Asalei Beagles afternoon exercise

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After a day of heat and humidity, it had cooled down enough to pull the dogs off the lounge and out of the aircon, and give them some fun!

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  1. I don’t think you have enough beagles

  2. Vitor Viegas (VIEGASPT)

    “there’s so much room for activities”

  3. put two go pro on the car. one facing the front and one the back

  4. puppy racers

  5. Now they can go and sleep — for a week. I hope you don’t run that old guy
    too long.

  6. Nice piece of land you got there. You must never get bored with so many dog
    companions around everyday.

  7. This is amazing! next time put a GoPro camera on the car and face it

  8. Put a GoPro facing backwards on the RC.

  9. Proven: dogs are dumb fucks, i like dogs.

  10. Great fuckin fence job. Damn I want a backyard like that.

  11. Knowing my luck I’d roll the car down the end of the yard and have to walk
    all the way to right it.

  12. one of them has a really yelpy bark and it makes me think hes in pain when
    hes just having the time of his life. Still happy dogs makes me happy

  13. AusCam - Australian Dashcam and CCTV Footage

    This is the amazing, dogs are the best

  14. I would love to live next door to these noisy C***s!

  15. I identify with the puppy at 0:10

  16. At 0:17 and 2:00 there is one of them not chasing the car. Is he or she ok?

  17. This is funny ?

  18. hope ur considerate to ur neighbors. they are cute but really loud.

  19. I love this idea!

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