there.

  44. HA! animals are stoopid

  45. Stupid human, Cant Wash himself, fool.

  46. gorilla scared me

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  49. 1:01
    best reaction :’D

  50. The gorilla tho

  51. monkeys: dafuq

  52. I love the sound in 0:38

  53. The baboon was scared as asf????

  54. The chimpanzees were smart they knew it was a mirror.


  56. Oh my god, that one shot of the apes all lined up with their hands over
    their heads, like they’re suffering a mass existential crisis. “What does
    this *mean?* We’ve *got* to figure this out.”

  57. amazing/fascinating reactions.not hilarious reactions.

  58. Gorilla is so aggressive

  59. The monkeys are so cool looking at themselves in the mirror but the gorilla

  60. Minecraft | Misu Pastel Cookies

    0:45 That gorilla is like “Im Outta Here” Rofl – Poor Monkey Got Terrified
    and started holding its arm xD

  61. Soooooo funny

  62. animals are dumb

  63. haven’t human trolled animals enough yet lol?

  64. That gorilla wasn’t taking any of that shit

  65. The chimps seemed to figure it out pretty quickly. I find it funny that the
    male silverbacks are too busy posturing to know any better.

  66. This reminds me of 2001: Space Odessey but it’s a mirror instead of the

  67. the elephant didn’t even care

  68. 0:45 Beautiful Donkey Kong combo down B into forward smash

  69. DiamondTurtleGamer

    0:18 That cat is in love with himself… her… IDK

  70. Synchronize Miwako

    0:23 You can say he wanted a BIG hug!!

  71. Wow what’s up with the gorilla? I read that they were piece full creatures

  72. haha these dumbass animals have a ways to go before they catch up to Us

  73. fuckinh monkeys =))

  74. The chimps looked so sad after the mirror was taken away :(

  75. Damn, the jungle sure is one scary place. Like half of all those animals
    could easily kill me. And it would be a painful death for sure.

  76. at the end they took it away and the chimp was looking for it.

  77. That gorilla reminds me of Kerchak from Tarzan.

  78. 0:31 “holy shit what is that ugly thing!!!”

  79. The chimps actually figure it out.

  80. Are the Fine Brothers gunna take this reaction video down ?

  81. Is it me or do the apes think this is sorcery.

  82. how girls act when they look at their self in the mirror in the morning

  83. Find the difference

  84. all muslims are terrorists

  85. 0:29 is me in the morning

  86. Wow .. That forest just have so many Wild animals …

  87. Pretty amazing just to watch the difference between even the chimps and
    gorillas. The chimps just know it’s them, and the gorillas don’t get it.
    Elephant was probably the most impressive

  88. 1:04 That is very strange how that animal reacts

  89. Animals And Funny Videos

    oh my god, Hilarious Reactions

  90. 33 million God damn views!

  91. Silverback is such a badass.

  92. 0:49 oh you know what that means

  93. 0:45 Tag your it! Runs of

  94. Its kinda cruel but hilarious lol

  95. This is so cuteeeeeee

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