Attempting to Feed a Three-Day Old Puppy with Cleft Palate

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Dr. Nichols, Dr. Baier and Dyani help an owner who’s brand new puppy has a cleft palate which is preventing her from latching on to her mother for milk.

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet


  1. I’m sorry to spoil it guys, but she dies.

  2. Wait, what’s a cleft palate?

  3. God Bless this sweet little puppy

  4. I will save this try to get a very very small straw

  5. Omg is that a baby rotti? ?❤️

  6. Dr. Jeff be like: my name is jeff

  7. Fira “The Sadist” Sunstar

    aww….I hope she gets better.

  8. thats a yorkie puppie

  9. The 2 dislikes? Wow, Haters On this videos are jerks, That poor puppy so
    tiny and has a cleft palate, like a friend I had… Like this Video if you
    felt bad.I cried :C

  10. i just to breed rottweilers puppies

  11. someone spoil what happens

  12. This is why you breed responsibly

  13. Kill it.

  14. o no pupy?

  15. Fernando Vazquez

    What the the heck where the rest of it make them longer come on

  16. sooooooo cute

  17. is that a rott

  18. Ma che teneri

  19. Patricia devorss

    Thank you for doing what you do

  20. So cute

  21. Beyond cute!

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