Ball python on a fleece throw

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  1. hissssss

  2. Geometry Dash StrangeAxis72

    How old is your ball python ? Mine looks exactly like yours

  3. Real life

  4. MotherF**ker Production.

    I have had it with these mother fucking snakes on this mother fucking
    fleece throw.

  5. Tunnel Snakes Rule!!!

  6. It’s like a treadmill for snakes!

  7. I am the last sub for 800

  8. I guess you can say that the snake is going no where in life.

  9. Have we just discovered the secret to trapping snakes?

  10. Have you tried turning on, and off your snake sir?

  11. I have a feeling this will be on Faze apexs channel in a few days

  12. When the lag hits…

  13. When your ping is 500 in cs:go

  14. I’ll be the same

  15. Fucking sand snakes.

  16. Instructions unclear- dick stuck in toaster.

  17. we’re sorry there’s no compatible drivers for this snake use Windows

  18. We know their weakness now… We must strike at once

  19. xKrysalisx - KupK

    Slither.exe has stopped working

  20. An invasive species.

  21. Waiting for someone to say, ANIMAL ABUSER!!!

  22. Does anybody want YouTube red for free?

  23. lmao Thats what my snake does on my couch xD

  24. That snake is getting some great exercise

  25. All the idiots in the comments section calling this animal cruelty.

  26. The only abuse in this video is the cameraman abusing us by holding the
    phone upright to film it.

  27. Captain SuperBatPoolStrangeDevilMan

    “White people”

  28. Vertical recording deemed appropriate.

  29. Not as bad as your recording skills

  30. WeskersPlayhouse

    I miss my Dads Ball Python.
    RIP Mr. Bones

  31. He has vertical video syndrome

  32. AHH A SNEK

  33. “hows life going”

  34. Have you tried turning off all your wifi devices?

  35. Shoot that Cunt

  36. The camera was trying to film horizontal, but got stuck in the fleece as

  37. How often do you watch a video and you think to yourself, “Wow. I’m glade
    that was filmed in portrait”. Well this is a first.

  38. I’m a offended and I’m bed sheet

  39. MULTIplayer DaRakeLord

    Don’t worry snake you can make it!

  40. adorable uh its a snake

  41. Tried this at home. Snake viciously attacked me.

  42. Omg this so funny

  43. Actually snakes have this gas that they release out of their Insirvant
    glands called ensiglicoma which helps them breathe. The problem with this
    video and why it’s cruel is that the gas is only released once the snake
    has moved 3 feet from its original position, otherwise the snake will die
    from a malfunction in their assholical butcheekismgayzn. Flagged and
    reported for animal cruelty you heartless monster.

  44. Cruising down the street in my 64

  45. what’s with all the trending snake videos

  46. if you want to be confused , read this comment section

  47. i have that blanket

  48. heck

  49. Is this how you trap Hillary Clinton?

  50. More entertaining than Chewbaca Mom…

  51. I think your dog has autism

  52. Hey baby how old are you

    Ahh, it look like my penis.

  53. I swear there are more and more animal videos on the trending list 0,0

  54. I think has a glitch..

  55. you look like a snek!

  56. When I lag

  57. Good, we’ve found their weakness

  58. Why?!? For the love of god, would u shoot vertically?!??

  59. Carlos Rodriguez

    Snake.exe has stopped working.

  60. Kill it with fire

  61. Anyone wana listen to chill music? i got some lol

  62. To Live is to Suffer

    Like a drunk guy on an escalator……

  63. Stupid

  64. Drug is one hell of a cocaine

  65. OMG Children in africa could’ve aten that snake!!

  66. Dang it Charles, back at it again with dem weed…


  68. Who’s watching this during the Russian revolution?

  69. Vertical vision actually works for this video.

  70. Snake.exe is not responding

  71. This is like watching congress trying to pass legislation that will help
    the American people.

  72. Another snake on trending ,
    Well to be honest snakes everywhere these days

  73. Trulypsychogaming

    snaking burnouts

  74. Michael Richards

    Most cringe thing ever


  76. Get a grip!

  77. They can’t slither on glass either

  78. what a stupid video and a waste of my time smh

  79. If you reinstall the program i think it will start working or maybe get a
    new one

  80. Thats snake abuse. Jk

  81. cool

  82. I’m a snaaaaaaake

  83. Did you try turning it off and on again?

  84. The joke’s on you. That snake is saving a ton of money on not having to buy
    a treadmill…

  85. Please turn off your snake and update it

  86. Miley ….watch out this is the real twerk

  87. Silly snako

  88. It’s like a treadmill for snakes…

  89. lag


  91. Am I the only one who thought the thumbnail was sand

  92. Wigel wigel wigel

  93. + 1 like agree with adan nur below

  94. I’ll do that when I drink

  95. Snake Eyes Productions

    Can someone explain why the snake isn’t moving?

  96. Infinite loop in Python

  97. I Need A Better Name

    This isn’t EA, what’s with the lag?

  98. have you tried turning it off then on again sir?

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