BB and April being really sorry for stealing the Dentastix

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So we pop out for a few minutes and this is what happens!

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  1. Can’t stand her accent I’d kill myself if she was my teacher

  2. Very funny…I mean you want to be upset but how can you?

  3. they don’t feel guilty about the treats, its just your tone of voice. my
    dogs would do the same thing if I would go “what did you do?” as if they
    were in trouble, even when they werent.

  4. her accent is adorable

  5. This is what I live for

  6. Pretty amazing how dogs can feel so guilty. You’re accent is pretty cool
    too, rochdale or yorkshire? Somewhere around manchester I’m sure.

  7. Matthew Neathery

    I think it was bb

  8. Those girls are as guilty as sin. It shows in there character…. I have
    no doubt. They wouldn’t allow an intruder in to eat all the denture
    sticks…perhaps they gave it to some friends? We don’t know.

  9. aww so cute


  11. lol..could be my dogs

  12. This video made my day.

  13. Cuteness Overload.?

  14. I know guilty dog when I see it. Throw them in the slammer! The little dog
    should get 2-3 hours. The black dog should 7-9 for possesion of marihuana.

  15. the big one (bibi) cracked me up so much….. always sneaking, a look
    through the corner of his eyes.

  16. Pretty darn sure April did it, no way that wall is so interesting

  17. bb is gonna on snitch april,I can tell

  18. What kind of dog is april?

  19. LOL this is absolutely hilarious! best thing I’ve seen in a while! :D

  20. if I don’t look at her she can’t see me dogs they’re so strange and very
    amazing the only actual pet that acts like a child

  21. If they were cats they would look you dead in the eye and say “F*** YOU”

  22. Not better than Denver

  23. Ya dun know already. My niggas.

  24. White dog is going to get community service, the black dog is getting life

  25. The dogs are like ” don’t say a fuking word “. She’ll never know…..

  26. The Rottweiler said, ” if you say a word your next”.. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

  27. 0:39 BB got that look of a snitch, if he could talk, he’d be whispering it
    was April

  28. I hate it when people taking to animals like they understand your!

  29. animul aboose!

  30. Then she took them out the back and bang shot em

  31. Dogs cannot feel guilt

  32. well behaved dogs…one of you have to confess..

  33. Lol

  34. they both did it



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  36. They ignored her just like my dad ignored me

  37. Guys I do football videos if anyone is interested

  38. I like how at first they were all excited at first then she brought out the

  39. ahahahah, punto 50 euro su April :D

  40. Gabriel Del Carmen

    it was the cat on 0:11

  41. i bet after this video she wacks the shit out of these dogs with a stick

  42. when your parents ask you where your money goes

  43. J.S.P.Gelinas Email

    they both did it

  44. lol

  45. That rot is so pretty.

  46. you need to watch Gavin Mcinnes video on modern women and dogs

  47. BB should be JJ cause she is a girl

  48. She definitely hits them, that’s the attitude of a beaten dog. Shame on

  49. Fuck the police coming straight from the k9 pound ?

  50. Videogames & anime


  51. What if it were both?

  52. Pugly & The Gamer

    My dogs in a nutshell ?

  53. I feel bad for them

  54. They made a promise looool no snitching

  55. It was the black one

  56. Dog shaming

  57. haha hahaha this is so kayuuuuut their silence is intensifying their guilt

  58. Jeremiah Mirkovitz

    April’s like fuck it, if I stare at the wall long enough I’ll have my
    innocent until porven guilty motion in pocket

  59. The Banana Melon

    Those dogs are really focused on that wall. There’s no breaking that kind
    of concentration, just stop trying.

  60. Just. Deny. Everything.

  61. Superkoopatrooper

    My grandmothers dog jumped on the kitchen counter and ate 3 pieces of raw
    breast meat chicken and nobody noticed a dam thing until it was too late.

  62. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  63. Atleast they have eaten something good for there terth

  64. I'm a Robot Repairing Itself

    Stop harassing them. What if it wasn’t them?

  65. At least they’ll have one heck of a nice smile

  66. brush your teeth you brit

  67. to make a dramatic ending, you should’ve thrown the empty bag at them! It
    wouldn’t of hurt them, but it woulda freaked them the fuck out.

  68. The blacks dog was waggling then when she showed them the packet his head
    dropped and his tale dropped.

  69. April is totally guilty, but BB def joined in half way through

  70. Hahahahah too funny !!!

  71. Prolly cause you beat your dogs ??

  72. I think it was the Jack Russell she be turning her head so you can’t see
    her perfectly white Hollywood smile.

  73. Hang them!

  74. Very nice video, I reckon April did it, but never mind, big
    Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike. ?

  75. Gaming Bro & Sis

    It was obviously BB, but I’m guessing April joined in once the treats fell.

  76. I’ve also subbed you.

  77. It was highkey the cat.

  78. YAHRAH “Yahrah” Yahrah

    Super cute…..although the name BB is not cute for a dog.
    I once knew a major disgusting troll with that name. …bah bah.

  79. Subscribe to me plz c: i will sub to u back C:

  80. I like your accent and that was really cute haha..

  81. You can obviously tell that this owner is not nice to her dogs.

  82. Josh The swag man


  83. Hilarious! Poor pooches really guilty looking.

  84. Sooo was it both?

  85. Snitches get stitches.

  86. It was April, BB can at least look at her owner but BB probably joined in a
    little later

  87. Snitches dnt get no treats

  88. Their so cuteee

  89. Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    Defo April…told Bb to do it

  90. if you burn them with cigarettes they wont do it again #doghack

  91. “I guess the world will never know

  92. firstname lastname

    it was the black one

  93. I read somewhere that dogs don’t feel guilt. Instead, they sulk because
    they are aware of the punishments. In other words, they are like a toddler
    who ate cookies. A toddler won’t feel bad about taking them but because
    they know they will face consequences.

  94. They’re probably scared because she has beaten them in the past for doing
    bad things

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