Baby goats on a trampoline

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Nigerian dwarf doelings enjoying a fun day of sproinging.
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  1. the merchandise

    ahhh baby goats

  2. Dorothy Holbrook

    Fun stuff.

  3. That’s it? Gay 

  4. Goats are food not animals.

  5. Cynthia Cardona

    (something about pee and poo)

  6. He’s trying to maintain his manliness with that laugh 

  7. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    If you want millions of views do this but with human Nigerian dwarfs.

  8. Its all obamas fault…

  9. thedarkknight830

    Mmmmm Mandi مندي

  10. nyhehehhehehee

  11. Obi Wan Cannoli

    This is why youtube was created.

  12. James Nixon Steel


  13. Goat Simulator in real life!

  14. So cyat,so cyat!☺️

  15. Ava Animates Things

    I want all of them

  16. That evil laugh makes this baby goat trampoline act seem unsettling…

  17. dat pedophile laugh tho

  18. Jack Septic Fish

    Look at those kids.

  19. youv goat to be kidden 🙂 

  20. evil laugh

  21. At the begining the goat is like, “This thing on? your gunna want to see
    these sick moves.”

  22. Is that my yard because I have trampoline that looks just like the
    trampoline I have and exactly like our yard and baby goats and other farm
    animals for a birthday party nextso or

  23. Goat simulator, anyone?

  24. Its all bushs fault

  25. That evil laugh he made at the end…

    Dun dun dunnnnn


    I thought that was a goat for a minute.

  27. thedevilblooded

    0:03 who made that sound? One of the goats or the man who recorded this? 

  28. Is that it?

  29. my people are making us look weak.

  30. Cutiee

  31. Don't Buy Made in China

    Make it longer

  32. Kids in africa could’ve eat the trampoline

  33. Benson Saavedra

    This is twisted and demented. 

  34. Adorable

  35. Goats plus trampolines–what more could you want?

  36. Terrible camera angel.

  37. Albert Schrodinger

    Look delicious ,kebabs anyone!

  38. I melted

  39. Alexander Wincentsen

    OMG!! SO KAWAII! I MUST HAVE MEH BABY GOATS!!!!! #ShowingMyFeminineSide

  40. Oblivion Recorder

    WTF! This is animal cruelty!! This monster who made this video must be
    stopped!!! ?????

  41. The guy’s laughter though.

  42. Can we get atleast an hour of this? I cud procrastinate to this all day?

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    “Special Jar”
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  44. Ha funny little goats jumpin around enjoying themselves! ( boing boing
    boing) ??⬆⬇⬆⬇⬆⬇

  45. david dave lrra


  46. Michael B. Jordan from that creed movie

    Why the fuck????? Fuck who made this video,

  47. That is not how you goat.

  48. Queen Neko Roblox And more!

    So cute.

  49. So cute

  50. cute

  51. Baby goats, cute. Man’s laugh, creepy.

  52. 0:07 Squad

  53. I just wish this was 20 minutes longer

  54. More goats on trampoline please. This video needs to be longer this was

  55. That laugh was creepy 

  56. That secret handshake at the end

  57. OMG why is this only 10 seconds?

  58. That devil laugh though…

  59. Christopher Grulich


  60. Asher Huskinson

    As you can see at the end the goats put their heads together to form a
    triangle… Illuminati confirmed!

  61. NocturnalHumanoidCreatureFromHimalayanWilderness

    Bahahahaha all ma niggaz on tha tramp #yoloswaggerizationizing

  62. Nooooo! I NEED more than 10 seconds of this!

  63. They are kids afterall

  64. stupid goats. they think they’re humans.

  65. Did anyone else notice that thing hanging out of their stomachs?

  66. Nice to see the kids outside playing nicely together.

  67. We should trade the view amount of Gangnam Style for this one and it’d be

  68. At night, they morph back into sweet little children.

  69. If anyone sees this comment please click my channel and click the video I
    made by flipagram ✌️this is a cute video….

  70. Mmm birria anyone?

    I’m joking XD

  71. Who the hell likes goat. Goats have anger issues. 1 million views what a
    waste. Awe this is cute. Meh meh annoying fuck.

  72. consideration for the day; stop butchering and eating animals.

  73. Sweet!…Why not longer?

  74. why can’t the video be longer?

  75. That laugh: heheheheheh

  76. Please, post a longer version!! We want more goats on trampoline.

  77. That Russian laugh

  78. how old is this man!? 50!?

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