BlanKy French Bulldog Too Funny

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  1. Poor baby!

  2. so cute, he knows better than to climb on but he just wants his ball!

  3. He’s just looking at his owner as if he’s trying to say, “Hey you! Put down
    the freaking camera and be a responsible owner and HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!” lol

  4. How the hell is this animal cruelty? Ask yourself:
    Is the animals being physically harmed? Hell nah!

    Is the animal being deprived of food? Obviously not.

    Is the animal malnourished or emaciated? No. It has beauty shiny fur and
    perfect in weight by the looks of it.

    Is the animal PERMANENTLY mentally damaged? Nah, son! This dog is just
    being a dog.

    Not helping a dog get his toy is not animal abuse. It’s called playing and
    messing around with him. It also helps the dog learn to get stuff himself.
    I do this with my dog all the time. Sometimes he won’t even want me to get
    his toy for him. Yes, they will whimper, but they aren’t really upset about
    it- just determined to get whatever they want to get.
    The dog is fine. What the person is doing is fine. He probably was fine
    minutes after the video and forgot about the toy.

    As for the abnormal snorting from the dog… the bulldog breeds are known
    for having poor sinuses due to their scrunched noses. The airways and
    nostrils are not as efficient so the dog breaths laboriously and loudly.
    This is unfortunately the norm for the breed.

    Lastly, calm the hell down and enjoy a cute little French Bulldog try to
    get a ripped up tennis ball on a couch. Jesus….

  5. EDGAR! NO!

  6. maryhelenkaylahannah

    This is awful. You don’t deserve a dog.

  7. Too********************

  8. Es ist nicht zu fassen das der Hund sein “Herrchen” um Hilfe bittet der
    allerdings nichts besseres zu tun hat als zu filmen…. und dann steht da
    auch noch Funny.

  9. He’s crying ? it’s not funny. 

  10. You have to give him props though for not surrendering.

  11. Obvious animal abuse, if he doesn’t have his ball in less than 30 secs
    he’ll reverse gravity on himself and explode creating a giant worm hole
    that’ll annihilate our world in a second thus ending the human’s reign and
    their cruelty.

  12. James chin yuen Lee

    Just give him the ball ! he want to play fetch !

  13. aww cute dog 🙂

    Also, laughing at how many people are saying this is animal abuse when its
    really not. Their not beating the dog or anything, just making him do
    something for himself!

  14. TIL how they make baby alien sound effects


  16. u r evilest person i ever knew hahahaha

  17. Awww baby! Please tell me someone gave him the damn ball! 

  18. Jak można się tak znęcać na pieskiem?

  19. Give the poor thing the ball, you idiot!! Dislike for you!!

  20. I was sooo like, you got it at the 10 second mark. Theeeeen 15 sec mark
    came and fail. lol

  21. Frenchies are the silliest dogs ever! XD

  22. aww i wanted him to get the ball

  23. 主人,你太坏了


  25. It’s lacking a happy ending. 

  26. Please tell me there’s a happy ending off camera. I can’t bare to think of
    him still trying to get that ball…

  27. Zupełnie identyczne wygląda jak mój buldog Ozzy. Skąd macie pieska, bo może
    po jednych rodzicach???

  28. Justin P. Langston

    My arms are too short…somebody help me…my arms…they just don’t reach.

  29. Dumb Ugly Dog!!!

  30. 0:25 – “Help me, useless human.”

  31. Aww

  32. Poor guy,too stubby

  33. story of my life

  34. GIVE HIM HIS BALL!!! Poor baby wants to play!

  35. Somebody help him please

  36. Wow, heartless

  37. Alexis Elizabeth Drob

    Awww give him his ball!!!!

  38. did he ever get the ball or is it still there 2 years later?

  39. Wie alt ist er oder sie ???

  40. It’s got to be the sweetest dog in the world. 

  41. I like to read comments that arenot in English as if I know what I’m saying
    and pronouncing it right. 

  42. He’s too cute!!!


  44. Adorable

  45. The look he’s giving to the owner as if he’s saying do something
    i just can’t

  46. Omg, he’s just too cute! 🙂 and hilarious :’D “Just come here already,
    freakin’ ball!”

  47. Aww! Did he get the ball?

  48. Poor baby!

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  50. Charlie The beagle and Laura Olivia

    Never ever give up……even when your paws are to short and ball is to

  51. Oh,dajcie sweetasowi piłeczke. Jest cudowny

  52. For All Things Frenchie Join Our Forum:

  53. 0:13 = hopes and dreams

  54. The look he gives you is just priceless. He’s barking to quietly asking
    politely for your help. What a cute piggy baby.

  55. give the dam dog his ball u bitch!! its cute at first but u ending it
    without showing us that u gave your precious baby the ball is NOT! Did he
    get the ball i need to know this!?

  56. poor dog…

  57. ZMB: Football Life

    He looks at you like “Why are you not helping me? You’re just filming me. I
    don’t like this.”

  58. ahhh come on, how can you just stand there looking me, with my adorable
    bark and my eyes! ;-))

  59. this is me, trying to get my degree. Fuck

  60. He is funny

  61. So lovely… i just want the same …

  62. Pixel the Frenchie gratuluje sukcesu i pozdrawia:)

  63. Tan bello

  64. This looks exactly like my frenchie Eddie! owo

  65. oh poor baby, he almost got it!!

  66. Help me hooman! Don’t just stand there for gods sake, you know my stubby
    limbs are of no use. Stop frustrating me!

  67. Giorgi Chkhartishvili

    Just give him that ball, PLEASE!!!

  68. How cute he almost had it but he blew it

  69. Mine would of tried to do that reaching thing but she would soon realize
    that won’t work so she would just jump up and get it

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