Big Bowl O’ Ferret

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Pancake the queen of lazy ferrets makes herself at home in a salad bowl in our pantry. Ferret owners come sign up at

Music: “Electrodoodle” by Kevin MacLeod


  1. Is adorable

  2. Awwh she loves that bowl

  3. Emma Bracegirdle

    You can tell how much you Love your ferrets!!

  4. well honey time for a salad for lunch *you see Pancake in the Salad bowl*
    oh i guess were having Ferret instead 0.0

  5. so cute 🙂 love this 🙂 

  6. Hehe, very cute, but nothing compared to opening a silverware drawer and
    finding a ferret!! Love your videos!!!!

  7. My ferret likes to run in the bottom of the fridge when I open it and ends
    up in the drawers!

  8. ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  9. I love your channel and ferrets are my favorite animals

  10. Steph thesinglecopy

    This reminds me of how my parents would feed our ferrets honey comb cereal
    for treats. Ohhh…

  11. How did he even get there? :0 DUN DUN DUUUUYNNNN

  12. Amy Deanne (TitaniumBiscuit)

    I laughed harder than I should have when he/she kept slipping back into the
    bowl LOL.

  13. I love me some pancakes. Lol.

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