Baby Bear Circus Act on Golf Course – At Fairmont Hot Springs Resort, BC

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You will never believe what this bear did to my buddies golf ball!


  1. Andi, did you film this? you talk like a dumb fuck

  2. Thats not a bear, its a guinea pig.

  3. The one time I want music added to a video. Jesus. 

  4. Awww let him have the ball. Such beautiful black bear

  5. i love you Rick! Awesome awesome comment! 

  6. Pole Dance!

  7. Welcher Idiot hat das auch gerade bei Galileo gesehen und direkt gesucht,
    einmal liken! ??





  9. Any of you that say grizzlies are more aggressive than black bears, and
    that black bears will not attack people unless threatened really need to
    stop talking out of the ‘lower hole’ . I have live with both . .all my
    life. Have photographed and observed them extensively and the truth is
    quite the opposite. Grizzlies diet consists of 90 % vegetation, and the
    rest is mostly scavenged hunters kills or road killed carcasses . .they
    don’t even prefer fresh meat and will bury or hide salvaged kills until
    they ‘ripen’ a bit similar to cougars. They also do not like humans at all
    and will go out of their way to avoid us. There are very few accounts of
    grizzlies attacking humans on record and the only ones involve stupid
    humans surprising them while out in their territory. Black bears on the
    other hand do like fresh meat and will aggressively hunt it .. including
    humans and there are hundreds of cases of that on record. These people .
    .standing sooo close to get a video of the little one, with it’s mother
    nearby grazing in the grass are totally stupid . .and very lucky she did
    not come after them . .in which case she would have been blamed, and likely
    shot . .because of man’s inherent and all to common ignorance 🙁 

  10. If a bear ever fucked with my golf ball, I would shoot his black ass.

  11. I was waiting for it to eat a baby. So dissapointed.

  12. Duuuude do you not see that big ass mama bear in the back I would running
    not filming…

  13. Where’s hickok45 when you need him

  14. Mommas gunna eat you

  15. Yea go closer to him pascal. Great idea . Fucking brilliant.

  16. Laughing Jack is real

  17. First time to watch a golf course more than 3 seconds …

  18. cameraman needs a breath right strip or blow his nose….sounds like Erkel.

  19. omg thats adorable 

  20. Ur the freaking circus here Hmm Hmm Hmm eeerrahhaaa…wtf kind of peter
    griffin grin do you own HAHAA

  21. Bears are like cats.

  22. Cute!!! Nice vid.

  23. I saw 4 bears total, but anyway…love God’s creatures and the amazing
    things they do. I wouldn’t want to get too close though! LOL

  24. Diz tew cute ☺️❤️

  25. Cute video, but as many others have mentioned, you guys were way too close,
    and if not you (maybe you were zoomed in), then the guy who walked into the
    frame near the end.

    Black bears can react a tonne of different ways when they encounter a
    human. In my experience, they’ve either run away or ignored me, though I
    know several people who have been bluff charged. My point is, they’re
    unpredictable, especially a mother with cubs. It’s always smarter to give
    them a wide berth and leave them be.

  26. LOL@all these city ppl afraid of black bears

  27. Didn’t realise how close they actually was until you saw that loco man get
    real close filming. Mumma could be lurking ready to pounce, F that.

  28. 麻烦youtube开发团队能开发一个把字母随意转换成其他语言的动能,英文看不懂呀,能把语言转换成文字就更nice了!

  29. @Mike Hunt, though agree with you that Andi is taking a chance of getting
    mauled by these bear cubs’ mom… But, why must you address him as stupid,
    simply because you’re behind a computer screen. Don’t you think if Andi had
    in fact known about the Calgary man that got mauled by a grizzle he would
    not keep his distance? It is people of “low intellect or class”, that
    express themselves in such manner without a second thought…

  30. He smells the bacon you ate with your hands for breakfast on the flag

  31. You are hilarious buddy

  32. Thai is the second greatest thing to happen in golf 

  33. OMG I was there 10 days after that happened!

  34. The people behind the camera, have got to be high. lol

  35. Of course the black bear stole the ball…

  36. 0:55 anyone else think he sounds like Joe from Family Guy there?

  37. That.. Is.. Just.. The cutest! Lol


  39. Those pole dancer moves!

  40. the cub is practicing for the future


  42. so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  43. The guy in the orange shirt is an idiot 

  44. So… Stupid question, but is that last name Latvian?

  45. Only rich bears play golf.

  46. So now I have to take up golf to able to “play” with bears….works for
    me!. What a great opportunity! Did he ever put the ball in the hole?
    Thank you for sharing this video…

  47. Siegan “Mr Guy In Suit” Govender

    Its Boo Boo Bear!

  48. has no one put this video to strip club music yet?

  49. lol big babies

  50. used to be where these animals lived, then they built a golf course on it.

  51. ManiakMCPE | Minecraft Pocket Edition Videos!

    Striping bear!

  52. While His Elders Are Grazing This Little Fellow Id Dancing :~) *

  53. What’s with all the thumbs down? Let me guess golfers are offended by bears
    disrupting their game? Haha, I joke…but seriously, 204 thumbs down. I can
    understand music, or politics getting a dislike…but, this is awesome.

  54. Very cute! It would have been nice to see Mummy bear put in an appearance
    at the end – just to get golfer reactions :-D

  55. The whole ‘watch out for mother bear and her cubs’ thing is a load of shit.
    Everyone thinks that if you’re anywhere near a bear cub the mother will
    monster truck you. The mother bear will protect them if they’re in danger
    and will herd them away from trouble but she isn’t going around attacking
    everytime her cubs cross paths with something. She’d eventually end up hurt
    and the cubs would end up dead if that were the case. 

  56. All this demonstrates to me is that the golf course is a serious
    encroachment of wildlife space.

  57. Omg he has such a canadian accent. Lol

  58. I know their cute, but you should NEVER walk towards a wild bear, it’s a
    sign of aggression. Your not taking pictures in a zoo. There would be a
    female adult someplace close, and believe me, she could scare the Pooh
    right out of you.. Use common sense..

  59. better than the circus, no electric prods

  60. Green fees $100, cart rental $25, baby bear playing through – and eating
    your partners golf ball – priceless! ;-)

  61. Cute, till Mom shows up and rips your smart phone holding arms out of their
    shoulder sockets.

  62. Thank you Andi and whmoever sacrificed their golf ball. I fired my shrink
    and just come watch this video :*))

  63. Read this in Golf Digest… lol

  64. Surprised they didn’t shoot it with a bow & arrow, skin it & mount it’s
    head above their fireplace.

  65. One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. That video must be worth a
    fortune. Thanks

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