Asian Small-Clawed Otters Celebrate Enrichment at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo

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Move over, Mozart! Asian small-clawed otter paws fly across the keyboard as part of their #ZooEnrichment. The otters are given the choice to play the keyboard or just sit back and enjoy the show—engaging their sight, touch, and hearing senses.

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  1. Bojan “Chavez” Aleksić


  2. Jorge Luis Pizarro Ferreyra

    Better than David Guetta!

  3. Dante55 Channel

    Still better than Skrillex

  4. Now thats what I call

    *puts on sunglasses*

    Otter tune …. YEAAAAAAAAAAAH ! 

  5. Vladimir Kazantsev

    like Beethoven

  6. this makes me sad 🙁 why cant the otters live in freedom ..

  7. Still better than most of today’s Top 40 Hits… 😀 

  8. That’s not cool. They played a sad song because they don’t want to be

  9. Even Asian animals are good at piano.

  10. I can sense a Dubstep remix…

  11. //dead

  12. This is so sad, they are prisoners, you see how the otters have to squash
    their faces against the cage to play the keyboard.

  13. 0:17 – 0:23 SOLO! :DD

  14. poor thing


  16. SkywardProjectMusic

    Stevie Otter 😀 

  17. That’s pure talent.

  18. Come to Brazil. 

  19. The one in the middle is really trying it out – different keys and then
    moves up the keyboard and plays there – more amazing animals! :}

  20. Simonarne Myklebust

    I prefer this over justin bieber by a mile stone

  21. :0 :D

  22. When is the cd coming out

  23. Still better music than dubstep

  24. They sound like squeaky toys! :D

  25. Kimiko “Demon dog” Hanyou

    LOL cute but the otters are in such a small confinement that donut look

  26. TheIncredibleMasterE


    What model is that Casio?

  27. TheIncredibleMasterE


    What model is that Casio?

  28. The degree of technical mastery is undeniable. But like so many products
    of the conservatory system, higher order musicianship is lacking — the
    interpretation is rote and the emotional content varies only along the
    axis between the immature and antiseptic.

    Yet, there is real talent here, and perhaps with time we’ll see the
    emergence of a real artist.


    These guys are on their way to becoming famous composers, I tell you.

  30. the intensity of the cuteness is overwhelming

  31. x x (RussianTurtle)

    Aww cute 

  32. Loukas Toumpakis

    hey, anyone have tabs for this?

  33. That one dude in the middle is like Rick Freakin’ Wakeman right there….

  34. Otters make music like they make love: aggressively and with many partners.

  35. Nice. Reminds me of Milton Babbit.

  36. Benedict… is that you?!

  37. amazing

  38. リンコンジョセフ

    this is cruel man

  39. um yes

  40. Jennifer Kasabian

    Still better than Artpop.

  41. Can we please have a longer version of this uploaded.

  42. Do you think they could play The Phantom of The Ottera?

  43. I thought those were cats at first foreal

  44. sick wobs m9

  45. The first 2 seconds were actually really good… a dubstep remix is in

    Daa da doo doo…. WUBWUBWUBWUB XD

  46. Keyboard cat has some competition..

  47. micsoda fantázia és virtuóz talentum!

  48. Those otters suck

  49. Terry Nutkins was an amazing pianist until an otter bit off his fingers. At
    least one British person will get that joke.

  50. Luis Felipe Navarro Pelayo

    Me gusta

  51. Aaron Sutherland


  52. They will be putting on the play. Phantom of the Otters: P

  53. I don’t know why I expected a real song to be played…

  54. Ray Schneida (Cirrus)


  55. What are they celebrating, being locked in a 2×8?

  56. yes the new adorable mozarts 

  57. Tim Burton signed these guys to score his next movie.

  58. They’re better than me.

  59. They actually play better than the last two keyboard players in my band. In
    fact, they otter win a Grammy.

  60. Phantom of the Ottera

  61. Maggie “Amelia” Holmes 03


  62. Better than Skrillex. 

  63. “Get me the fuck out of this cage in G Minor”

  64. im getting these guys to play at my funeral

  65. I think they’re playing (or perhaps COMPOSING!) “On Mount Golgotha”.

  66. I loved their early stuff but i think they lost their way on their 4th

  67. If someone wants to know what keyboard is this. It’s CASIO MT-210. I know
    because i own one.

  68. I wonder what they think. Otters are so smart. And cute!

  69. That is so great it is my new favorite song! It’s so cute! I haven’t been
    there in a long time so I MISS THEM!

  70. I’m just here waiting for the drop…

  71. Светлана Новикова

    Сидят бедняги в клетке на шубку, тянут лапки, потому что кушать хотят,
    ничего в этом забавного (

  72. James 'Le Dragon Lord' Lel

    Musical Genius 

  73. I wish this can be a bit longer, the one in the middle stay on when other
    lose interest, curious to see how long it will stay, a otter prodigy may

  74. AMAZING!!!

  75. Cute…. stop by my channel for a few laffs.. if u like subscribe :)

  76. Aww, this reminds me of my old ferret who liked to play beatmania. Wish I
    had taken some video of that…

  77. Hey! These Otters are as good as me on the Piano.

  78. I went to contemporary ballet once and this otter is legit a better pianist
    than the piece of pretentious shit playing for that poor troop.

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