Baby hears lion roar for the first time

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  1. Ahh too cute!

  2. Who dislikes

  3. aawww! That baby’s so cute!! :)

  4. Baby’s like… “WHOA….that was cool!”

  5. Until you decide to film yourself giving your infant child a dead ass,
    wife-beating, slap in the face, please stop making videos of your babies

  6. I can’t wait to never have kids and spend all my money on myself. :-)

  7. Cute

  8. Half the viewers are from Reddit

  9. Childrenofworld2014


  10. The “melting pot” agenda is for ALL & ONLY white countries.
    It’s not for Japan.
    It’s not for Nigeria.
    It’s not for India.
    It’s not for Saudi Arabia.
    It’s not for Mexico.
    It’s for ONLY white countries. “Anti-racists” say every White country and
    neighborhood must be chased down and turned non-white.
    If you disagree you are a naziwhowantstokill6millionjews. Any planned
    eradication of a race (AKA, “melting pot” for ONLY white countries) is
    “Anti-racist” is a code word for anti-White.

  11. That baby first looked scared but then at the end it laughed

  12. Yawn. So. Many things in life are a first.

  13. I love this 🙂 Its fucking adorable how he was like “ohshitwtfizdat” O_O
    then that smile and giggle at the end was just so fucking cute I think i
    have to go wrestle a bear.

  14. Who gives a flying crap, that kid looks retarded.

  15. VickytheCultLeader


  16. WOW another video of babies!!!!

  17. Lol the baby tried to play it off by laughing but his last face expression
    though. Lol

  18. Your baby is adorable 

  19. It’s amazing how without knowing that it is a scary sound, the baby’s
    instinct recognizes it and puts him in defense mode. Instinct that was
    passed onto us (present humans) from millions of years ago when we (humans)
    used to fight animals in order to survive. 

  20. Soo cute

  21. Oh my god. That’s shits scared man wtf is this loin shit man scared as

  22. No racist, but the kid looks inbred.

  23. what??? what is going on??? why are there so many comments about black
    people and racism and Islam under this video of a baby laughing????????

  24. Bonjour c’est un lion 

  25. That was cute.

  26. It looks like we may inherit the fear of lions 

  27. First instinct of survival spread your hands and look big his instincts are
    working :D

  28. Here’s another fact supporting evolution.

  29. that was so cute and adorable :D

  30. Natural reaction of human?!

  31. He thought he farted

  32. Sweetheart.

  33. Shrek The Master Baiter

    There’s only two words that can describe the comments on this video :
    Fuckin 9gag.

  34. how does the baby know that a lions growl is dangerous….. ?

  35. delightfuldelia64

    LOL. Precious Memories. . Very Adorable!

  36. These were not the type of comments I expected to read. As for my

  37. yall need to chill with some of these comments. 

  38. Such a cute smile at the end, awwwwww! :D

  39. nowadays every baby video gets more than 1000000 views? i mean that
    reaction isnt even special or that cute

  40. Judging by the comments, it’s amazing how many people hate their own lives.

  41. looks like another merican having a seizure. that baby is fat and looks
    like a an ugluy demon that just died. why are babies so ugly i mean i was
    a cute babay and then this ugly thiong.

  42. Hansito zapatos gigante….. Miren el video jajajajajaja 

  43. How anyone can look at this adorable, sweet, innocent baby and then comment
    such hateful nasty things is obviously not a happy person.

  44. All these comments about this bundle of joy are so arrogant,God bless your
    happy baby may he/she grow up to change to the world in a positive way

  45. AWWW-DORABLE!!!!

    *(yeah okay that was kinda cringey. bye.)*

  46. Very cute. And unfortunatley the worst comments on any YouFail video I’ve
    ever seen. Wow folks you’ve really surpassed yourselves. 

  47. Future lion tamer

  48. Well this is just adorable! ☺️

  49. So cute..and instinctively bright,hears (unfamiliar sound) looks around
    then smiles.Mom is there, so all is well!

  50. FAKE: there was no real lion in the video

  51. For such an innocent video, this was the least innocent comment section
    I’ve ever seen.

  52. Abdulbari “Bari” Sidiq

    He is like, “Women! What sort of sorcery is this?”

  53. Lmao

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  55. Stupid foreigners, dont even know what sound lion make… so glad i live in

  56. He is extremely cute and expressive. 

  57. We all started with lion roars and ended up fucking bitches in the future.

  58. Just a video of a cute little baby and everyone is trying to turn it into
    some political argument. JUST ‘AWW’ AT THE BABY AND MOVE ON

  59. LEGO GOJI Davidson

    Why is it that even innocent videos like this have people arguing about
    some crap that doesn’t have anything to do with the video. Seriously, race,
    woman’s rights, and art!?! Are you serious!
    P. S. Sorry if I offended the owners of this video, I just get really sick
    and tired of this crap that has absolutely nothing to do with the video.

  60. Damn the comment section just went full retard over a baby video.

  61. the racism and jealousy is strong in this comment section

  62. Really?!!! People are making negative comments about a baby.

  63. why is this not in English?

  64. cute <3 

  65. That baby is ugly as fuck.

  66. Sean “SeanDonPVP” Donlin


  67. his spider sense is tingling

  68. hahaha!

  69. That’s one fucking smart baby.

  70. Priceless! Thank you!

  71. What book is that? The art in it is so cute!

  72. WHY would any one scare a baby

  73. that is one cute baby!! and all the racist retards who said bad about this
    baby, just go to hell. You heartless losers. 

  74. Is it not amazing how the baby looks at the woman for a reaction to follow?
    That’s why he laughed because the woman was smiling. 

  75. Can someone translate this from French to English pls

  76. Um leão, foge porra, um leão aqui no livrinho, caramba, ele vai nos atacar!

  77. Cute

  78. Okay actually i wanted to right a nice comment
    But i just gotta say it
    Why Are white People such fuckin cunts ? Why dont you say it in Public huh
    ? In our faces? 

  79. Cute baby. I don’t understand why people make such a big issue on race.
    Get a life. Take your simple, closed-minded thoughts elsewhere.

  80. im confused to how he knew it was dangerous, was it out of instinct

  81. WTF?

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