Best Kitty Hug Ever!

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Franzie has tricks, this is one of them. He asks his daddy for a hug and stretches up for it! Too cute! #cutekitty #kittyhugs #FranzieTricks @kittyohs


  1. I can haz hug

  2. that sound…

  3. Oh my goodness ,that was adorable!

  4. Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia

    awesome hug, cats can be nice too:)

  5. Sweet.. Its not all about dogs

  6. Off course it’s a tuxie 🙂 <3

  7. Reneé Aldridge Ucciferri

    This is the sweetest thing!!! :)

  8. Love, love, love this!!! Awesome!!!

  9. Justkiddingnews sent me here

  10. so adorable!!!

  11. awwww…. 

  12. .0)

  13. Darken NoShinka


  14. I hate cats, but this is so adorable. :3

  15. AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! omg <3 <3 <3 ^_^ !!! .... <3 !!!

  16. As a semi-professional cat hater I must confess.

    I want that ADORABLE kitty!

  17. lol that is just too cute!

  18. If only cats grew into kittens.

  19. So cute.

  20. i see his shorts

  21. Holly Jameson Animation

    Ahhhhhh! So cute!

  22. This title is not an exaggeration.

  23. We had a beautiful white cat I named him Shadow (I know, weird name). We
    got him as a stray four years ago, and he grew big and long. He would
    stretched his arms out every time he was picked up. He just died on the 7th
    of October 2014

    It was out of nowhere when he got the heart attack. He was playing with my
    moms hand just a few moments before the cloud of death knocked on his
    heart. If only we had known it was going to happen. We tried to get him to
    the animal hospital. He died on the way in my wife’s arms.

    I held him on the way back home. There will never be another cat like
    Shadow. I don’t know how I’ll get over this.

  24. that’s not a hug. that’s a “pick me up” request. kids do that too.

  25. Oh, angel…

  26. Il est vraiment très beau et super sympa !

  27. Awww, meow

  28. Lost our cat few a few months ago. 🙁 When I’m having a rough day, this
    makes me smile. I love it!! Thanx!!!!! ♡ 

  29. Great clip! check out my channel, I’m sure you gonna enjoy it.

  30. So my mom walked in my room as the woman was saying ohhh during the end and
    my mom thought I was watching porn lol

  31. Thanks to the OHH sound makes my dad caught me watching this… =_=”

  32. My cat used to hug me. I would cradle him like a “babe in arms,” and he
    would stretch up, hook his paw around my neck, and pull me in! I miss my

  33. Watch the video while closing your eyes. DANANANANANA, CAT SEX!

  34. 誰もいない価値のない、

    It’ll be a real shame when those annoying troll start coming up with these
    different ways to make this video sound like abuse .-. This video is so
    cute though cx

  35. Did you train your cat to do this? Or It comes naturally?

    My cat has never done this before. He doesn’t like to be hugged this way. I
    always do the human baby holding gesture with him. 

  36. Love this! 

  37. Es un niño con disfraz de tatito. y si no, yo quiero un gatito igual.

  38. This hug reminds me one sentence “All you need is love to stand up and face
    the world”. Wonderful hug.

  39. WOW got bless her little heart…


  41. this is so cute :)

  42. Leonardo Belgiovine

    Georgeous hug.

  43. the emerald minecart

    So cute I love kitty cats

  44. the emerald minecart


  45. cute <3

  46. I watched this like five times damn it I wish my cat did dat ? but kewl

  47. beautiful cat

  48. My cat Geof used to do this 3 or 4 times a day. 

  49. awwwww so cute my cat tries to do this but she’s not as cute as yours

  50. Daddy please hug.. Yeaaahhh .. awwwwooo.. That’s the best one ! ???

  51. I surrender to you human!

  52. This was adorable. Sorry for your loss.

  53. wow i miss lucky And cowboy

  54. Just precious ! It took me 15 min to find your video again so I could show
    my granddaughter , your cat is adorable ! Thank you for sharing! ????

  55. cuttest hug ever

  56. Lucky!

  57. How do you teach this? , anyone please. Mine is about 9 months now I tried
    but she doesn’t do it

  58. Anyone got the link to the version where the guy lifts the cat up and
    launches it into some sort of dubstep outer space thing? Highly amusing

  59. Now I want one even more!! >_<♡

  60. I love electro music Simões


  61. there’s something about cats
    that sets them apart from every other animal
    someday i gonna figure it out

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