Baby Pygmy goat copies hopping

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Baby Johnnies mom won’t feed him and his sibling died. We are bottle feeding him and he spends all his time in the house with us.


  1. 윽.. 심장에 무리가..

  2. everyvody come to see girl jumping in leggings.
    shoot more girls to get more views. ;)

  3. I really want a pygmy goat :c

  4. I love the smell of a goat in the oven ..

  5. Howdy? You Made It Happen! attempt warlike !!!

  6. Алексей Карпов

    two sheeps

  7. Damn it, that was adorable..


  9. That is adorable.

  10. maybe you can teach him to talk?

  11. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  12. That’s so cute it’s stupid.

  13. awww he so cute

  14. so so so cute ????????????????????

  15. awwwww but might be easier on a less slippery surface like grass or

  16. He’s not copying anything, just following you. You are the one who
    initially copied how any goat hops.

  17. It’s the little floppy ears that put the cuteness level over the top.

  18. she watched a ton of baby goat videos seeing that they hopped around a lot.
    bought one and realized it was broken. now shes trying to teach it hop.

  19. can they be potty trained

  20. eating lamb soup rn its really helping my cold and its really good

  21. Александр Анатольев

    Хы хы

  22. хохлы что ли ?

  23. To the 23 people that disliked this………WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY?!

  24. You have to teach kids everything.

  25. Агент Кремля

    может и у меня на хую так поскакать)

  26. видео “2 овцы”

  27. Разницы нету

  28. One goat teaches others

  29. Иван Александрович

    Бл, захотел себе козу…

  30. Супер!

  31. БАБА – ОВЦА !

  32. Владимир Иевлев

    Зачетно девка скачет

  33. krishnan srinivasan

    cute :)

  34. so cute! please post more videos!

  35. what are you doing?

  36. would make an awesome stew or Biryani

  37. All the people talking about eating lambchops under this video have never
    eaten the other white meat in this video obviously

  38. sudhindra srinivas

    I am contemplating a lawsuit against Jennifer. It is criminal to
    participate in something this cute and then publish this for everyone to
    see. Imagine working in office and stumbling upon this.

  39. Тight leggings..

  40. Сталин Джугашвили

    Овца у из овцу

  41. we have raised baby’s on our farm inside many times just put a diaper in
    them and it’s just like a dog…

  42. we have raised baby’s on our farm inside many times just put a diaper in
    them and it’s just like a dog…

  43. 2 months later

    “Why did I have to teach my goat to jump everywhere……”

  44. Awww how cute C:

  45. cuteness overload

  46. Wisten to his wittle feet. So cute.

  47. …or you’re coping him? :)

  48. just like adopted child in gay family…will copy too. isn’t it great?

  49. ssscute

  50. I just like the way you look in your yoga pants

  51. Dont kill and eat it, when it grows up.

  52. too cute

  53. ye 非常可爱

  54. One question: do pygmy goats get excited when you get home, like dogs do?

  55. yes they get excited just like dogs

  56. ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ

    deslik por mierda

  57. masterofinfinity479

    will someone do something about that half man half goat suggestion

  58. masterofinfinity479

    never mind, just drop the whole thing

  59. nice wee thing

  60. Марк Шейдер


  61. The cutest!!!

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