Beagle Meets the Baby

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My wife and I were worried about how the dog would react to a baby, so we kept them apart for a few months. This is when they get introduced to each other.


  1. hes got a friend for life.

  2. Why is this 240p?

  3. Such a priceless moment. Love to the universe and all its creations :)

  4. Hello, I work for Reuters. I just sent you a YouTube message regarding your
    video. I appreciate if you could take a look.

  5. gone sexual

  6. Very cute moment 🙂 The dog’s thinking “okay bigger humans, I approve of
    this very tiny human!”

  7. New BFFs! <3

  8. Nvm. Read the description….. XD

  9. Here before it gets viral

  10. Antonio José (poison)

    Gotta love how dogs are with babies. But i am prettyr sure some retards
    will come flaming this video with “OMG!! So dangerous for the baby…” Ohh

  11. love love love!!!

  12. Hermosos son los Beagles!!!

  13. If you dislike this video, you are what is wrong in this world. Not even
    Hitler or Stalin would thumbs down this vid. Osama maybe,ok probably.

  14. aww, reminds me to chelsea, my chow chow who grew up with me till I was 3
    years old. 🙂 (she passed away a long time ago, but I cherish her)

  15. awwwww 🙂 man best friend and now coming to you “babies best friend”

  16. beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  17. The look on the baby’s face at the end when the beagle starts locking his
    face is just priceless.

  18. omg so cute they were like eating each other ???

  19. Nice! Add a little jingle to it too!

  20. That´s awesome. I feel that such experience is very pleasant for any small
    human being. To have this gentle, furry and playful dog hang with you and
    pass that vibe on to you. It is probably really important to have a
    fantastic impression of life and the world before we can even talk. In a
    way, I suppose I was raised by a dog too during my early childhood years.

  21. it’s weird how most animals instinctively know not to play rough with a
    baby even though the baby doesn’t fully comprehend how to be gentle with
    the animal

  22. awww….the dog is totally submissive ….surrendered lol ….it’s thinking
    …OK your my human I need a belly rub

  23. Wow!!!

  24. What a good dog!

  25. How cute.

  26. Tic Tac?

  27. Dog was just doing a taste test to see if he could eat it.

  28. “A dingo ate my baby”…..

  29. słodziaki :>

  30. Omg if your dog was 2 and a half times that is mine check out my vids to c
    her she is not a beagle though

  31. He copying the baby

  32. awesome

  33. Aww! That was sweet!

  34. That final frame tho… So cute

  35. Juan Carlos Mancipe Hoyos


  36. omg this video is soooo cuuteee

  37. I find it fascinating that the dog is so submissive to a baby. Wonderful
    interaction to watch, I hope they have tonnes of fun play together:)

  38. oh. my. gosh! does NOT get sweeter!!

  39. haha a dog and baby that great

  40. 赤ちゃんに結構手荒く顔を触られてるのに舐め返してお腹まで見せちゃうビーグル君がフレンドリーで視ていて嬉しい動画です。

  41. best friends for life!

  42. Wow, this is precious. This beagle new how to behave with the little human.

  43. new title should be, baby realizes dog is mans best friend

  44. This was a risky move, beagles are notorious baby eaters.

  45. 僕はこわくないよ!って おなかをみせるのかな?

  46. Ohh… It’s cute :*

  47. Coś niesamowitego i pięknego :-)))

  48. A sincerely sweet moment in time.

  49. It’s 2015 man, where the heck did you get that kind of a quality camera?

  50. “I’m so glad you got a tiny wierd fat litle human instead of a cat oh I’m
    gonna lick it!!!”

  51. Quem veio aqui nesse video pela materia do G1?

  52. Thais Viezzer Bianchi


  53. OMG!!!! so adorable looking at this video remained me of my boxer before
    she pass. she loved my kids and protected them from people she did not

  54. Dont you just love Dogs

  55. Aww! This is just too cute! Beagles are one of my favorite dogs

  56. Jesus man .. that’s adorable ..

  57. im disgusted by this had to flag

  58. Scott Moore I really like your video Beagle Meets the Baby

  59. That baby’s gonna have a strong immune system!

  60. Thank you so much for uploading this precious video! <3<3

    Don't forget that these adorable dogs are the most used in experiments!
    Boycot animal testing #beaglefreedomproject #againstanimaltesting

  61. Awww so cute, Nice vídeo. I love the way Beagle is carefull about getting
    close to the baby!

  62. Ohhh, that’s soooo sweet! ???

  63. daweee

  64. Absolutely wonderful to watch :-)))) cute doggie

  65. That is the cutest thing ??

  66. 0:39 Amazing moment <3

  67. Nice, the dog submitted to the baby that means he recognizes that the boy
    is a member of the pack and should be protected.

  68. Aww..thats adorable3

  69. How Snoopy met Charlie Brown

  70. My beagle is the best with babies. They’ll tug on her and slap her fat
    belly and she
    L just lap up every second of he attention. She knows not to sit on them or
    jump (except the ones I tell her to )

  71. Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia

    beautiful video. Reminds me my small Laura and Charlie. Greetings from

  72. Smiling ear to ear from this

  73. No_new_friends Lil Mama official

    lol so cute

  74. such a cute couple, adoring dog

  75. Josep Maria Coma Coll

    I diüent que els gossos no son inteligents?????

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