Aping Around: Hat Wearing Primate Bumps Around The House

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A playful gibbon creates a makeshift blindfold from a beanie hat before tearing around a living room in a touchingly childlike game. The gibbon, called Aperil, lives with Dana Savorelli, at Monkey Island Rescue in Greenwood, Missouri. Aperil has developed her own game by placing the hat over her hat and running through the house, often bumping into objects along the way.

Videographer / Director: Dana Savorelli
Producer: Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. the ape is just practising his photographic memory

  2. check me out vlogger from hawaii

  3. This is SO funny!! 

  4. What is really fascinating about this video they didn’t talk about is the
    fact that the ape seems to be navigating through the house without her
    sight. She can’t see but you can tell she is still finding her way even
    though her face is covered. It is as if she is using a honing a different
    sense to do it. Like we do…

  5. Александр Мачтин

    need more repeats, 150 hours minimum 

  6. Those monkeys are cute and all, but I’ll bet that house smells like s**t.

  7. Its kinda creepy how long their arms are but they’re still adorable.

  8. WTF? A lion’s head on the wall? NOT COOL! 

  9. lovely

  10. qmono mas playo

  11. So this is where evolution started for black people wearing ski-masks and
    robbing liquor stores? Interesting. (Yes I know I am going to hell for that

  12. It needs the boing sound effect for the masses to laugh again, the third
    time around it loops. You ppl are the real apes.

  13. Katherine Andrades-Pujol


  14. Haha I need to try that

  15. 20,000 Subs With No Videos ?!

    Help me with my social experiment ???

  16. I wonder how much the job pays wiping monkey buts. 

  17. Yea that’s what they want you to think. That gibbon is just practicing to
    rob banks. 

  18. Typical black thug with a balaclava,or an ISIS member

  19. please insert more filler….

  20. Ferguson looks much calmer in this particular scene. 

  21. 0:17 that thot walk though 

  22. Great videos, but ive noticed you guys tend to repeat the same video and
    audio more than once. A waste of the editors time and the viewers.if i
    wanna watch something again ill rewind.

  23. It could be that “Ape-pril” maybe trying to experience what would happen if
    she were unable to see and still had to make her way around the house or
    perimeter. This ape maybe more intelligent than those carrying for her and
    the narrator. 

  24. cual es lo chistoso?


  26. These gibbons are so cute. I nearly died.

  27. The hat walk is a lumosity game game for memory. Look around, put a hat
    over your head, walk around obstacles by memory. Here you can see the
    orangoutang showing improvement as the video goes on. My point: still funny
    to watch.

  28. They’re like republicans 

  29. Soooo cute 

  30. When that ape with the hat on its face ran around it looked like a baby in
    a monkey suit with really long arms.. CREEPY

  31. 0:47 she hits them!!!!!;( monkey abuse!

  32. So cute.

  33. Yes? Yes. Yes!

  34. 🙂 

  35. Look at the vid

  36. ahhh so cute.

    They can rip your face off with their bare hands >:(

  37. Oh crap i thought this was a protest in Ferguson

  38. Christians worst nightmare….

    A primate walking and running on two feet.

    Did any other Christians notice him walking upright?


  39. “You little thief gimme back my hat!!!” -Ash Gen 1 1998

  40. I love gibbons. They’re so acrobatic and graceful when they’re swinging

  41. Too funny! I remember putting sweatshirts and stuff over my head as a kid
    and wandering around like that too. Yep, good times.

  42. Nice hat

  43. Weirdly creepy!

  44. She discovered invisibility.. :))

  45. LOLZ so funny:3

  46. Star Wars Rebels #1 fan

    Lol so funny

  47. for blooming apes, they are very acrobatic as hell! they are amazing

  48. It’s almost like she’s trying to navigate the house by using what she can
    remember before putting on the hat. She’s not just blindly running into
    things but feeling her way around. Some of her jumps were too accurate to
    have just been chance. 

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