Because he can [12 seconds]

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Cats are jerks, man.

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  1. Because he’s Catman !

  2. misleading title !!! it was actually 11 seconds

  3. *LIKE*

  4. Thug life cat


  6. I honestly think the last few generations of cats grew up watching Mad TV.

    “Look what I can do!”

  7. Cat with ocd

  8. that cats a savage

  9. Pure savagery

  10. ImportanceOfWhatever


  11. There’s a logic here somewhere , but it beats me where !


  13. What is new? They all taste the same.

  14. How many cats do you have?!?!?

  15. Female rapper from Oakland,CA // Listen to “Not Enough”

  16. lol plot twist at the end. im like oh ok he just decided to open door
    lol..wait what?

  17. jason antonio marin agular

    Jajaja gatos

  18. hissssss

  19. Thuglife

  20. Cat’s got Door Swag

  21. If you had to explain a cat’s behavior to a potential owner….show them
    this video.

  22. Cat uses Dog door because
    Cat gives no Fucks!

  23. Cats are Fucking Arrogant!

  24. Thug life

  25. Dog – “No you can’t”
    Cat – “Bye Felicia”

  26. what the hell did I just watched

  27. Last of the Mock-(S)he-Cans

    I am told that the K9 set are intelligent, but I suspect a dog would have
    come straight
    through the doorway, the moment the door began to “swing.”
    It Might have been, that the pet door had the proper “Cat Scent.”
    (If I remember, “Back in the Day;” Adam West seemed to prefer using the
    he carried, in his Utility Belt — Cats, Bats; maybe similar sorts of

  28. very cool xD

  29. actually 11 seconds

  30. We had a cat that rang the doorbell when he wanted in the house. Cute

  31. Nathanael Maspaitella


  32. whats up with these comments?

  33. so he can…

  34. Are you serious?

  35. What idea rather

  36. BinkieMcFartnuggets

    If this video was longer than 12 seconds we would have seen 20 more cats
    emerge into the frame.

  37. sorry for the spam but I just uploaded my 1st video and it’d make my day if
    any1 would check it out….have a nice day y’all.

  38. Marcella Gutierrez

    soooo cute?lol

  39. Thug life, give the cat glasses and thug chain and some blunt

  40. Hahaha my cat used to knock really loudly on the door with his tail

  41. Awesome

  42. kto od poszukiwacza?

  43. Mikaël “Black Mamba” Kato

    I don’t understand. Why do you have a feline in your house?? They’re wild
    animals! They could eat you as you sleep!

  44. Kto od poszukiwacza? ^u^

  45. LOL Kitteh!!

  46. This should be a definiton of Thug life :D


  48. Jordanian Arabian PRINCE

    hold your fucking phone right

  49. Solomon Hodgkinson

    I’m a cat

  50. I love how he goes through the cat door AFTER he opened the human one.

  51. 200 dislike! Dogs lovers. Lol

  52. Cats are so smart.

  53. whats the point

  54. #ThugLife

  55. What a fucker

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  57. fucking el diablo’s

  58. 8/8 Troll

  59. Cat was like “I can do human things too”, then saw owner and was like
    “Maybe if I use the cat door, they won’t notice…..”

  60. Тимур Ахмеров

    Лайк, если с Котизма))

  61. 12 second cuteness . lol cats videos are so famous

  62. Stefan Cieślewicz

    kto od Poszukiwacza?

  63. Nice attitude.

  64. умный котэ))

  65. Lake Norman Mike :: Lake Norman Real Estate Agent

    Cats are such a trip!

  66. Marinas Feathered Kids

    thats a cat for you!

  67. котофей котефеев «боб» 5

    он ахуенен

  68. 関連性が分かってない(笑)

  69. Krystian Winiarski

    Thug life

  70. Very “clever”

  71. Глеб Килавчук

    я от Стаса

  72. Polska pozdrawia :’) Kto od Poszukiwacza ? ?

  73. that hole so big that my baby can fit through

  74. HAHAHAHA omg, that cat is brilliant and I’m not really a cat person.

  75. This cat is a feminist..

  76. cat’s logic, hooman won’t understand

  77. How did this thing get 1.5 million views and 2K likes? Cute anyway!

  78. ‫ساعقه ابراهیمی‬‎

    hahaha :-)

  79. i dont get it

  80. Cats are evil


  81. Cute…

  82. The title should be “because he’s stupid”

  83. He is only making a point.

  84. Арнольд «a8r4ni» Рагни

    Nice one.

  85. If you scrolled down to read the comments, let me save you a few precious
    moments of your life. *Don’t bother!*

  86. asshole lol

  87. Wróciłam od poszukiwacza Polacy! Podbijamy neta! xD

  88. One of the best pussy that I had ever seen better than my pussy.

  89. котик оказался умнее своих хозяев 🙂
    причём нагло это продемонстрировав :)

  90. LMAO!! That is too funny….!

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