Baby argues with Dog

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Watch the follow-up video taken 3 months later!

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  1. How does this video only have this much comments? 

  2. Haha awww

  3. god knows what they are talking about,

  4. if it was a cat instead it would have 1mill more views

  5. That’s one ugly looking baby. Yuck 

  6. Dog sounds like that giant lizzard from Star Wars. The one that you can
    ridr like a horse. 

  7. I agree with dog. Baby just keeps repeating the same thing trying to prove
    his point. Dog wins!

  8. Half life 3 confirmed

  9. Aw….

  10. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) La Mona Lisa

    Baby: “OH NO, you didn’t!” 0:03

  11. According to Wilfred, dogs and babies can communicate with each other, and
    we all know Wilfred never lies, so it must be true…

  12. This is the best conversation I ever heard then FOXNews

  13. at 0:04 the babys like bish whet did you say to me?

  14. 0:06


  15. Lmao
    Dog: why can’t you just be quiet.
    Baby: ok
    Dog: ok
    Baby: aaaaAAaaaaaaaAAAAAAAH! Eeeeeh
    Dog: Geeeeeeeezus
    Baby: ok I’m done.
    .Aaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaand it goes On

  16. Dog tells baby to shut it up!

  17. Is there any way to hire this dog?

  18. It’s like the dog is mocking the baby

  19. Fuck the baby!!! Dogz rule!!!

  20. Idk who won?

  21. Why is that dogs face like Chewbacca?

  22. The baby probably wants the titty right next to his/her head.

  23. Lol. The face the baby made at the end looked like the dog said something
    son insulting

  24. I think they are having a arguement 9n wich is better a dog buiscut and a

  25. Their argument is about the contractors that were in the deathstar in
    return of the jedi.

  26. That rage face at the end hahahahaha XD

  27. Dog is like shut the fuck up I am trying to sleep !

  28. 唐坤(i'm from 中国)

    so cute

  29. MattVideoProductions

    Is that dog a shih tzu

  30. LockeyThirteenYuuYA

    *Dog argues with Baby.

  31. She said, what’s this world coming to, a baby can’t cry in peace anymore.

  32. At the end, it looks like the baby wants to deface the dog. 0:36 XD

  33. What’s the dog REASON(lol) ,The Baby Had Her REASON 🙂 that’s was
    Sooooooooo CUTE I LOVE IT.

  34. sammythebulldog 90


  35. It’s Stewie crying and Bryan is trying to cheer him up

  36. Sounds a lot like politics


  38. The baby looked extremely offended when the dog barked back. He actually
    paused to show his disgust. 

  39. 0.04-0.07 *baby comprehending if dog really just crossed that line*
    0.13-0.14 “..this motherfuc×er..”

  40. They aren’t talking or “arguing” the baby is upset and the dog is coping
    the baby 

  41. The PoossyDestroyer

    That dog is so fucking ugly

  42. yeah sure lets like the video simply because theres a baby in it, despite
    the fact that its a stupid video

  43. The first time, the baby is like “what the fuck did you say bitch”

  44. I hate when babies cry, it makes me wanna kick their head off, 

  45. That dog sure knows discipline.

  46. The dog wants her to stop the whining. Lol.

  47. Baby: crying
    Dog: (mocking)
    Baby: Who the hell is that behind me?
    Dog: I wish you shut the fuck up
    Baby: No you shut the fuck up
    Dog: I sick of you crying all day for nothing.
    Baby: hey I maybe a baby but I will still fuck you up!

  48. Who borrowed my little Shitshu Scotty for the YouTube model??? I don’t
    remember lending him out????? hahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha

  49. The real thing going on here is the dog is sick of that whiney baby. I am
    sure the baby is already spoiled and held too much and the parenting is a
    fail LOL… The Dog is just plain sick it.

  50. Crying contest
    Baby vs. Dog

  51. The baby is crying cuz she wants her Mom’s titty!!! She’s like,” give me
    dat titty!!!” 

  52. Dog cries with baby.

  53. Dont put the barbarian next to that dog thats dangerous it can hurt
    The dog

  54. Let me guess… a large chunk of those speaking up in the comments will fit
    in the following categories:
    – Morons who claim the dog is being abused/neglected/tortured
    – Morons who claim the baby is being abused/neglected/tortured/endangered
    by being too close to a dog
    – Morons who insult the baby and/or dog and/or furniture in the video
    – Morons who pontificate on the extent to which the baby and dog can
    communicate with one another, apropos of nothing
    – Awesome people who compare this babbling to modern political discourse.

    … Hey, looks like I’m right.

  55. The baby does have a point…

  56. Stewie and Bryan

  57. Lol hilarious 

  58. Ricky Alvarez (Pokemon Master Ricky)

    I don’t see any arguing, just a competition. 

  59. The dog was trying to comfort the (probably bored) baby. Something that the
    parents obviously do at other times.

  60. thats not arguing

  61. I think that dog is saying please check that babies diaper..there is an
    overwhelming smell of shit in here. Babies..they are so fucking annoying sleep and shit and only loved by the morons that made them..and no
    matter how dog fucking ugly they are..the mother’s all think that THERE
    baby is the most beautiful in the world. Of course if they realized the
    truth half of them would probably be thrown off high bridges in the middle
    of the night…go figure.

  62. Baby: I gotta poo soo bad!!!
    Dog: Well take it outside.
    Baby: I don’t wanta go out side
    Baby: There’s snow out there!
    Dog: You gotta poo outside; that’s the rule
    Baye: Screw that, I’m just gonns poo right here.
    Bod: Ok, but it’s the new paper for you pup

  63. that pup is saying ….”ahhh stop ur complaining”…lol cute 

  64. angusyoung2012isback

    This is the dogs way of saying “Ehhh, Shaddaaaap!”

  65. ugh, babies

  66. Виталий Паутов

    Да видели мы уже этих детей и собак.

  67. that dog looks like chubaca decedent 

  68. “You hear this? Yeah this is what you sound like, so shut the hell up.” –

  69. I can’t tell who won

  70. babies are so gross

  71. i wanted to say ” turn her sideways so we can watch her & interact with the
    dog……directorrrr !!!!”

  72. baby look more like it’s trying to poop

  73. i hate this dog .. 

  74. lmao that dog owned that baby

  75. What type of dog is it

  76. Stewie and Brian

  77. Geez babies are so ugly when they cry. Or is it just this one? Fuck having

  78. *CHUCK FUCKING NORRIS* is making you mad lol

    Clearly the dog is saying shut the fuck up child you’re ugly.

  79. why do people even have children? can anyone enlighten? aside from the
    ridiculous “it’s what people do” argument. 

  80. the baby is pooping

  81. Thus is funny

  82. Why is the baby to the right so hairy?

  83. Im 28 , and im about to attempt this type of communication with my dog..
    this baby is on to something.

  84. Stewie and Brian…

  85. Cats & Baby’s are funner than dogs. 

  86. The dog (Shitshu in the picture) looks kind of like my dog “Scotty”
    although, our dog is way more cuter!!! Anyway, if you like these, I’ll send
    them on to you if and when I get them again :)

  87. Stfu baby… let the dog speak.

  88. They dog was trying to give him a dose if his own medicine lol

  89. The baby is so confused lol

  90. I will pay you 10,000 USD for your dog.

  91. Funny Baby Videos

    How cute you are baby..! Amazing baby….

  92. Kala Dwarakanath

    That dog has some nerve, annoying the baby! But seriously mama, find out
    what’s making your baby upset. The poor baby.

  93. The dog is saying shut up…lol

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