Baby Rhinos Cry When Their Milk Runs Out!

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These orphaned baby rhinos watched as their moms were killed by poachers in the South African bushveld. They, along with dozens of other orphaned rhinos, are currently being rehabilitated at the Care for Wild Africa Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa. Care for Wild Africa is the largest rhino orphanage in the world, and is committed to the successful rescue, care, and rehabilitation of Africa’s wildlife.

For more information about volunteering at Care for Wild Africa, please visit:


  1. i always wonder what kind of person dislike this kind of video?what they
    look like and who are they in real life.

  2. “omg why are you torturing these innocent baby being sof life don’t you
    know they have feelings. omg this is why you should eat veggies. omg become
    a vegeterian and save these animals” – is what a radical vegetarian cultist
    would say.

  3. Oh my heart! They just want some milk! Give them more milk, you monsters!
    (Jokingly, concerned tone)

  4. don’t read the description it will make you sad

  5. 10s Football (Top 10)

    omg…. hit

  6. Me when my mom doesn’t feed me D:

  7. Stephanie Ramirez

    Those aren’t rhinos. They’re dolphins

  8. Those rhinos are faggots

  9. No boobs more today:D

  10. They sound like doors opening and closing

  11. Soft and I bet I can take them

  12. spoiled brats…Oh who am I kidding they are fucking adorable

  13. He need some milk

  14. Rosario G. Martinez

    i laughed first bc of the stupid coments and then read “read the
    description” and i feel so fucking bad. im such a bitch

  15. CastawayCrew 420

    Close the door I can’t hear the video

  16. how cute ?

  17. Plot twist: they were farting the whole time

  18. fake sound was put in

  19. Kwesi Chan-Williams

    They sound like a squeaky door lol

  20. It’s the noise of a rusty door hinge, sorry to ruin your dreams.

  21. Damn the description got me feeling really sad now

  22. Too cute……:)

  23. Call Of Duty ClipzZ

    aww so cute then read the description makes you wanna cry.

  24. I just thought they sounded like some wooden doors which need Wd40

  25. Brandon Carpenter


  26. Kids in Africa could use that milk!

  27. no use crying over spilt milk

  28. sounds like a car alarm

  29. Awwww lil muffins

  30. they sound like a slave i haven’t fed in 2 weeks

  31. cute #trumpsupporter

  32. Whitney Underscore


  33. this is fo sad EVERYONE read the description ???????

  34. Sounds like an old door being opened

  35. They need some milk!

  36. Pew Pew!! -Artist


  37. Lt.Dickhead III

    fucking kill them already

  38. aww why the long face?

  39. They sound like squeaking doors opening and closing, cute

  40. Jindisthing Playz

    Wheb your girlfriend breaks up with you

  41. they r so cute

  42. wow, that is not how i thought they would sound

  43. pussy rhinos

  44. The Kardashians

  45. He need some milk

  46. feminists…

  47. _ ToxicCommando607 _

    Why would anyone dislike this video?

  48. who ever killed their parents is Fucked up

  49. The sound they make falls somewhere between puppy and baby whale. Quite
    adorable indeed.

  50. I found my new favorite Channel.

  51. Ashley somebody

    were they still hungry?if so why did they take the milk away?

  52. Superlegendkiller999

    ayy lmao

  53. So cute

  54. He need some milk!

  55. Eueueid 2737485


  56. Logan Green (d00minat0r1000)

    What does the Rhino say?

  57. I can see a director using this audio in some SciFi movie

  58. never noticed how wired their feet are…. look like they were drawn by a 4
    year old!

  59. BillyBob Bazooka

    That still sounds better than any of Trump’s speeches.

  60. Rip headphone users

  61. Captain Cluster

    This is how Miley Cyrus sounds without autotune.

  62. They need some milk

  63. Heels to High Tops

    Poor things! Feed those youngins! lol


  65. Ace the Armadillo


  66. My dog came over and licked my phone when he heard all the crying

  67. Cancer in the comments.

  68. Just under one million views

  69. Sounds like my baby brother :D

  70. Now imagine these in the wild being shot and murdered…


  71. He need some milk

  72. sadest thing ever!!!!

  73. haha I want baby rhino

  74. 1mth. view!!!

  75. This will be me if trump is elected president!

  76. this is what all you kids sound like on xbox

  77. I heartless of them they didn’t give them more milk!

  78. look at the cow ??? moooooo

  79. These rhinos moms were killed. I feel so bad for them. Why would people do
    this to young rhinos.

  80. Rhinos? More like Whinos!



  81. Opening an old door be like

  82. Batman is that u?

  83. Sounds like one of those annoying f#cking doors

  84. Wtf

  85. Wtf

  86. they are cuties


    Reported for dog abuse

  88. “The cry of the Rhino is fatal to anyone who hears it,”

    -Neville Longbottom passes out

  89. KreativeProjekt

    Great campaign and graphics than call of duty.

  90. Come on give them some more ??

  91. SociopathicSeahorse Productions

    Sounds like the Call of Duty fanboys. Kind of looks like them too.

  92. What happens to a rhino during puberty

    It gets horny

  93. They need some milk!

  94. And this my friends, is why rhinos are going extinct.

  95. It’s like opening multiple old, squeaky doors

  96. Oooh they need some milk


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