Bao Bao’s First Snow Day!

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Jan. 6, 2015—As the year’s first blanket of snow coated the Washington, D.C. area today, giant panda Bao Bao spent much of the morning playing in it for the very first time. The sixteen month-old panda cub tumbled down the hill in her outdoor enclosure, climbed trees and pounced on her mother Mei Xiang.


  1. She needs to find a steeper hill! Haha. It’s not shown here, but what I
    love is that the adult pandas (including Mei) love playing in the snow as
    much as the cubs do – if not more! Because they’ve encountered it before,
    and they know how AWESOME it is.

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  7. Maybe the snow is burning their skin and they are rolling around in pain.
    Cute anymore?

  8. awwwww so cute

  9. If this was a video shot in zoo of China, people would call out: you
    heartless cruel communists , why not let them stay warm inside!!!

  10. OMG, fuzzy snowball <3

  11. Do a barrel roll!

  12. Zvonimir Ćatipović

    song in the background…they see me rollin,they hatin :3

  13. campanitas de cristal


  15. A long ways till they get full control…

  16. Did You Guys Know BaoBao Means Precious In Mandarin?

  17. Black+ White = Cute…………………….. CHECK

  18. I think he likes snow.

  19. Cute…..

  20. aw can i please cuddle with them?

  21. My *eye* tells me that this panda’s cuteness levels are over *9000!*

  22. The cuteness of this video is unbearable!!!!

  23. He/she is so amused!! Too cute!


  25. Reidnhour Reidnhour

    I love Washington D.C.

  26. Bao bao is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute?

  27. I always wonder how does it taste like.

  28. Mrwatǝɯılsɐs Hu

    ANDUHSHFHAUFHAUFHFUS *drowns in cuteness*

  29. SO CUTE

  30. 非常可爱

  31. what is with the dislikes!?

  32. allseasonscooking

    Yes I agree QUITE adorable!

  33. *Hugs them!

  34. so cute

  35. he seems like so happy?

  36. okay 740 dislikes. This vid almost made me cry, IT WAS SO CUTTEEEEEEEEEE!

  37. The BullDog Gaming

    0:45 that’s cute ;P

  38. This looks like a job for Quail man.

  39. People only disliked because there is no sound or playful music, or they
    hate pandas.

  40. So beautiful

  41. How cute he is…..playing with snow for the 

  42. OMG this is soooooo cute I love pandas Infact I love animals and why is
    their so many freaking dislikes this is cute as.

  43. 太萌了!!!

  44. SO CUTE!

  45. Cuteness overload!

  46. michaeljacksonlovee 1


  47. snowball BaoBao

  48. Milton Gabriel Garcia


  49. Bao Bao is the cutest panda cub ever! I love watching her. She has so much
    energy and personality. I will be so sad when she has to go to China.

  50. adorable panda

  51. So cute. At least something is enjoying this snow. :-)

  52. 783 Dislikes, SMH, Haters gonna Hate!

  53. so cute !!!

  54. Cute

  55. so.damn.adorable <3

  56. Precious angel !

  57. We watched this in science and half the class almost died

  58. Find the people who have disliked this video and remove them from society
    because they are most likely murderers, child molesters, and psychopaths.

  59. The Kardashians disliked this video 787 times because they are jealous of
    the panda getting all the love and attention.


  61. The reason people are disliking is because of where they are. They are kept
    captive and experimented on….and if they get released into the wild they

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