Baby Bunnies Can’t Stay Awake

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These two-week old baby bunnies still spend most of their day sleeping. They love soft sweatshirts, and the warmth of your hand or a soft, snuggly pocket ^v^

Bunny T-shirts and other fun gifts for the holidays!

Cute baby bunny love!


  1. Are they Netherland dwarf rabbits

  2. the crew of diamonds

    i love bunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnys i have bunnys nd i love your bunnys
    sooooooooo cute

  3. I want to see the bunnies run all over dem titties.

  4. I wonder if this is how Aliens will treat us once they decided to show

  5. Hard to blame her. I’d be playing with them nonstop also

  6. Awww. They’re like two little balls of cotton :)


  8. It’s fluid.

  9. I want one. 

  10. that is so cute

    wait, sorry i didn’t mean that sorry

    *( ^c- ^)*/ i didn’t eat them! no, why would i? oh, that lump in my mouth?
    it’s just gum…

  12. And I will name him George and I will hug him and squeeze him and pat him
    and hold him…….

  13. omg this is so sweet :$

  14. Beboabracadabra 234

    For those 20 people that disliked the video you have no soul


  16. is it just me or does it look like he is stroking his meat

  17. Why are baby humans the most annoying babies?

  18. 好萌~~~~原谅我不懂英文。。。


    i want ittt

  20. Ghoulish Grin Films

    I make horror films!

    I REFUSE to soak in the adorableness!!!




  21. 还没睁眼了

  22. when you hit a dab for the first time

  23. Adorable. Thanks for posting.

  24. Little dudes like yo this woman don’t let me sleep I’ma piss on her ass.
    Yo!!! let me sleep woman!!!

  25. very cute, thank you You Tube for sharing.

  26. So relaxingzzzzzz

  27. Quite a few sensitive cunts in this comment section, but ehh’ whats new,
    this is youtube I guess.

  28. I found two just like them in my yard. I placed them on a table outside,
    grabbed my shotgun, and blasted them to smithereens!! I’ll post it here

  29. Is it just me? Or is she being selfish for not letting the bunnies sleep
    rest and still.

  30. Melody Luna (Mrs Luna)

    too cute kisssssssss

  31. Aw, so cute.

  32. One time I found a baby bunny in my yard with its entrails ripped out.
    Probably my cute little murderous dog.

  33. It’s all cute until they shit all over you.

  34. so much cuteniss my heart can’t take it :’D

  35. The Pet Care Collab

    Do you breed your rabbit to get the babies?

  36. The kind of stuff that kills masculinity

  37. Much like kittens.

  38. your bunnies look like white dog shits

  39. this “bunny” looks like my grandpas dick in my grandmas saggy vagina

  40. These make good food for a pet alligator.

  41. soooooooooo cuuuuuuutttttteeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Damn, woman. let those fuckers SLEEP!

  44. Stupid little brat. It’s not a toy.

  45. What a cute little animal.

  46. Soooo Cute!

  47. My baby bunny looks like that

  48. Non provocare!
    In delicatamente, si prega di far laid!

  49. Me at school.

  50. Aaaww soo Q, I wan one.

  51. ???????????????

  52. I never knew small balls of fluff were mobile

  53. Where did you get this sweatshirt?

  54. Made me feel abit better thanks

  55. Too cute! But u should let them sleep so they can hop everywhere tomorrow

  56. how old where they here

  57. 1 aawwww so cute

    2 55 people make me sick

  58. SO CUTE!

  59. That was SOO cute!!!????

  60. ♡♡♡

  61. give me one plz

  62. Christ, they’re being gently handled you goddamned pansies. Leave it to
    youtube sissies to suck all the fun out of everything.

  63. why would anyone dislike this video?

  64. RELEASE THE KRAKEN! ….. ‘roar’

  65. Just let ’em sleep man!


  67. They seem to be at most 2 weeks old. Normaly they sleep 20 hours per day, 4
    hours they will stay awake just to eat from the mother and change the
    places in the nest!

  68. I love the bunny

  69. Less time tormenting infant rabbits and more time on manicures PLEASE!

  70. Truyen Nghiep Huynh


  71. Bunny.exe has stopped responding, please reboot.

  72. iriko l'esprit démoniaque

    ka ka ka kawaiii

  73. There so cute ?

  74. 9GAG anyone?

  75. ghaid lovely / غيد‎

    ooooh thet is sooo cuuuute ♥♥♥♥
    i need ask you
    what kind of this bunny rabbits?
    pleaaas answer me

  76. hes dead mybe

  77. This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute AAAAAAW =D
    Look at these tiny little fingers and this tiny little feet and this cute
    honeybunnyfacy aaaaaw 😀 I want bunnys too now

  78. Those bunnies are soooooooo cute…..!!! They look like little stuff

  79. I want to die it is so cute!!!!

  80. me on monday

  81. They are so cute!

  82. Omg thats so cute i have a bunny my self but its grown up.

  83. aww! their so cute! :)

  84. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww i’m literrally dieing of cuteness overdose right now

  85. I don’t think the BUNNIES liked u while u disturbing their sleep.
    If u were sleeping and someone disturbed u.. Would u like that?
    The bunnies are really cute tho 🙂
    But just asking a question to the video.

  86. Gorgeous bunnies.

  87. #cutenessoverload#cutenesslord

  88. I have always wanted a rabbit

  89. I hope those two survive 

  90. BunnyGirl 1472 (BunnyGirl1467)


  91. T^T I WANT ONE

  92. cute :D

  93. They r so adorable!!

  94. cute little Bunny’s:)

  95. Kacy “Derpypops” Wheildon

    they would growl if they didn’t like it

  96. sooooooooooooo cute

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