Baby Elephant Calf vs Birds – Latest Wildlife Sightings

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With this week being so sad after the loss of a great animal, Cecil the lion, we thought we would cheer everyone up with a video that will make you cry of happiness, rather than sadness.

Such a cute video of a tiny new-born elephant trying to chase away the low flying swallows that are around him.

Taken on the H3 near Berg en Dal in the Kruger National Park in South Africa.

Video by: Susan

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  1. Dumbo just wants to fly

  2. Probably the best video of all time!

  3. oh my god so cute!!!

  4. I wish that all elephants stayed that small and ran fast. It would be the
    coolest species of elephants EVURRRR! :O xD

  5. I’m getting dizzy watching this

  6. ak18

  7. wow! every youngster of every species behaves strangely.

  8. the birds are fake

  9. Baby Elephant:I believe I can fly~

  10. Elephants are so intelligent that they have been observed mourning their
    dead and are thought to be the one of the only animals that shed tears
    emotionally. Truly amazing creatures!

  11. The worst thing is that they will be extinct in no more than 15 years.

  12. Barion “BQ” Qumby

    Maybe he’s playing with them kinda like dumbo did you know……it could be
    a mystery 

  13. Plot twist – the elephant has grown carnivorous cravings

  14. hey its dumbo 😀 so cute

  15. his mama called him and like a good baby ellie , he stopped playing and
    followed the herd…so cute

  16. What if a car came and hit it.

  17. Holy shit man, without humans world would be such an amazing place

  18. Baby elephant’s are so cute they’re like big elephant’s but a miniature
    version..but if you were an ant it probably wouldn’t make much difference

  19. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  20. So cute!

  21. Amazing!..I am sure the baby elephant is intrigued by the birds

  22. this is the most hilariously cute video of the year. he is tooo cute

  23. Deployment youth

  24. WoW! It’s really, really cute!! Must a such elephant!

    Not even joking

  26. lets hope there isn’t a demented dentist around .

  27. Aaaaaand the next day a lion ate her . The end

  28. Shadow of the Colossus came to mind for a sec, just all those tiny birds
    swarming a this massive walking baby beast.

  29. دا انت فيل تافه صحيح

  30. The people that dislike the video are really disgusting.

  31. Intelligent, gorgeous, family oriented creatures.

    Hard to believe there are intelligent humans who want to harm these guys
    for “sport”, but sadly there are.

  32. I saw this on GrindTV and was bemused by all the “Adorable: this and that”
    wildlife doing whatever, that was advertised on the video window as the
    baby elephant played in the road. ALWAYS described as adorable. Maybe so,
    but this is obviously a problem. “Cheetah mom crosses river with ADORABLE
    kittens.” The corollary reads thus: “Stupid, non-adorable camera person
    gets too close to mother cheetah’s kits and dies.” I am certain that the
    folks at Kruger Sightings are professional and know what they are doing,
    but idiots in the US will think this is cool and therefore get too damned
    close to a mother Grizzly and her cubs. This never ends well.

  33. ‫'ﮧ‏. عہسہكہري ﮩ'ﮧ ﮩ‬‎

    هههههه حلو

  34. طيب ماحنا عندنا القطط بتجري ورا الصراصير ومحدش مستعجب


  36. See on utube nirankari di kartut

  37. Jootragool Zhu xin


  38. Looks like Dumbo upped his game to LSD.

  39. Charlie Garavaglia

    What’s that clicking noise? Is it the camera refocusing?

  40. Vitalstatistix Stats

    Dumbo wants to fly…

  41. booooooring

  42. Omg too cute

  43. That bird! Hes killing the elephant! STOP HIM!

  44. HA HA HA Cute!

  45. Those Latest Sightings are just not consciencious, this elephant will take
    too much risk latter to go on road , you should take better care of
    elephant than your buzz

  46. That’s so cute :D

  47. so cute

  48. Soooo precious

  49. Khadidja Thiombane

    Disney IRL

  50. Hermoso Baby Elephant !!!!!

  51. Multiculturalchick

    Cutie pie. Awwwwwwwwww???????????

  52. Fresh Powder (yourlocalsafariguide)

    BUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!o my god, that is so bump the

  53. playing with birds. cute jumbo

  54. I hate elephants

  55. Looks like he/she damaged it’s trunk.

  56. anyone else waited for a lion to jump out any second and kill the elephant?
    also why is there a road in the middle of the fucking seregetti?

  57. Beautiful ,lets take care of nature ,lets stand against elephant poaching
    for their ivory

  58. I love elephants omg

  59. There’s something about knowing that millions of years ago, in a wild and
    unforgiving wilderness there was still a little elephant childishly chasing
    some birds that warms my heart. This video shows a sort of timeless

  60. so funny & cute…

  61. to cute to be real lol

  62. This is soooooo Disney. xD

  63. I’m addicted to this video.

  64. The big elephants wasn’t far.

  65. It’s soooo cute

  66. deport all whites

  67. Cute

  68. Adorable but they look like bats to me not birds.

  69. I wonder where the mother was?

  70. Game world (PcGamingChannel)

    Dumbo is that you? XD

  71. something wrong with 795 people.

  72. Aww, it’s a little baby republican.

  73. Muito, !muito, ! fofo esse elefantinho. …

  74. Awesome! Love my mom’s video!!

  75. Beautiful babies, both the baby elephant and the birds, love them. :)

  76. Wild Wings Safaris

    Baby elephants are so funny! Love watching them

  77. what country that in?

  78. It’s like watching a toddler chase bubbles! Have fun, little baby!

  79. awwwww the elephants so cute

  80. amazing! :)

  81. Most brutal animal fight i’ve seen lately…keep em coming!

  82. Отлично! Увидишь какие классные видео у меня на канале!))))

  83. That was intense.

  84. a baby elephant chasing birds. Just like dogs would. TY announced after
    Cecils’ death they would make TY baby toys in his memory, and I got one

  85. i dont understand why people would dislike this video , if you dont like
    videos like this then why the fuck you watching it

  86. Seems Magical… like a children story!

  87. Gotta love how her tail looks like it has a mind of its own.

  88. subhan Allah loved it

  89. how could u dislike that its so cute its playing with the birds

  90. how could u dislike that its so cute its playing with the birds

  91. how could u dislike that its so cute its playing with the bird

  92. looove this so much

  93. Awesome video! Check out our page for Kruger Park Tour itineraries

  94. Cuteeeeeeeeeee!

  95. oh my god how cute ! thanks

  96. Goodness! such a cute butterball!!

  97. I love how cheeky and “tough” baby elephants are. :D

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