Bad Dog!

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This was not a staged or rehearsed video. I guess Kacy wanted the last tissue in the box and put her head in too far. Noticed her in the play room standing stoic with the box on her head.


  1. Your girlfriend is adventurous

  2. Apparently I had to come here.

  3. Things I Discovered

    “Did you do that? I think you did.” #baddog 

  4. Very cute little dogs 🙂 My dog and cats do this at home too, with tissues

  5. And no person has ever been startled out of a sound sleep and done
    something similar!

  6. Star “The Pindar” AX3

    why som many views?

  7. What is the breed? So funny! 

  8. Chris “Only1Tremor” tremain

    Lol like my comment if you think he was using the tissue box for a hiding

  9. a dog in a box. lol

  10. 太可爱了??

  11. STUPID video!

  12. It’s so funny how dogs show the guilt on their faces xD

  13. Great detective work! 

  14. The second dog had me laughing out loud. Cool Dogs.

  15. Ha, ha, ha!!! THIS VIDEO MADE ME IN A GOOD MOOD. I LOVE IT! :)

  16. Anyone know what kind of breed the dog sitting on the couch is?

  17. Is there another video where he blames the dogs for the rest of the mess?

    He’s just mad cause they chewed up all his wankin paper.

  18. LOL Casey with the tissue box on her head! :)

  19. The fact that people are saying inappropriate comments about this cute,
    funny dog video is really sad. This is not animal abuse or anything like
    what you are talking about. The pink thing on her neck was a collar, not an
    injury. Just to clarify. This is a cute video so please stop turning it
    into something bad. 

  20. Does anyone know what breed of dog are these?

  21. darling doggies.
    Pardon me, but…………….
    How can I suggest to you tube that they should make an improvement, namely
    that we should be able to scroll down through and read the comments while
    keeping the video in view? This is such an obvious aggravation that I
    almost wonder if it is a problem only with MY computer.
    I can’t believe they would do such a stupid thing.
    Anyways, this video is SO sweet. Love those doggies.

  22. This video makes me sad. Back in 2008 I remember it like yesterday, I was
    driving and a dog ran out into the road. I still remember it’s cute white
    little fluffy face just like these. I was eating a sandwich and could have
    stopped but my soda would have spilt my soda and my car was new and
    expensive. I should have been more cautious and waited until I was home to
    eat . I still remember the sound as that little guy got tossed around in
    the wheel well of my suv. Sounded really sad. I looked back and saw the
    little guy flopping around trying to stand. I have always wondered if he

  23. fantastique!

  24. The other dog was whispering to him “Plead the fifth!”

  25. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) La Mona Lisa

    Damn you’re so lucky bro, having two uber cute and rambunctious puppies.

  26. I wonder what Gnarly must have been thinking… “Jesus! Please stop
    interrogating me when it is clear who the culprit is…right in front of
    me! I am just gonna ignore you until you realize it…”

  27. na złodzieju capka gore – ze tak powiem

  28. “You have no evidence.”

  29. What is it with Maltese and tearing up paper? It’s literally their favorite

  30. cute babies! 

  31. Hey hey hey I think the dog sitting down on the couch was beyond guilty
    because he obviously stuffed caseys? Head into the Kleenex lol

  32. ダメだ、思いっきり笑ってしまった!

  33. All Pets Go To Heaven

    Dogs can be such rascals, but are still so cute! For more on pets, be sure
    to check out our page!

  34. I literally LOL’d around 0:31. Maltese are sweethearts. 

  35. I think I wet myself watching that. That was funny as hell!

  36. iiiiiiiiiiii ti kouklaki zwgrafisto einai afto psixi mou!!!!! FTOU ftou
    skorda <3

  37. You don’t see a lot of positive comments these days…



  39. Marionette Master

    BOX!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Are those Maltese???? How do you keep tear stain free?!? Thank you!

  41. I agree Sunny!!! They looks so guilty lol 🙂 so cute!!!!!!

  42. He put the f**king box on the dog’s head. Not nice IMO. Not funny

  43. The cutest video of all time! I have three Maltese and two of them look
    just like your dogs. This is adorable :)

  44. please don’t blame them….

  45. 0:22 Maltese dogs <3

  46. Lolled so hard.

  47. Didn’t see that coming…LITERALLY LOL!!! Hilarious and cute

  48. send this to Jimmy Kimmel

  49. Dogs need toys, mental and physical stimulation and they wouldn’t do things
    like this. Poor things are bored. 

  50. I wonder who did it!

  51. Oh please . STFU… My dog did the same thing. Stick his head in
    everything. The garbage it got stuck. The clenex box was stuck on his head.
    People just ignorant. Ignore they dumb butts. If my dog didn’t do this I
    would think otherwise. Dogs get into stuff. People calm down. Uggghhhh

  52. Lol

  53. These comments… Jeeze. This is just a video of a dog that is being
    scolded because she got into the tissue box, and clearly has evidence she
    did it. I have no idea where you guys see a problem. He wasn’t even

  54. maybe it was trying to clean up ur mess dude

  55. Frankie Franks Ackerman

    Partners in Crime!!

  56. 去年11月に亡くなった愛犬を思い出しました。

  57. OMG he was caught red handed. Or should I say red headed. Bahahahahahaha


  59. LOL ! Very cute ! I need to learn that “huh ?” look for the next
    accusation !

  60. I almost shit myself

  61. I laughed way more than I should to this.

  62. Hhhaa crazy casey

  63. CraftingSoccerBall

    Awww looks exactly like my malteese puppys!

  64. aww its pur head?

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