Bill wearing his boots.

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This is my dog Bill.
We all went hiking out in the desert to take some pictures of the blood moon the other weekend, and unfortunately Bill’s paws got completely stuck with thorns (my little dog stays next to me, so she was fine). So rather than have Bill constantly be in pain from thorns, rocks, heat or any other possible debris, I decided to get him some doggy hiking boots. They protect his pad from all of the above. The only issue is they take a little bit of getting used to! So this is his first time wearing the back ones (he wore just the front for about an hour prior). Now he can go explore and be a dog, but have his paws protected from the dangers of the desert.

And he did get the treat, FYI! I just turned the camera off to give it to him.

UPDATE: I took him for a long walk the other day and he was happily running along just fine in his boots.
**NOTICE: I am not interested in licensing out my video. That being said, Bill is a product of a Petsmart adoption event hosted by a local shelter. Not only will you be helping other animals get a home where they can have silly boots put on them, but you may find yourself a new friend as well 🙂

PS: His name is Bill, because my name is Ted. We do have excellent adventures.


  1. water ar thooooooooooooooooose

  2. Mikaël “Black Mamba” Kato

    Why hooman, why? I trusted you….

  3. So was this Take 47 or 48?

  4. “Feels weird, man”

  5. Great idea. No slipping on hardwood floors and protection from the outside
    elements. Wish I had invented them.

  6. Your a dick to your dog, lol. Here’s a treat, sorry buddy. Psych more
    recording. Gotcha bitch.

  7. cruising down the st with my new boots

  8. Cute


  10. weird4productions

    Thats adorable!

  11. Poor dog _*

  12. so cute


  14. What type of animal are you???? Put some hardware on your kitchen cabinets.

  15. I’m so sorry for how uncomfy sweet Bill is feeling with his new kicks. But
    that video just made my day. I know he will be wearing them with ease in no

  16. This is funny. Make Bill go up and down the stairs with the boots on. LOL


  18. Bill is thinking in muder u in ur sleep

  19. The dog’s dislike may be because dogs partly perspire through their paws.
    I had a dog that looked like that but was a female with longer hair.

  20. Bill is a good man.

  21. “Does YOUR cat make TOO much noise all the TIIIME?”

  22. those boots are unsanitary, reported for animal abuse

  23. Animal abuse

  24. Do they get used to wearing those after a while or something? I mean how is
    he gonna wear them hiking when he doesn’t even want to walk across the

  25. ur sooooo gay. itsa dog….

  26. fucking lost it at 0:00

  27. he don’t like em and never will

  28. Aww how cute!?

  29. 333,333 views

  30. stupid guy=poor dog

  31. Bill is like the cutest name for dogs haha

  32. He’s just trying not to scratch the new kicks, is all.

  33. Cruel, abusivo y estúpido. El hombre es ser más peligroso con los seres

  34. bill and ted! excellent!

  35. ? Bill!

  36. looks like my dog pickles

  37. that’s nice..and hopefully Bill will get use to it very soon.

  38. Enjoy shit on your pillow.

  39. Most boring house ever

  40. Hello There, Great Job! property eggnog What’s your opinion about

  41. JC M (bejoeledblitz)

    The dog is very uncomfortable with those boots on. Poor dog. :(

  42. Does your dog make toooo much noise!?

  43. you are a bastard

  44. Maybe he likes to Boots and he’s just camera shy

  45. Bill: Not Cool dude! Not Cool!!!!

  46. Charlie Day’s dream came true

  47. Bill is the cutest!

    And for everyone asking what are those things Bill is wearing please read
    the description box.


  48. *Tip toeing in my Jordan’s begins playing*

  49. What a sweet dog….good luck with the booties :)

  50. For a spit second I thought this was funny but it’s a actually kind of
    messed up… When it was asked if he wanted a treat… Poor dog. 

  51. Yes, because dogs need boots. Makes perfect sense.


  53. i hate people who put clothes on their animals, its animal abuse. they
    don’t like it but humans think its cute for some reason. it’s sickening.

    Edit: after reading the description i understand why the shoes were on your
    animal but i still stand by my statement where owners dress up their
    completely healthy animals for the fun if it for them and not for the

  54. Smh who names their dog bill

  55. I love animals but this had me cracking up haahaa. Sweet dog. (:

  56. So stupid to put boots on a dog.

  57. Awesome PS !

  58. it would of been so cool if his boots looked like lugs or timberland

  59. boots of speed didnt work

  60. Bill is adorable!!

  61. 0:42, that strut though. You just KNOW that Bill’s gonna be gorgeous on the
    catwalk (no pun intended).

  62. why is he wearing boots he obviously doesn’t like em

  63. You are a very good owner. You want to make sure Bill is safe and happy. I
    don’t blame him at first though–I don’t like wearing footwear in the house

    Also–when Bill starts walking around on the couch–I lost it!

  64. This video reminded me of when Bambi was learning how to walk. :)

  65. @Jeleasa Grayned and when bambis mom died too

  66. Lmfao that jump at 8 sec. He looks so sad n cute with the booties on

  67. AbsentWithoutLeaving

    Aw, poor Bill! He looks a real sweetie pie, and so bewildered by his new
    boots. Loved his acrobatic approach to the couch. And I totally get those
    woeful ‘why-me’ looks he keeps casting in your direction – oh, yes,
    deathtaco, I saw those bare feet!

  68. Poor fella. IMAGINE THE PAIN PEOPLE!!!

  69. The CW Television Network

    Paws on point

  70. Now There’s a dog that really appreciates a good couple pair of boots!

  71. hehehe my dog didn’t like them either – the good news – he’ll be running in
    them in no time

  72. this isn’t cute this is stupid and a douche thing to do its not a human
    being its a fucking dog you morons.

  73. Dog to master: Fetch me my slippers!

  74. That’s just stupid

  75. It’s not normal..

  76. hey Ted video guy sure if your dog got hurt out in the desert you would
    have carried him home and not put those boots on him and let him rest till
    his paws healed properly and why did you take him on a long walk before
    recovering fully he would be still hurting,so don’t take bill back in the
    desert where he can hurt his wee paws again you cruel man you .woof woof
    woofety woof to bill.

  77. You can’t do that to a dog! its feet are slipping in all directions at once
    he’s gonna have rotator cuff like injuries in all four legs ,in two or
    three years hell have arthritis so bad he wont be able to walk,either that
    or hell have perfect balance!

  78. Bill is cute. love the fact that you named him Bill since your name is Ted.

  79. Christian Stevens

    Can some one else re edit this and overlay Sarah Mclaughlin singing in the
    and fade into every scene

  80. The entire foot of a dog should never be covered up.

  81. Hopefully those are not high heels. He acts like that though.

  82. Your dog, Bill, could be the identical twin of my rescue dog, Joey. Is Bill
    a particular breed, or Mutt like my Joe?

  83. I’m glad he got used to them! I’ve been thinking about buying them for my
    own girl since it’s so hot in California right now, but she’s a wimp and I
    don’t know if I’m throwing money away. No one else in my area uses them,
    but she has sensitive paws (wimp) and won’t walk on very hot dirt or
    pavement if she doesn’t have to.

  84. People wonder what doggie hell is like well here is a taste of it, The only
    thing missing is a vacuum cleaner chasing him.

  85. I don’t know what’s worse…making your dog wear boots, or naming him Bill.

  86. This us animal cruelty

  87. aiman “aquarium houden als hobby” muld

    These are some nice shoes damm!

  88. What breed is Bill?

  89. Poor baby… oh the torture.

  90. my dog doesn’t like his winter boots either.

  91. what kind of doggy is this I love him! He looks like my dog except
    everywhere bill is light brown our pup is brindle.. hm.

  92. Άρια Φρουρά

    This is abuse idiot!!!!!!

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